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It is legendary in India that when one's love is true and devotion is pure, statues and pictures of the Lord and gods come alive.

Meanwhile, the mother-in-law had no idea that she had gone, for the Lord himself had taken the form of Sakhu and was doing all the household chores. When some people returned to the village from Pandharpur, they told the mother-in-law that they had seen Sakhu there. She could not believe them! She went to find Sakhu, but Krishna had disappeared — no one was in the house!

The mother-in-law went in search of Sakhu. To her surprise, she found Sakhu in the festive procession. Upon inquiry, people informed her that it was true that Sakhu was returning from Pandharpur with them. The mother-in-law then realized that the Lord himself had done all the work in the house while Sakhu was absent, and she repented. From that time on, Sakhu's devotion was recognized as that of a saint. She was reverently called Sakhubai, and she led many Hindus into Krishna's fold. (Lord Meher-582-1925)

Krishna Gaurd

Krishna was employed as Guard in Railway.  On 10th August 1946, Meher Baba a made remarkable contact in Sadhaura was a mental conscious adept called Krishna. The man had worked as a guard at the railway station but was so absorbed in Lord Krishna. He would write "Radha Krishna" on walls wherever he went and constantly uttered these two names aloud. Once, Krishna was so engrossed and enraptured in offering devotional bhajans, he failed to show up for work on time, and the train left without him. However, some people actually saw him on the train, while others claimed he had been singing bhajans the whole day. To corroborate the facts, they went to his supervisor, who brought out the duty book and found that the guard's signature had been signed at every station. When asked about this strange occurrence, the guard offered this explanation: "Lord Krishna looked after my worldly duties while I was busy praying to Him." Thus the guard was called "Krishna," and he subsequently retired and spent his whole time contemplating his beloved Lord Krishna.

It was at this time that the incarnate Krishna met this guard of his in Sadhaura and pierced his heart until it would not stop bleeding!

Baba had been hunting Krishna for two days. Early in the morning of 10th August, 1946, Baba heard the mast chanting "Krishna, Krishna," and hurried out into the road. When Krishna saw Baba, hurrying toward Him, instantly he began running toward Baba. When they met, they embraced with such intensity that they fell down and rolled together on the road, locked in a tight embrace. Krishna wept when he held Baba, and Baba appeared very happy to have contacted him.

The mast's one-pointed love for his beloved Krishna drew the divine embrace of the incarnate Krishna.

Interpretation: Baba said, “He is the slave of My lovers. I will never let you down.” Baba always kept His promises given to His lovers and even bestowed God-realisation to few. In this context following Baba’s words are reproduced as under.

The promises given by the Masters are never vague or unfulfilled. They always come true and are fulfilled, but in their proper time. The question of time depends on the conditions or circumstances in which they are given. When Masters give their promises, they are given from the mental, or subtle, or physical plane, and thus differ in the time of their fulfillment accordingly.

For example, if a train is rushing ahead at full speed and the brakes are applied, the train does not come all at once to an immediate halt due to the momentum. It stops gradually. The period for the fulfillment of My promises is just like this momentum. If I give a promise from the gross plane, it is fulfilled exactly at the time given and comes true. If a promise is given from the subtle plane, the momentum, or force of fulfillment, is halved; the promise takes a certain amount of time, for its fulfillment was given from a higher plane. If a promise is given from the mental plane, it takes even longer for fulfillment — like a train at full throttle takes longer to come to a dead stop when the brakes are applied.

A person should always act as per his promise. Don’t make false promises. First, think twice before give a promise but once you make it, keep it up at any price. If a promise made is not kept up. It is the height of hypocrisy. Never break a promise - Meher Baba