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Kevat ferried Lord Rama, Laxman and Sita in his boat to cross river on way to exile. Cunning Kevat on pretext of not getting his boat turned into lady like Ahilya, took opportunity to wash feet of Lord Rama before he ferried them.

Eruch being close disciple of Meher Baba, in one of episode saved Baba from drowning in sea water In Bombay and Baba words to him were like: as you saved today from sea water, one day I will take you out from sea of Maya both incident are somewhat similar hence compared elaborating incident only not the character.

Kevat of Lord Rama

Accepting the orders of His father Lord Rama, Laxman and Sita proceeded to Chitrakoot. On way they reached Sringberpur where they were received by Nishadraj, His childhood friend. Next day they were to cross Ganga River. Lord Rama with others went to Shore of Ganga River and asked for boat. The Kevat (boatman) said to Lord Rama that I have heard that with the dust of your feet a stone turned into a lady. My boat is made of wood (softer than stone) that too being on float continuously in water, it has swollen and become week. In case my boat turns into lady, my children will die of hunger. I don’t have any other source to feed my family. If you want to cross the river in my boat then permit me to wash me your feet, thereafter only I will take you on my boat.

Lord requested Kevat but he was adamant on his demand. Kevat said to Rama that he can take them to other point of Ganges’s shore where water is not more than waist level and they can cross without my boat. But I will allow you to ride my boat after washing your feet even if Laxman ji kills me for my disobedience.

Lord Rama allowed and asked Kevat to make haste as they were getting late. Kevat washed Lord Rama’s feet and drank charnamrita himself and made to drink his family and others who were present. After crossing river Lord Rama wanted to give one of ring of Sita ji as fare but Kevat fell on the feet of Lord Rama and said, “I have been labouring my whole life and today what have I not received?” Real remuneration is received by me today only”. I request you to return back again through this route and avail my service once again. At that time whatever you will give me as prasad for my labour, I will accept it as your grace.

Kevat was blessed by Lord Rama.

Eruch B. Jessawala

Eruch B. Jessawala was primary interpreter of Baba’s signs and gestures, as the “Tongue of God” Baba said; “Eruch is with Me, he loves Me, he works for Me wholeheartedly, He is My Peter. Peter renounced Jesus but Eruch will not renounce Me. “If I ever personally like the company of anyone, it is that of Eruch. He is most reliable”.

Eruch Bradshaw Jessawala (October 13, 1916 – August 31, 2001), born in Bombay, India, was a close disciple of the silent Indian master Meher Baba, and one of his mandali.

Eruch the first time remembered meeting Meher Baba was in 1925 at the age of nine on a trip with his family to Ahmednagar. In August 1930, at Nagpur, Meher Baba stayed at Pappa Jessawala’s house. He told Gulmai that, “Eruch is my Son. I will give you another.”

In 1931, Eruch was studying in college and would visit Meher Retreat with his family. On one occasion, Baba introduced him to His Western lovers. Baba asked him, "What do you want to become?" Eruch replied that he wanted to study engineering at a college in Benares. Baba asked "What will you do by becoming an engineer?"

While Eruch was preparing to study engineering, Meher Baba called him to Panchgani and asked him, “Will you leave everything and come to be with Me?” To this Eruch answered, “By your grace anything is possible.” Thus Eruch Jessawala joined Meher Baba as His disciple in 1938 at the age of 21.

Due to family pressures, Eruch had married his cousin Khorshed Damania on 25th may 1945, at Ahmednagar, which was attended by Meher Baba. Khorshed became involved with Gangaram Mirchandani, who was a "bogus saint" Baba forbade Khorshed not get involved with this so-called guru. According to Baba's orders, soon after the wedding, he joined Baba permanently and never lived with his wife again.

An interesting episode which is comparable to act of Kevat for Lord Rama is elaborated as under.

During his stay in Vengurla, he again contacted the fifth plane Lala mast. The mast was living far away in an isolated area, and Baba asked Eruch, "Isn't there any shortcut?" Eruch reported, "There is an inlet, but it is full of brackish water. It would be difficult to cross, and it smells awful. There are tiny canoes that ferry passengers, but it is rather dangerous."
"We'll take the shortcut," Baba decided. "Why spend an hour driving this long, zigzag way?" They left the car, and Baba walked with Eruch to the inlet.

Eruch told the young fisherman's son plying his canoe that he would be paid well, but that he should be extra careful taking them across. The boy agreed, and scrubbed his boat well for the distinguished gentleman. Baba took off his coat and, handing it to Eruch, stepped into the hollowed-out palm tree canoe wearing only his sadra. Eruch was carrying a satchel containing a water bottle, soap, a towel, washcloth, and so forth. While travelling with Baba to contact masts, these things were necessary to wash the mast, and clean the often squalid area where they stayed. In addition, the bag carried sweets, clothing, cigarettes, paan and other items a mast might ask for.

Eruch got in and the canoe pushed off. But after going some distance, the boy's friends, who were swimming alongside, began teasing the boy and roughhousing. Suddenly, the canoe overturned, and Baba, Eruch and the boy were thrown into the water. The channel was not deep, but Baba had gone under and Eruch had to dive down and pull Baba to the surface. They had to wade through the dirty water to reach the other side. Eruch held the bag in one hand and with the other helped Baba across and out of the smelly water. Their clothes and the bag were drenched.

After being helped up on the bank, Baba turned to Eruch and said something to him which he never forgot: "Just as you have helped me out of this dirty water today, so also one day I will help you out of the filth of maya!"

Meher Baba was silent for 44 years, from 1925 until his passing in 1969. Eruch Jessawala was Meher Baba’s main interpreter, interpreting both his English language alphabet board and later his sign language. Eruch Jessawala also dictated from the alphabet board Meher Baba’s major book God Speaks, wrote the ninth chapter of that book working from a chart by Meher Baba under Baba’s direct supervision, and wrote the book’s conclusion. Eruch’s stories of his life with Meher Baba were also published during his lifetime.

Eruch survived Meher Baba’s death by 32 years, continued to live at Meherazad and worked for the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust in the trust office in Ahmednagar until his own death in 2001. He continued to be an inspiration for followers and disciples of Meher Baba from the east and west until the end. Eruch was well known for his acute talent for telling stories of Meher Baba’s life, and his books are taken from those accounts.

On 12 September 1963, Eruch was admitted to Booth Hospital in Ahmednagar, where the following day he underwent surgery for a fistula. After a two-week stay in the hospital, he returned to Meherazad on 25 September.

His literary works include “That is how it works” and “Stories of Life with Meher Baba”

Interpretation: It is very fortunate to come into contact of living Perfect Master or Avatar. It requires many lives preparation.