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According to Baba one should purposely visit Samadhi to receive divine energy or recharge only. Clubbing of visit of other places while going to Samadhi is not desirable. In my interpretation, one’s focus towards Baba and His Samadhi gets diverted or diluted visiting other places before reaching Samadhi.

Following episode clearly indicates that Baba wanted His lovers to come for His darshan only. Not to club His visit with other assignments.

In January 1947, after closing the mast ashram, after a long time Baba declared to give public darshan in Madras. In March, V.T. Laxmi invited Baba to give darshan in Madras which was accepted by Baba. Baba gave sahwas in Madras at Meher Bhuwan, 27, Brahmin Street, Saidapet Madras (Residence of Mrs. V.T. Laxmi). Mr. Limkar who came from Sholapur with Baba, jokingly Baba said, “Number of Limker’s relatives in Madras are more than Baba lovers.  Baba had warned Limkar that if he had come especially for Baba’s Sahwas then he should not go to meet his relatives. But Limkar could not restrain himself. He went to his relatives and fell down somewhere and remained limping for many days. Perhaps this was warning for Limkar to take Baba’s instructions more seriously. (This was casual remark)

(Lord Meher)