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Love is the fountain of life-giving water. No one and nothing can live without love. Its expression varies according to the capacity of the receiver and the giver, and in its highest form, love is divinity. To love is to live. You cannot really live without love. The omnipotent laws of nature have this power in its divine potency pervading the universe. The right to strike at the chord of love only belongs to the brave and sturdy at heart. Love means a life of giving without expectation of receiving any reward. “People must give and then receive. First give and then you will have all. But instead, people want to first have all and then think of giving. This is not the right way.”


Pure Love.

"Pure love is not something which can be forced upon somebody, nor is it something which can be snatched away from another. It is attained after the aspirant has succeeded in overcoming selfishness, when the false 'I' in him does not exist.

"It might be said that it is difficult to attain and, at the same time, it could also be stated that the state is easy to reach. Paradoxical as these statements might seem, they are nevertheless true.

"It is difficult to attain the state of selflessness, as long as the aspirant has not resolved to reach it. In the absence of a firm determination, the external attachments connected with the lower self prove to be too strong to overcome, with the result that the aspirant does not find it possible for him to attain his goal.

"On the other hand, if the aspirant with a strong will decide, once and for all, to achieve his aim at any cost, he finds his task easy. For example, you have an old coat which you like very much. You cannot get rid of it, until you make up your mind and boldly take it off to throw it away once and for all. Such bold decision methods make a task easy, which would otherwise be difficult. (Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, pp. 2486 – 2487).


Divine Love

"Divine love is the real love, but you cannot do that, so thinking of me continually is the next best. That too you can't do. If you naturally say my name just while you are working or quiet — as often as you can spontaneously — that is good. But perhaps you can't do that either, so do this: Repeat Baba's name aloud every day for not less than half an hour, and not more than one hour. Now, there is no love in that — no value at all in repetition — but in this case, it will bring love, it will establish the link [with me], because I am telling you to do it.

"But if you don't even want to do that, don't do it. It doesn't matter. Do what you want to do but try to remember that I am in everyone, in every man, woman and child. Be happy, live naturally, but serve me in others as much as you can." (Lord Meher-3943-1956)


Unadulterated love

Love, as it is generally and commonly understood, is but an attachment with selfish thoughts and motives involved.

Pure, real, unadulterated love has in it not even a tinge of lust. Lust for sex, lust for power, lust for name, lust for fame, lust for self-comforts defile the purity of love.

Pure, real love has also its stages, the highest being the gift of God to love Him. When one truly loves God, one longs for union with Him, and this supreme longing is based on the desire of giving up one's whole being to the Beloved.

When one loves a Perfect Master, one longs to serve him, to surrender to his will, to obey him wholeheartedly. Thus, pure, real love longs to give and does not ask for anything in return.

Even when one truly loves humanity, one longs to give one's all for its happiness. When one truly loves one's country, there is the longing to sacrifice one's very life without seeking reward and without the least thought of having loved and served. When one truly loves one's friends, there is the longing to help them without making them feel under the least obligation. When truly loving one's enemies, one longs to make them friends. True love for one's parents or family makes one long to give them every comfort at the cost of one's own.

Thought of self is always absent in the different acts of loving connected with the various stages of pure, real love; a single thought of self would be love adulterated.