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Mahapralaya is the total annihilation of the three worlds. When Mahapralaya takes place and everything in time and space dissolves, who is left to keep a record of time? After Mahapralaya, when creation begins all over again, it takes time for the universe to come back fully into existence in all its evolving forms in time and space. The human forms re-enter last. Since the beginning of creation, Mahapralaya has happened a countless number of times, and so a record of time can never be maintained.

Mahapralaya is when everything goes to sleep. The force of Mahapralaya is the same force that overwhelms man to sleep. During Mahapralaya the mind of man rests in a deep sleep. When the mind of man awakens, after Mahapralaya, the effect is a fresh peace. Peace will come to the mind of man after Mahapralaya. This

peace is deep because the mind of man has rested for a long, long time. This peace is unlike any other state of the everyday normal activities of the human mind. This peace is of having been reborn, of having been made new. It is the peaceful state of

having only natural sanskaras and of having the mind focussed on the straight path toward involution, toward God.

When Meher Baba refers to a great happening in the future, " Something that has never happened before," he is referring to a great period of time. This great happening occurs during the known time before Mahapralaya has occurred, and also the known time after Mahapralaya has occurred. The outcome of this great

happening is the state of peace to the mind of man. Peace will come after this known time of the forthcoming Mahapralaya.

When Meher Baba declares, " This great happening will not happen again for billions and billions of years," he is again referring to another great period of time. That great happening will occur during this present period of time that is leading up to the next Mahapralaya, and it is also that period of time in the future that is after the next forthcoming Mahapralaya. The mind of man will be fully rested and peace will be established in the mind's consciousness.

During a cycle of time, such Mahapralavic periods come when the unnatural sanskaras have accumulated to an extreme and the whole evolution of the universes has gone astray. The unnaturalness is then so extreme that everything feels separated from each other by its unnatural sanskaras, and this intensity of separation becomes unbearable to the mind. When the unnatural feeling of separation reaches the limit, it seems as if the whole is disintegrating, falling from its natural course. At this point, the Avatar's universal work is very difficult and he must exert tremendously to complete it. As the result of his work for the universe, a great happening must take place to bring forth universal oneness and set evolution back on its natural course.

When Meher Baba completed his universal work, he did break his silence by the releasing of his work. A great happening is about to occur. However, the feeling of oneness, as a result of the work, is felt gradually by mankind. At present, everything

appears to be separating and falling apart during the world's chaos and confusion, and must be reunited and cleared. This will happen through the power of his work that he has released when he dropped the body.


Oneness will come as mankind gradually hears the Word that he spoke in the breaking of his silence. When the world realizes that the breaking of Meher Baba's silence is the power behind his universal manifestation, then mankind will gradually realize that a great happening is taking place. This period of time will be known as the time before Mahapralaya.

Avatar of the Age Meher Baba Manifesting: pp. 216-217