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Love cannot be called bhakti; rather, the consummation of bhakti is love. Love is the highest. We can speak of it as the highest type of devotion. There is a difference between bhakti and love. For example, here is a bhakta [devotee] and Baba. The bhakta worships Baba and does bhakti. When bhakti increases and reaches its zenith, the bhakta burns and finds no curtain between himself and God. Let the bhakti reach such a zenith and then there will be no veil between Baba and yourself.

Love burns the lover; devotion burns the Beloved.

Love seeks happiness for the Beloved; devotion seeks blessings from the Beloved.

Love seeks to shoulder the burden of the Beloved; devotion throws the burden on the Beloved.

Love gives; devotion asks.

Love is silent and sublime, devoid of outward expressions; devotion expresses itself outwardly.

Love does not require the presence of the Beloved in order to love; devotion demands the presence of the Beloved to express affection for the Beloved.

Baba commented, “I have explained the origin of this discourse. It was given for Harry Kenmore in India after he had heard the devotees saying they did not know how to love God.

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, p. 5405.