The two words Prachar (Publicity) and Prasar (Extension) appear to be similar but there is vast difference. Any activity of expression or display for profit of self or a group amounts to Prachar (Publicity) and opposite to it when this is meant for the benefit of others without any self interest is Prasar (Extension). This analysis is based on vocabulary and dictionaries.

According to Baba:

Baba was against any kind of publicity in His name. He even did allow to refute the blame against Himself or any punishment to false detractor claiming to be Avatar. But Meher Baba was not averse to Prasar i.e. spreading of His name. He said to His lovers that you can spread My name telling others My name only. Let others hear My name and it is My responsibility to reach their heart through ear. You are not to preach My Philosophy. Do not insist the followers of any other sect or a Master to come to Meher Baba.

Baba Himself asked His lovers to donate for His welfare activities but at same time He said Money has no consideration compared to obedience of My orders.  Baba also stated to His workers that for My work (Prasar Activity) if you think that money is the hindrance then better stop My work. A single pie collected in My name and misappropriated may cause million of births.

Live such a pure and simple life that others may get motivated by your behaviour and come to Me.