Spiritual revelations made  by Meher Baba in His books, “God Speaks and Discourses” are unique and unparallelled in the history which is hard-ore philosophy needs  concentrated efforts to assimilate. Many of discourses on different spiritual and general topics were given Meher Baba in mandali meetings. He had also conveyed many messages to be accepted and followed by Baba lovers/God seekers. Many of messages by were followed by certain episode during darshan program or conversation with disciples. Few episodes are worth to quote:

Message “Ego is hydra headed, one head is cut another springs up.”  


A retired captain who had then become a sanyasi (one who gives up everything and wanders on pilgrimage) would come for Baba’s darshan whenever possible. On one such occasion, he brought his wife. There was at the time a large crowd, and in his insensitive efforts to bring his wife to close despite the crowds, he almost backed right into Baba. Just in the nick of time, Eruch gave a sharp push to the sanyasi who collapsed into the laps of nearby women. Ego of captain flared and He angrily stared at Eruch and Eruch tried to explain himself. At that point Baba gestured to Eruch, ‘Be quiet!’ and then continued, ‘Now go and bow down to the man and apologize.’ Eruch promptly did as Baba ordered. Now the captain’s ego cropped up once again and he boasted to others: “See! Meher Baba gets His disciple to bow down to me.’

Message: Do not want me to want what you want but want I want you to want.


Deshmukh broached the subject of a certain young man he had chosen as a husband for his eldest daughter, Sanjeevani. Baba replied, "I don't like it; he is not suitable."

Earnestly, Deshmukh rejoined, "Baba, the fellow is very good. He is educated and comes from a good family."

Seeing that Deshmukh had already settled things, Baba relented, "If that is the case, proceed with the matter and let the match be made."

Coming out of the hall, Deshmukh told others that Baba had given His approval and wished that his daughter marry the young man. Overhearing this, Baba called him back and corrected him: "Is it I or you who wishes that Sanjeevani wed this boy? Don't talk like that!

"Want what I want! Instead of wanting what I want, you want Me to want what you want. And when you succeed in getting Me to agree to what you want, you even tell others that it is what I want.

Message: You need a Guru who knows the path.


Once, C. D. Deshmukh asked Baba, "Is it not possible to progress on the spiritual path without the aid of a guru?"

Baba answered, "Bandage your eyes, and then go find Adi and bring him here!"

Adi Jr. was in the next room, so Deshmukh asked, "How can I find him while blindfolded?"

"First blindfold yourself" Baba instructed.

Deshmukh hesitatingly tied a scarf over his eyes and Baba motioned to Chanji to lead him to Adi Jr.'s room.

Accordingly, Chanji did so and Deshmukh soon returned to Baba, who asked, "Why couldn't you go to Adi's room alone?"

"I was unable to find the way blindfolded," he said.

"So you needed the help of one who knew the way?"

"Yes, I suppose," Deshmukh acknowledged.

Baba then elaborated, "In the same way, you will not be able to find the Path. You are blindfolded by illusion. If you want to traverse the Path, you will have to seek the aid of One who knows where to find it, else you will wind up meandering here and there, probably breaking your head and both legs in the process. You will gain nothing."

Likewise many massages worth to be practised in our daily life given by Meher Baba are elaborated in Lord Meher and other books written by His disciples. This is an effort to consolidate these messages at one place. The relevant episode substantiating particular message is also written under particular heading. These massages can be considered as directives or spiritual guidelines for Baba lovers/God seekers from Meher Baba, so is the title of book.

Baba said “My wish / order is not like the order of a commander to shoot at sight. It is very difficult to obey Me. It is also important to obey Me cheerfully. If that is not possible, at least try to obey.

There would be more messages and episodes from Baba worth spiritual guidelines which could not be reached before concluding the text in this volume.

I hope reader will find it worth reading and practising in one’s daily life which would be certainly beneficial in one’s spiritual progress.

(B. Kumar)