1 Accept  suffering  as gift from God
2 Be honest under all circumstances
3 Be mindful and develop foresight
4 Be obedient to your Master
5 Be punctual
6 Be resigned to Baba’s will
7 Become a real seeker
8 Become footless and headless
9 Beware of Ego
10 Call Baba’s name to save yourself from disaster
11 Carry out arti, puja, by heart otherwise it is meaningless
12 Cleanliness  is must
13 Come for my darshan only
14 Control over mind
15 Desire less and less
16 Directives  for Baba workers
17 Display  Baba’s message at Baba’s centre
18 Do not be afraid of anything
19 Do not be mislead by miracles
20 Do not copy masters action but do what he tells you to do
21 Do not desire for occult power
22 Do not enter in politics
23 Do not kill lizards.
24 Do not waste food
25 Fast  your mind not stomach
26 Find your own weaknesses
27 Follow Baba’s wish
28 Follow the law of land
29 Forgive and forget 68
30 Fulfill your promise at any cost 71
31 Get  married if you are not fit to remain bachelor 74
32 Go directly to your own places after darshan of samadhi 79
33 Go for egoless ego to get no sanskaras 81
34 Go to samadhi for darshan only 83
35 Go vegetarian from spiritual point of view
36 Hold fast my daaman
37 Hold firmly to the feet of only one Master
38 How to recognize Perfect Master or the Avatar
39 How you should live in the world
40 Intellectual reading is not necessary
41 Keep your promise at all cost
42 Let the mind not take over heart
43 Literature worth reading
44 Love Baba to love God
45 Make best use of intellect
46 Make best use of money
47 Make me your constant companion
48 Meditation, yoga and renunciation is not necessary for baba lovers
49 Message to be displayed all centres where baba’s statues are installed
50 Never think of suicide in worst circumstances
51 No need to tell your experience to others
52 No paid pujari at Meherashan (Hamirpur)
53 No to any kind of intoxication
54 No to astrology and palmistry
55 No to backbiting
56 No to birth control but self control
57 No to gambling
58 No to gemology
59 No to hired prayer
60 No to hypocrisy
61 No to jealousy and hatred
62 No to rituals or Karm-kand
63 No to untouchability
64 No to violence except in exception
65 Prayer and repentance is must
66 Preserving baba’s words and adding no traditions
67 Remember Baba's name wholeheartedly and constantly
68 Serve others to feel obligated
69 Snake can be killed.
70 Spread Baba's name in the world