Becoming of a spiritual aspirant

When the thinning of sanskaras begins, one tends to proceed towards the path of spirituality and slowly turns into a genuine seeker or an aspirant. According to one’s past connections, either a Sadguru (Perfect Master) or Avatar (God-Man) of the age takes such a one under His tutelage or fold. Perfect Master helps the seeker in innumerable ways and leads one to the goal of God-realisation. The path is discussed as under:

Beside gross and subtle body, mental body is always present in the soul from the very beginning of evolution even before stone stage in latent form. In the lower forms, mental body manifests as instinct while in human form, the mental body gets fully developed and attains intellect (the faculty of discrimination between good and bad). After several births, the soul gets tired of successes and failures, by which intellect evolves into intuition and gathers thirst for knowing inner realities of life. Intuition is of two kinds, one from mind and the other from heart. Intuition leads one towards faith (belief) in God or Master.

Sign of a spiritual aspirant

When an aspirant begins introspection i.e. analyzing his thoughts, words and actions for its goodness, he is fraught with the obstacles of self-conceit, righteousness and pride unless he is under the guidance of a Guru or Master. As the aspirant gradually progresses on the path, he develops a feeling that he is far behind in his love towards his Guru or Master. The more he deepens his effort, the more he feels incapacitated in his effort. This tendency helps him intensify his love for Guru or Master to the fullest and reduce his ego to zero, which is final stage i.e. Manonash; (annihilation of mind) and the aspirant gets instant God-realisation with the help of His master.

A spiritual aspirant needs to develop following qualities for speedy progress.


In Babas words

  1. If possible, observe celibacy. If already married, keep as little sexual intercourse with your partner as possible. Consider, if you are a man, all other women as your sisters; if you are a woman, all other men as your brothers.
  1. Avoid all animal food, except milk and the products of milk. Don't partake of even eggs.
  2. Avoid all intoxicating drugs and drinks. Tea is not an intoxicant, provided it is weak. But be moderate in your habit of tea drinking.
  3. Curb yourself, and never give way to anger. Whenever you fly into a passion, you contact red sanskaras, which are the worst of all.

 It is not necessary to have full road map of spiritual path for an aspirant

In Babas words

In the spiritual life it is not necessary to have a complete map of the path in order to begin travelling. On the contrary, insistence upon having such complete knowledge may actually hinder rather than help the onward march. The deeper secrets of spiritual life are unraveled to those who take risks and who make bold experiments with it. They are not meant for the idler who seeks guarantees for every step. Those who speculate from the shore about the ocean shall know only its surface, but those who would know the depths of the ocean must be willing to plunge into it.

It can better be understood by a well-known story of an ass. An ass, who was plodding along a road for a long time and was very hungry, happened to see two heaps of grass—one at some distance on the right side of the road and the other at some distance on the left side of the road. Now the ass thought that it was of utmost importance to be absolutely certain which of the two heaps was clearly the better before he could intelligently decide to go to one heap rather than the other. If he decided without thorough thinking and without having sufficient grounds for his preference, that would be impulsive action and not intelligent action.

Therefore he first considered the distance at which the two heaps were respectively placed from the road he was treading. Unfortunately for him, after elaborate consideration, he concluded that the heaps were equally distant from the road. So he wondered if there were some other considerations that might enable him to make the "right" choice and speculated upon the respective sizes of the heaps. Even with this second attempt to be theoretically sure before acting, his efforts were not crowned with success because he concluded that both heaps were of equal size. Then, with the tenacity and patience of an ass, he considered other things, such as the quality of the grass. But as fate would have it, in all the points of comparison he could think of, the two heaps turned out to be equally desirable.

Ultimately it happened that since the ass could not discover any deciding factor that would make his preference appear theoretically sound, he did not go to either of the two heaps but went straight ahead — hungry and tired as before and not a whit better off for having come upon two heaps of grass. If the ass had gone to one heap, without insisting upon the theoretical certainty of having chosen wisely, he might perhaps have gone to the heap that was not as good as the other. And despite any mistakes in his intellectual judgment, he would have been infinitely better off from a practical point of view.