Baba discoursed on fear:

Do not be afraid of anything or anyone, and always do the right thing if your conscience accepts it. Do not be at all afraid of God, for if you are afraid of God, how will you be able to love him? Do not be afraid of your Self, because the Self is never independent of you. You are your Self [Parameshwar], and hence there is no use fearing it.

But be afraid of the world and its personification, maya. The material world is dependent upon desires — desires of anger, lust and greed. Fear these, and keep yourself aloof from them as much as possible. Do not fear anything else.

Do people actually fear God? No. They fear the threat of hell where God will put them if their actions are not right. In the same way, do the boys fear Arjun or his cane? The cane, of course, not Arjun himself, for he actually plays with them at times and they willingly play with him.