it is self-explanatory from following episode.

Once Baba and His group resumed their journey, they stopped to buy apples from an old woman on the road. Baba sent Habibullah to her and the woman agreed to sell sixteen apples for one rupee. Habibullah added a few more words of bargaining and the woman threw in two more. He returned with the fruit and they drove on in the taxi. Stopping the taxi after about a mile, they got out and sat under a tree to enjoy the snack. Habibullah gave sixteen apples to Baba, which He distributed. Baba then noticed the two extras and asked Habibullah where he had gotten them from. "The old woman gave them to me," he replied.

"Did you pay her?"

"She gave them to me for free."

"Go back and return them," Baba commanded. So Habibullah walked back over a mile to return the apples. The fact was that after he had already agreed to buy sixteen and had paid the woman a rupee, he had coaxed her into giving him two more as his commission.

(Lord Meher-p-2530-1944)