This book titled “Divine Sense of Humour of Avatar Meher Baba” Volume-2 is a compilation of humorous episodes from many books written by Baba’s Mandali and Baba lovers on Baba’s life and their experiences, without any change in the text except for headings wherever not available. Brief reference is made in beginning about the person to whom it relates and name of the source. Lord Meher new volume refers to edited and expanded version by David Fenster now available on web page www. Words other than English are written in italics. Brief vocabulary is available in last three pages. I have made my best effort to avoid repetition of the events and produce the text accurately but still few omissions or errors might have crept in for which I beg an excuse from copyright holders AMBPPCT, authors of the books and the readers.

There would be many more humorous episodes between Baba, mandali men and Baba lovers, documented in different books to which I could not reach and still more available in other books but could not be covered in this compilation due the difficulty in getting permission from the authors or copyright holders of the books.

I sincerely thank to:

Sh. Sridhar Kelkar, Chairman- AMBPPT, ( Meherabad), Madam, Diana Bloise, Member-Trust copyright/publications committee, AMBPPCT, (Meherabad), Sh. Meher Kumar (Jamshedpur), son of late Dr. G.S.N. Moorty, Sh. Ruston B. Falahati (Mumbai) and Sh. Surrender K. Thade (Pane), brother of Late L.B. Thade for their consent to produce the excerpts from their books.

Dr. J. Kumar (Delhi) and Dr. Ravi Meher (Delhi), for editing and proof reading.

Sh. Gokaran Shrivastava (Meherabad) for suggesting title and writing foreword.

Sh. Cyrus Khambhata (Mumbai) for sending regular mails from ‘Lord Meher’ which helped in compilation without much of typing work.

Sh. M.R. Murty (Bombay), Sh. N.S. Prasad (Hyderabad), Sh. P. B. Saxena (Farrukhabad), Sh. H.M. Sharma (Delhi), Smt. Kusum M. Singh (Delhi) and D.V. Balkrishna Meher (Delhi) for encouragement.


Member, AMB Centre Delhi