1. God is absolutely independent. The only way to approach Him is through love, constant repetition of His Name, and invocation of His Mercy.
  1.  Mercy is God's nature (swabhav).
  1. Bliss is God's original state (assal halat).
  1. Power is God's existence (astitva).
  1.  Knowledge is God's duty (kartavya).
  1. The infinite state of God gets lost in the infinite jumble of infinite contradictions.
  1. To know God in His infinite contradictions is to become conscious of His consciousness of His unconsciousness.
  1. To achieve the God-state, do absolutely nothing while doing everything.
  1. To find God you must find yourself lost to yourself.
  1. To be infinitely conscious, you must consciously lose consciousness of yourself.
  1. Space is the gulf between Imagination and Reality. Evolution of consciousness fills this gulf.
  1. Time is the interval between your very-first imagination and your very-last imagination.
  1. Where imagination ends God is and Godhood begins.
  1. Imagination is an eternal mimicry of Reality effecting the shadow-play of Illusion.
  1. God is not anything comprehensible. He is Reality - Consciousness - Absolute Consciousness - Infinite Consciousness.
  1. Realization of God is absolute Consciousness minus consciousness of Imagination. Godhood is Absolute Consciousness plus consciousness of Imagination being imagination.
  1. To be ever present with God, never be absent from Him.
  1. Do not desire union with God; but long for union till you go beyond longing for union, and long only for the will and pleasure of Beloved God.
  1. "Mind may die. Maya may die. Body dies and dies. But hope and thirst never die. Thus has said the slave Kabir."
  1. Complete forgetfulness of self is to even forget that you have forgotten.
  1. Complete remembrance of God, honesty in action, making no one unhappy, being the cause of happiness in others, and no submission to low, selfish, lustful desires, while living a normal worldly life - can lead one to the path of Realization. But complete obedience to the God-Man brings one directly to God.

Given by Meher Baba -November, 1962



Faith is wealth here best for man.

Dharma pursued brings happiness.

A truth is sweet beyond compare.

Life wisely lived they say is best.

By faith flood is crossed;

By earnestness the sea;

By vigour ill is poised;

By wisdom cleaned is he.


The  four fold truths

The Four Noble Truths: that suffering is an ingrained part of existence; that the origin of suffering is craving for sensuality, acquisition of identity, and fear of annihilation; that suffering can be ended.

Following are the Noble Eightfold Path meant to accomplish this:

  1. Right speech
  2. right thinking
  3. Right action
  4. Right livelihood
  5. right concentration
  6. Right intention
  7. Right mindfulness
  8. right effort

Nine virtues attributed to the Buddha is a common Buddhist meditation and devotional practice called Buddhānusmṛti.

  • Vijja-carana-sampano– Endowed with higher knowledge and ideal conduct.

  • Sugato– Well-gone or Well-spoken.

  • Lokavidu Wise in the knowledge of the many worlds.

  • Anuttaro Purisa-damma-sarathi– Unexcelled trainer of untrained people.

  • Satthadeva-Manussanam– Teacher of gods and humans.

  • Araham Worthy of homage. An Arahant is "One with taints destroyed, who has lived the holy life, done what had to be done, laid down the burden, reached the true goal, destroyed the fetters of being, and is completely liberated through final knowledge."


Koran said:

Remember Me: I will remember you. Give thanks unto Me, and reject Me not.

O ye who believe! Seek help in steadfastness and prayer. Lo! Allah is with the steadfast.

Who say, when a misfortune striketh them; Lo ! we are Allah’s and unto Him we are returning.

Such are they on whom are blessings from their Lord, and mercy. Such are the rightly guided.

Koran said

"And to Allah belongs the east and the west. So wherever you [might] turn, there is the Face of Allah."

- Holy Quran (2:115)

Anything in existence is by Allah, and it is Allah who is manifest in all (Sifaat-ullah). So, anywhere we go, north, south, east, west Allah is all along. (hope this interpretation helps)

"And speak kindly to people"

- Holy Quran (2:83)




Love fears neither sword nor dagger,

Love is not born of water, air and earth.

Love makes peace and war in the world…

The hardest rocks are shivered by Love’s glance.

Love of God at last becomes wholly God.


Kabir said:

Kan fooka Guru Had ka Behad ka Guru nahee.

Behad ka Sadguru hai soch samaj mana mahee.

(The ear-whispering Guru is of the Limited; he is not of the Unlimited.

Of the Unlimited is the Sadguru. Grasp this clearly in the mind.)

Kabir said:

Jab tak Guru mile nahi sancha

tab tak kijo bis pachasa


Kabir said:

O friend! Hope for Him whilst you live, know while you live, understand whilst you live: for in life deliverance abides.

If your bonds be not broken whilst living, what hope of deliverance in death?

It is but an empty dream, that the soul should have union with Him because it has passed from the body.

If He is found now, He is found then. If not, we do but go to dwell in death.

Kabir said:

I know that my Lover cannot be far. When my lover wakes, I wake; when he sleeps, I sleep.

He is destroyed at the root who gives pain to my Beloved.

When they sing His praise, there I live.

When He moves, I walk before Him: my heart yarns for my Beloved.

The infinite pilgrimage lies at His feet, a million devotees are seated there. Kabir says; “The lover Himself reveals the glory of true love.”




Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is dark.


When the heart is hard and parched up, come upon me with the shower of mercy.

When the grace is lost from life, come with burst of song.

When tumultuous work raises its din on all sides shattering me out from beyond, come to me, my Lord of silence, with thy peace and rest.


O worker of the Universe! We would pray to thee to let the irresistible current of thy universal energy come like the impetuous  south wind of spring, let it come rushing over the vast field of the life of man, let it bring the scent of many flowers the murmuring of many wood-lands, let it make sweet and vocal the lifeless of our dried-up soul-life.




If thou canst not see the ocean in the water-drop,

nor visualize the whole from each  specific part,

thou hast the seeing eye, the seer’s vision blest;

the toys and trinkets and puppet show of things.

Since sorrow follow joy

As autumn doth the spring,

Man must transcend the joys

Of earth, which sorrows bring.




The end of all knowledge must be building up of character.

God has created different faiths just as He has the votaries thereof. How can I even secretly harbor the thought that my neighbour’s faith is inferior to mine and wish that he should give up his faith and embrace mine? As a true and loyal friend, I can only wish and pray that he may live and grow perfect in his own faith. In God’s house there are many mansions and they are equally holy.

The end of all knowledge must be building  up of character.


  1. Allah does not look at your features and your wealth; rather he looks at your hearts and your deeds.
  2. Truth guides to virtues and virtues guides to paradise.
  3. Fitrana is incumbent upon every Muslim.
  4. He who does not show kindness to our little ones and does not recognize the right of our elders is not one of us.
  5. The key to paradise is daily prayer and the key to daily prayer is ablution.
  6. All creatures are in the family of Allah and therefore Allah likes that person most who treats his family well.



He, who has the truth at his heart, need never fear the want of persuasion of his tongue.



When the men are rightly occupied, their amusement grows out of their work, as the colour of petals out of a fruitful power; when they are fruitfully helpful and compassionate, all their emotions are steady, deep, perpetual and vivifying to the soul as is the natural pulse to the body.