Hafiz said:

"To be with a Perfect Master for one moment's time is equal to 100 years of sincere prayer with all one's heart and soul.

Hafiz has said:

If you want the presence of the Beloved, do not absent yourself from the memory of the Beloved.

Someone asked Hafiz what spirituality meant and he answered in one ode:

“Unless you go against your lower self, you cannot unite with your higher Self.”

To Reveal the Utter Helplessness of a Lover, Hafiz has said:

'In Loving My Beloved, I have become like an Ant under the foot of an Elephant - Safe & Secure, but Helpless to Move."

Hafiz advised to become ‘fortunate slaves'

Mazan ze choono-chera dam ke banda-e-muqbil;

Ze jan qabul kunad har sukhan ke Sultan guft.

Befitting a fortunate slave, carry out every command of the Master without any question of why or what.

After crossing the fourth plane, one kisses the threshold of God's Abode. Hafiz has said,

“Just before the 'kiss' there is the vault of heaven (asman) where you feel all powerful, but the least misuse of that power will drag you to the dust.”

Hafiz says:

One who is Saqi-ul-Irshad (Perfect Master, Qutub) can, with his mere glance or wish transform dust into the alchemy-stone that transmutes base metal into gold.

Hafiz has said,

He who has eyes but does not see,
He who has ears but does not hear,
He who has a tongue but does not speak,
He can see Me as I should be seen
And can know Me as I should be known.

Meher Baba translated its Meaning of Hafiz's Poetry

"Do Not Procrastinate.
Start to Love From this Very Moment.
Do Not Forget the Beloved even for One Instant."
(Lord Meher-vol.13 pp-4473)

There is no barrier between lover and Beloved

Hafiz lift yourself aside, you are yourself the covering over Self.

Hafiz says:

“You who do not come out of
this age-long habit of being ignorant
can never realize the Self as infinite.”

Hafiz, the man who became God-realized, says:
_Jehan-o-kare jehan, jumla beech der heech ast,
Hazar bar mun in nukta karda-am tehqiqe._

“A thousand times I have ascertained and found it to be true that the
universe and the affairs of the universe are totally nothing into

Hafiz said:

"Both the happinesses and sorrows of the world will pass away. So it is better to remain peaceful throughout

Hafiz's three couplets often quoted and recited:

Befitting a fortunate slave, carry out every command of the Master, without any question of why and what.

About what you hear from the Master, never say it is wrong, because, my dear, the fault lies in your own incapacity to understand him.

I am the slave of the Master, who has released me from ignorance; whatever my Master does is of the highest benefit to all concerned.