Sadguru vachoni sapday-ne-soye, Dharave-te-paye adhee adhee.

Without the Grace of the Perfect Master you cannot find the way to the Goal; before and above everything else hold firmly to His feet.

Thou hast taken the beautiful Form for us. Should I play the ignorant one and seek to dissolve myself in the ocean of Non-existence? No, Lord I seek not Nirvana, I desire to enjoy the love and beauty of Thy Face.

Lord Vithal is everything to me. He is my sole relation-my Father, Mother, Brother and Sister, my Vithal is all. What do I care for my caste? I care only for my Vithal. He pervades all the seven universes below, and is omnipresent in all seven Lokas (universes) above. He the flower of my heart is everything to me.

Indeed there now remains the distinction between God and the devotee. If one goes to a place of pilgrimage, one can fond only stone and water. But in the saints, one find God.. Place of pilgrimage are useful to those who have devotion. In the company of the saints, on the other hand, even rustics become good.

Tukaram,  a Perfect Master. In one of his abhangs (verses of song) he has said:

"The Master, by his grace, can make the disciple like himself in no time."

"Unless and until the opportune moment arrives, undue haste is of no avail."