All masts are God-intoxicated with divine lover for God. A mast remains a mast though he may at times become majzoob-like and at times salik-like, and he comes in contact with a spiritual Master (which does not always happen) he is helped and advanced by Master. Most Important part of Baba’s work had been with the mast, and for the purpose of helping us to understand these God intoxicated souls more clearly Meher Baba has subdivided them, principally according to their external characteristics, into eight different types.

Types of Masts categorized by their traits.

  1. Jalali-fairly common type
  2. Jamali-A family common type
  3. Mahbubi-A moderately rare Type
  4. Ittefaqi- A moderately rare Type
  5. Madarjad- A moderately rare Type
  6. No name-A very rare Type
  7. No name-A rare type
  8. No name- The common type

Meher Baba has categorized masts in ascending order of their Spiritual Progress as under:

  1. Hawa-This is lowest state. A man withhawan is condition of permanent relationship to the spiritual path. He is not on the path, but not far from it.
  2. Seeker-This is an intermediate state. The seeker is still not on the path, but he is closer than a man with Hawa. He is like a man who is searching for the beginning of footpath, wandering here and there and earnestly determined to find it.
  3. Initiate Pilgrim- He is a man of first plane between the first plane and second plane, or on second plane.
  4. Advanced Pilgrim-He is man of third plane, between the third and the fourth plane, or on the fourth plane.
  5. Adept Pilgrim-He is a man of fifth plane, between the fifth plane and the sixth, or on the sixth plane.

Mast tours

  1. In 1939-Distance travelled -1000 miles, contacted 5 masts visited 6 cities
  2. In 1940-Distance travelled -3500 miles, contacted 6 masts visited 5 cities
  3. In 1941-Distance travelled-18800 miles contacted 117 masts visited 41 cities
  4. In 1942-Distance travelled-15000 miles, contacted 190 masts visited 48 cities
  5. In 1943-Distance travelled-8000 miles, contacted 141 masts visited 31 cities
  6. In 1944-Distance travelled-5100 miles, contacted 115 masts visited 28 cities
  7. In 1945-Distance travelled-9200 miles, contacted 206 masts visited 37 cities
  8. In 1946- Distance travelled-6600 miles, contacted 182 masts visited 30 cities

Thus during year 1939 to 1949 Meher Baba undertook extensive tours covering about 75000 miles and 226 cities in India , Pakistan and Ceylon and contacted almost 20000 advance souls masts, mad, saints, destitutes and poors for uplift in their spiritual journey and to complete His universal work for the benefits of mankind.  A State-wise list of mast names, their spiritual status, place and date of contact is given below. Their features and reaction toward Meher Baba is not recorded for limitation of space. For detailed description of these contacts one may refer the book “The Wayfarers” by Dr. William Donkin.