Secretary of international Sikh federation

In a Public meeting at C-225, Defence Colony on Monday 24th, Aman Qawaal held the audience spellbound by his qawaalis. Here S. Raghubir Singh, Secretary of the International Sikh federation said. “I was convinced at world conference of Religions that Avatar Meher Baba’s point of view regarding religion was altogether different from those others. Religion, as he understood from teachings, was intended to connect us with Reality.


(Raja of Patiala Estate)

Kusum's brother-in-law, Raja Bhalendra Singh of Patiala and his second wife, who were meeting Baba for the first time, had also come.


King of one of the princely states of Hyderabad

On 31 August, Raja Dharam Karan Bahadur came to see Baba in Hyderabad with his three sons. He was a king of one of the princely states and had seen Baba in Hyderabad in 1938, when Baba was traveling on tour in the Blue Bus. At that time, there was talk of opening a center in Hyderabad, and the maharaja was eager to help in the project. But Baba had left Hyderabad with the idea hanging in the air. This time, Dharam Karan did not broach the topic, but told Baba, "I have come to dedicate, at your feet, my humble self and my family. Please satisfy us by making us your own."

Although the maharaja had not voiced his true request, Baba answered, "I will help you spiritually, and will have an eye on your ambition to become a minister (in the government), and see to the worldly welfare of your sons."

Baba then emphasized, “But remember, after becoming a minister, look upon the world as illusion and God as the only Reality. And remember, for the benefit of humanity; always be guided by My instructions.” The maharaja was deeply moved and agreeing with Baba’s words left with his sons.


Ex. Governor General of India

Baba said “Rajaji is the best among the whole lot and is the only man who can face Gandhi and tell him boldly what he feels.”

On Thursday, 12 March 1942, Meher Baba commented on the current political situation in the country and abroad, and about different political figures in India and elsewhere. With perfect mimicry, Baba imitated the typical expressions of each one, and said:

Rajaji (Chakarvati Rajagopalachari) is the best among the whole lot: sincere, clever, capable, and sociable and above all, bold enough to face all situations, flexible to adapt himself to changing conditions, though not through weakness, but cleverness. Rajaji is not obstinate or rigid. He is the only man who could face Gandhi and tell him boldly what he feels. He would confront even a separation, if need be for principles, and is the only person whom Gandhi fears. He is a perfect Vedantist, spiritually-inclined, who has the courage of his convictions, which impresses all.

125-RAO V. K. R. V.

Ex. Minister of Transport & Shipping, Govt. of India

A programme of silence Anniversary of Avatar Meher Baba was observed from 1st to 9th July 1967, at the community hall, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi. Prof. V. K. R. V. Rao, Minister of Transport and Shipping inaugurated the function by garlanding the picture of Meher Baba said, “It is matter of great fortune for me that that I have been given this opportunity of participating the 74th Birthday celebrations of Avatar Meher Baba. In our country we had a chain of Men of God, who presented a visible embodiment of God. They had in them all those attributes which every religion described as attributes of God. It is the good fortune of country and all people of the world that we are having amongst us today the Man of God (God-man) who is described as Avatar Meher Baba.

126-REDDY S. N.

Police Commissioner

A curious encounter occurred before leaving Hyderabad. Eruch visited the police commissioner’s office and submitted a letter stating that Meher Baba intended to travel by foot from Hyderabad to Ahmednagar and requesting the police to inform other officials along their way, so that the group would not be stopped and unnecessarily inconvenienced for verification of their identity by the local police.

The commissioner, S. N. Reddy, invited Eruch to his house for tea, and Eruch, surprised by the invitation, accepted.

At his residence, Police Commissioner Reddy left the room and returned with an old framed photograph. It was the photograph of Baba as a young boy with His high school cricket team. Reddy said he was a member of the team and said, "Tell Baba that I always remember him from our school days." The necessary documents were promptly prepared and sent out. From then on, not only were Baba and His men allowed to travel freely in every town in the area, but also in every obscure outpost the local police had been informed not to stop them.


(Ex. President of America)

Presidential elections had recently been held in America. When the news was received that Richard Nixon had been elected, Feram, who did not like him, was wondering how Baba could have allowed such a man to become President. Baba told him, "There is no worthy man to be President of the United States. Nixon was the only choice."

On a previous occasion, in 1960, when Richard Nixon lost to John F. Kennedy in the election by a narrow margin, Baba mentioned that Nixon was destined to become president. Nixon had a small "encounter" with Meher Baba's name when he attended the World's Fair in New York in 1964. Jane Haynes and her daughter Wendy were just leaving the Pavilion of American Interiors where there was a Baba booth, when they saw Nixon surrounded by a crowd, signing autographs. Jane thrust a copy of the "Universal Message" into his hand for him to keep, but, instead, with barely a glance, Nixon signed his name above Baba's and returned the brochure to Jane.


(Political Leader)

On Thursday, 12 March 1942, Regarding Europe and America, Baba observed about its leaders:

Roosevelt is good, sincere and capable. He came to India and stayed in the same houseboat in Kashmir that I occupied in 1933. The owner himself told Norina and the Westerners this. Good at heart, he wants to help and does, but he has to face great odds in his country too.

All these great leaders, who play their part in this world drama, will go; but even if they won't live to see the good results of all this destruction and devastation, they have played their roles well to bring about a new era of peace on earth, and hence are blessed.

Baba concluded by stating: "All are mine — you as well as they."


(AICC President and Speaker Lok Sabha)

6th June, 1960, Sanjeeva Reddy, President of AICC, had Baba’s darshan at Guruprasad, Pune and following message was given to him:

“It is better to deny God than to defy God.  To profess to be lover of God and then not to be honest to God, to work and to him is unpatrolled hypocrisy. Difficulties give us opportunity to prove our greatness by overcoming them. When the leader of the nation puts complete faith in God, God makes him the instrument to guide the nation rightly. We should think well of those who think ill of us.

He had Baba’s blessings and also the special message of Love from the Ancient One in the shape of an embrace of the Beloved of all hearts.


Pre-indepence political leader of India

On September 4, 1931, Baba made following comments about Gandhi’s political followers.

Even among followers of Gandhi, or those who at least agree with him on the question of independence, their objectives differ. Observe how Sarojini Naidu and Pandit Malaviya act.  Gandhi preaches the use of khadi [handspun cotton cloth] to all and sundry, yet Mrs. Naidu wears silks, though she is a colleague in his fight for independence. Gandhi preaches and advocates the abolition of caste and religion, particularly in abolishing Untouchability,. There are thousands in the Congress who do not accept this dictum of Gandhi's at all, and that is why the party is not strong; the result of which will bode ill for the future.


131- SAYYED A. K.

(Persian poet)

Foundation laying ceremony of Meher Baba Universal Spritual Centre, Byramangala was held in Byramangala (Bangalore)   on 17th December, 1939. Meher Baba himself dug the earth and stuck seven times with seven metal shovel and sat on the granite stool.  Twenty one fire cartridges were fired in the air to mark the beginning of the MBSUSC. More than four thousand people gathered to attend the function. Sir Mirza Ismail was the Chief Guest. Poet A. K. Sayyed recited poem in Persian. Meher Baba gave the immortal message read by Aiyangar which will inspire sincere aspirants to understand the significance of Universal Spiritual Centre.

132-SHAH K. K.

Ex. Minister of information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India

Avatar Meher Baba gave darshan to public in December 1952. In 1968 the Ram Lila Grounds where people had so far witnessed Ram Lila during Dussehra Festival, depicted at length Meher Lila from 1stt to 3rd December. In a beautifully festooned Pandal illuminated with multicolored electric lights, was visible the Life-sized portraits of Avatar Meher Baba on a beautifully furnished stage. Inaugural address was delivered by Shri K. K. Shah, Minister of Information and broadcasting on 1st December, after he garlanded Baba’s portrait.

The Hon’ble Minister emphasized the importance of sound and the word eternal and said that  devotional music like voice eternal would “reach  where He is” where ever Baba is-where-ever God is referring to Baba’s teaching, the ;earned speaker said, Baba has said, “Love will sustain because Love does not speak for anything.” He told the audience that the real religion meant the mixture of Faith and Knowledge. He had to learn from Baba. Saying this he invoked Baba’s Grace.


Maratha Emperor of South India

In 1925, at the time of the Poona Hut, Baba had spoken of the Maratha king, Shivaji, and hinted that Shivaji was one of his minor incarnations.

He repeated something similar at Kaka Shahane's House, when He wrote on His slate and swore it was true: "Although European historians paint Shivaji in a different light, there was no warrior so brave, so sincere, so clever, so gentle, or so pure. He was a perfect devotee and a true disciple of his Spiritual Master, Swami Ramdas. It is the same Shivaji that is now present in this form to perform a great part in the tremendous spiritual outburst that is meant to occur in the near future."

Then Baba remarked, "I was present at the time of Jesus, too, but that is another matter. It is a secret, but a part of it I have thus revealed."

In reference to Shivaji, Arjun asked, "Are the men of that time present here?"

Baba nodded and then asking for the slate, he wrote: "Although many were with him, about 24 played a key role at that time. Ten out of these 24 will once again, within two years, be the instruments of great spiritual workings in the world. Afzal Khan, who was killed by Shivaji, will assume the lion's share of the work. One foreigner at that time played a key role, too, and he likewise will be one of the most prominent members of Shivaji's circle. Shivaji has now realized Truth, and through him at the appointed time in the near future, these companions will also realize they played a powerful part in the scheme. "

Baba concluded, "Don't think about it. Let it go, it is all a mystery. But the knowers will know within two years from this date."

The next day, Baba wrote another cryptic remark: "The secret will be out in the year 1927 when, at a touch, again the blind will be given sight and the dead will be raised with a breath."

During the early phase of His Universal work Baba declared to a foreign journalist that He was Chattrapati Shivaji in one of His previous incarnations. According to History, Shivaji came into contact with two perfect Masters, namely Sant Tukaram and Ramdas Swami beside some Muslim saints.

On 4th November, 1927, in morning, Meher Baba made following comments before mandali on historical figure Shivaji.

Shivaji was the greatest warrior of them all, even greater than Napoleon. Napoleon, though brave and clever, was proud, greedy and vicious. Shivaji was brave, but less clever than Napoleon; yet Shivaji was not proud or greedy. He was guided in all his actions by his Guru, Swami Ramdas. Everything is fair in war, even trickeries, yet Shivaji actually offered his whole kingdom to his Guru. He had great administrative powers, pure motives and conduct; hence he was great in every way – the only great king of the Hindus since the time of Ashoka.

Statue of the great warrior—king Shivaji had been erected in Poona. One day, during a stroll through the city, Baba explained that for certain spiritual work, there occur in varying centuries two types of Avataric incarnations: major and minor. He then revealed one of His past minor incarnations had been as Shivaji: "In a past lifetime, I was Shivaji. Until recently, the British have left nothing undone to detract from Shivaji historically. Yet, they have now, when I am present in this form, had a statue unveiled by the Prince of Wales last year in Shaniwar Wada."

Glancing at the men present, he revealed, "You were all with Me at the time of Shivaji. Behramji was Afzal Khan, the Moghul general who was killed by Shivaji. Sadashiv Patil was Tanaji Malsoore, the man who gave his life to save Shivaji." Later, in private, Baba explained to Gulmai's son Adi that he had been Shivaji's wife.

In Maharashtra, people have great reverence and love for Shivaji, and these statements by Baba further consolidated the early disciples' faith in Baba's greatness. After he revealed this, the men talked of it for days among themselves.

There is significance in the role of Shivaji's activities in founding the Maratha kingdom (which later became the state of Maharashtra) in the Deccan plateau during the 17th century. Born in 1627, Shivaji was a versatile personality and leader — a statesman, social reformer, brilliant military strategist and advocate of religious tolerance. Called "the Grand Rebel," he was devoted to Hindu religious freedom and fought against the Muslim  oppression and persecution of Hindus that had been instigated by the Mogul ruler Aurangzeb. Shivaji was spiritually guided by Swami Ramdas, a Sadguru. Although veiled from his true identity, Shivaji reorganized the country of India and prepared the people's consciousness for the advent of the Avatar, especially the Muslims and Hindus in the Deccan.

Baba said "I like heroes such as Napoleon and Shivaji; they were never cowards. Napoleon was courageous till the last. Alexander the Great was brave, also. Emperor Akbar was brave, but not as brave as Shivaji. Even when the situation was hopeless, they did not run away. That is bravery. One must fight till the last, do or die!"


Ex. Minister of Health, Govt. of India

On the 27th evening session of Third World Religious conference in Delhi Ramlila ground, milling crowd came. Dr. Sushila Nayyar, the health Minister Of India delivered a nice speech


(Ex. Dewan of Mysore)

Sir Mirza Ismail was Dewan of Mysore. He was contacted by Meher Baba through one influential person M. Chakravorty who came to see Baba when He stayed in Mysore.  Meher Baba wished that Sir Mirza Ismail and Subramanian Iyer be contacted for finding a suitable place to establish the Universal Spiritual Centre. Mirza Ismail was a very popular person and he found a suitable spot at Byramangala and wrote to Baba about it. In April 1938, Baba sent two of His men mandali to Bangalore and Mysore for negotiation with Sir Mirza Ismail about the possibility of the establishment of the centre. Later Baba sent a message to Mirza Ismail saying that He has postponed His plan until March of the next year.

Meher Baba visited Byramangala for the first time on 13th August 1939 along with Mirza Ismail. It is 34 kilometers from Bangalore and 4 kilometers from Bidadi Railway Station. Baba liked the place very much and He accepted the offer of Mirza Ismail to buy the land from the Mysore State. Mirza Ismail was helpful in making two bungalows of his brother available for use of Baba. He requested Baba to stay in Bangalore and assured Him all assistance. So Baba decided to stay in Bangalore and did not go to Mysore.

On 1st September 1939, Baba went to Byramangala and He selected a point where He hammered a spike. The point is Central Point where Baba’s pictures are engraved in mirror over seven steps. On 7th September He gave a cheque to Mirza Ismail and settled the transaction. An area of 406 acres was bought from the Mysore State.

On 19th August 1939, Mirza Ismail came to see Baba for discussions about plan of the centre. While discussing plan of the centre, He said to Ismail, “Yu are the power here materially; I am the power of spiritually, everywhere in My own way. So we need to talk of powers. Taking you as one of My own. I want to discuss with you on quite frank terms.

On foundation laying ceremony on 17 th December 1939, Meher Baba dug the earth and struck seven times with seven metal shovel and sat on the granite stool on which “Meher Baba Universal Spiritual Centre, Byramangala, 17 th December 1939’ was engraved. Sir Mirza Ismail was the chief guest of the function of foundation laying ceremony.

136-SONDHI M. L.

Ex. Member of Parliament Govt of India

Avatar Meher Baba gave darshan to public in December 1952. In 1968 the Ram Lila Grounds where people had so far witnessed Ram Lila during Dussehra Festival, depicted at length Meher Lila from 1stt to 3rd December. In a beautifully festooned Pandal illuminated with multicolored electric lights, was visible the Life-sized portraits of Avatar Meher Baba on a beautifully furnished stage.

On the concluding day, Shri M. L. Sondhi Member of Parliament came to pay tributes to Avatar Meher Baba in the evening. After garlanding Baba’s portrait, he made such a touching speech the like of which Baba lovers had not heard for long. He told the audience that Meher Baba would lead them towards the development of a real spirit of citizenship, of love, of brotherhood. He emphasized all that we have to do is to believe in His divine working.”

Appreciating the music programme presented by Meher Singing Group, he said “Sangeet gives us Divine Symphony and brings us nearer to God.” Eluding the previous programmes arranged by Baba lovers in Delhi, he said, “Sometimes, small endeavours have great effect. Baba message has to be brought home to each individual: to each family.” When a picture of Baba was presented to the speaker, he remarked “This picture should be engraved in the hearts of all in Delhi instead of just put on the wall and this medium of awakening should be adopted in our life so that the country as whole is affected and the hearts of mankind change.”


(Political Leader)

On March 12th, when Baba heard the news that Sir Stafford Cripps was coming to India, being sent by Winston Churchill, Baba commented on the current political situation in the country and abroad, and about different leaders in India and elsewhere. With perfect mimicry, He imitated the typical expressions of each one:

Cripps is clever, sincere, shrewd and sympathetic toward India. Jinnah is cleverest of the whole lot, has politics on the tip of his finger, is the best speaker, but he is not as sincere and sensible as Gandhi and Azad, who is a great scholar of Islamic literature.


(Political Leader of Russia)

Stalin is very cunning with his big mustache. He has proved a perfect actor in this great world drama, playing his part very well, giving a most astounding stand to Hitler and the attacks of the German army on their two thousand-mile front.


Cabinet Minister of central Govt


He was prominent Cabinet Minister of central Govt. He took part in Baba’s functions in Delhi, during period 1960-1970.


Eminent Hindi writer and scholar

In 1963, Shri Sumitra Nandan Pant, an eminent Hindi writer and writer evinced interest in Baba’s teachings. Consequently on 31-12-1963, Bhau Kalchuri sent following books to Shri. W. D. Kain to be given to Pantji with Baba’s love;-

  1. God Speaks
  2. To stay with God
  3. The East West gathering
  4. The everything and Nothing
  5. Existence is Substance and Life Shadow
  6. Highest of High

These books were made over to Him at his Allahabad address: 17/7-B Kasturba Gandhi Marg, early in January, 1964.

Shortly afterwards, Shri. W. D. Kain got a note from King’s Road (Adi K. Irani) his personal copy of “wayfarers” may be given on loan to Pantji for study: copies of this book were not available with publishers. This was duly delivered as directed by Baba. Shri W. D. Kain did not hear from Pantji for more than 3 months, and he had to go to Allahabad to collect the book. Pantji regretted very much that the book was untraceable in the jumble of books scattered all about, as the house was under repairs. He promised to send it by post which he never did.

It seemed as he could rather during the course of his casual talk with Pantji, that little spark of love ignited by study of Baba’s discourses had burst into huge flames-after reading masterly compendium by Dr. Donkin about Meher Baba’s work with God-intoxicated Souls, Saints and Sadhus, engulfing Pantji in its effulgence. The “Wayfarers” was responsible for it. For Pantji, it was not a book but a symbol of the real Wayfarer – the Awakener of the Age-Meher Baba.