(Ex. Mayor of Karachi)

On April 30th, (1931) Jamshed Mehta, the mayor of Karachi, came to see Baba. Baba praised his sincere efforts and sympathetic treatment of the poor and needy, and admired his selfless service in other areas as well. Baba explained to him:

I am very pleased with your sincere work and selfless service, particularly in the cause of the really poor and needy. You render it with a sense of renunciation, even at the cost of sacrificing your own interests. I know all about your activities in the cause of service to others, and they are unique and most praiseworthy. You are sincere and selfless as very few persons in the world in your position could be.

In spite of all these sincere humanitarian efforts in the cause of service to others, God-Realization is far, far away. The ego will not die so easily. It is most difficult for the ego to disappear, and disappear it must before God-Realization is possible.

Even in the noblest aspirants and the sincerest workers for the good of humanity, the thought that "I did this" or "I have done that" exists. Although they might not say this openly to others, the thought persists in their minds. This very thought that "I have done this service" is so destructive that it nullifies all the service rendered and robs it of all value and worth.

Jamshed Mehta was highly impressed with Baba's explanation and his heart accepted the truth of the Master's words. To Mehta's surprise, Baba visited the slums of Karachi and Manora with him that evening.

 (It was on Jamshed Mehta's suggestion that Gandhiji's first meeting with Meher Baba took place on the ship S.S. Rajputana.)



(Ex. Prime Minister of India)

Previously in 1963, Baba had instructed Amar Singh Saigal to inform the Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, to come to Guruprasad to meet him. Although Saigal informed him of Baba’s wish, Nehru did not take the time to come.

After Baba’s arrival in Poona that year, when Bhau was on night duty, daily Baba asked him, “I am in seclusion and what will happen if Nehru comes abruptly?”

Bhau replied, “Nehru won’t come like that, Baba. If he wishes to see you, first he will send someone to make an appointment, and when he does, we will inform him that no meeting is possible because you are in seclusion.”

“What will happen if he comes without an appointment?” Baba asked.

“It cannot happen, Baba. Nehru is too busy!”

“But if it does?”

Thus the questions and answers would go back and forth every day with the watchmen.

But on May 26th, at about 2:30 P.M., Baba announced to the mandali, “Jawaharlal will come to Me soon; he will have to come!”

Baba also commented, “Due to his sheer energy and will power, Jawaharlal has recovered rapidly from his recent stroke. But if he gets a second heart attack, he will not survive but will pass away instantly.”

Twenty-four hours after Baba’s statement, Nehru’s death was announced over the radio. Eruch’s brother Meherwan phoned the news to Guruprasad at 2:30 P.M. on May 27th. Only then did Bhau grasp how Nehru could “come” to Baba without an appointment

Meanwhile, Was Deo Kain invited Baba to Delhi to see an unusual cricket match between the members of Parliament and the Prime Minister's team. On November 18th, Baba went from Dehra Dun accompanied by Eruch, Pendu, Nilu, Kishan Singh, Kumar and Hellan to attend the cricket match. Meherjee and Nariman were also called from Bombay to attend the occasion. On the way to Delhi, Baba stopped and visited Minoo Desai in Meerut. In Delhi, they stayed at Kain's house, 16 President Estate.

When Baba and the mandali went to the National Stadium to watch the cricket match the following day, Baba wore a black felt hat and sunglasses so that no one would recognize him. The mandali would also surround him so that no one would see him too clearly. But despite this, spectators gazed at Him throughout the game. It was observed that the Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, saw Baba from a distance and continued to look at Him now and then while conversing with his associates.

Some time ago, Amar Singh Saigal had given Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru a couple of booklets about Meher Baba. A report of his visit was sent to Baba at Meherazad, and when He heard it on March 22nd, (1963) Baba remarked:

Saigal should find another good opportunity to help the Prime Minister by telling him that, if he is not convinced about Meher Baba through hearsay, then it is time he should make it a point to meet Meher Baba personally to feel convinced of His Avatarhood. The personal contact with the Avatar and the Avatar's grace may help the Prime Minister feel convinced.

God in human form is the Avatar, and God's shadow in human form is man; therefore, there is a world of difference between the grace of the Avatar and the blessings of saints. Arjuna was blessed by saints and sages, but the instant grace of the Avatar convinced him of the Godhood of Krishna, for there is nothing impossible when the Avatar wills it so.

Hence, it is time for our dear Panditji (Nehru) (Footnote:"Panditji," meaning a wise man or learned man, was a commonly used term of respect and affection for Jawaharlal Nehru. The term was also respectfully used for Mahatma Gandhi) to come into the direct contact of the Avatar of the Age and begin to strive for that freedom which, once gained, knows not any bondage but gives the freedom from freedom itself!

I know that Nehru has no time to read things which help this process of unlearning. Yet, moved by Nehru's sincerity and honesty, I want you to tell him that Baba asks him to read a portion from God Speaks for five minutes daily, beginning with the first page and ending with the last.

I want you to take an appointment and have at least ten undisturbed minutes and read out the relevant paragraphs of this letter from paragraph three. In addition, I want you to especially read to him without fail, the following message from me:

Even intellectual conviction regarding Reality is not of any importance. The experience of seeing God within oneself as He is – the Ocean of Effulgence, of Love, Truth, Honesty, Power, Knowledge and Bliss – is important.

A few who thus see God become one with this Infinite Ocean. One rare one comes down from this Highest Consciousness and declares "I am God." This declaration of the "I" is not ego but is the natural outcome of his continuous experience.

If I were not the Avatar and if the world were to acclaim me as one, I would not become the Avatar! And if I am the Avatar, even if no one accepted me, my Avatarhood would not be lessened the slightest bit.

I have infinite power, infinite knowledge and infinite bliss at My disposal, but I do not use My power. Otherwise, how could I feel helpless as did Jesus during the carrying of the cross? And how could I suffer if I use My bliss?

When I break My silence, the Almighty Divine Power will be let loose and will revolutionize world conditions. I will have to break My silence and this will have to happen.

Baba closed his letter by stating: "I want you to convey My love-blessing to Nehru and to all those who remember me."

26 May, 1964, Baba told mandali “Jawahar Lal will come to Me soon; Jawahar Lal passed away the next day on 27 th May. Baba remarked to Mandali, “Jawahar Lal Nehru is matchless as a statesman and India will have to wait for another 700 years to find another jewel like him. Only when I come again, during My next advent on the earth there will be another like Jawahar Lal.”


(Ex. President of America)

The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated on 22 November 1963, in Dallas. It all seemed part and parcel of the "suffering and chaos the world over" which Baba had foretold. When the news of Kennedy's death was brought to Meherazad, Baba commented:

He was a great man, good and sincere. Dying as he did has not only made him immortal in mankind's memory and history, but it has given him a great push forward spiritually. However, although he was assassinated because it was ordained to be, it is not a good thing, and it portends more suffering ahead for the world.


(English Poet)

Milton was spiritually advanced, but did not attain beyond the second plane in the subtle world. He could see heaven and hell and that was how he was able to write Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. His books about heaven and hell depict the result of his personally seeing them.


(Ex. Chief Justice of India)

On 5th May, 1968, a special function was arranged in spacious lawns (Now holding underground municipal Market) of Connaught Place which was inaugurated by the Chief Justice of India M. Hidayatulla, who had been a devotee of Tajuddin Baba, one of the five Perfect Masers of Meher Baba. In his inaugural address the Chief Justice of India said:

“I am grateful for having been asked to inaugurate the 74th Birthday Celebrations of Avatar Meher Baba, who was born on 25th February 1954. These celebrations are held in most of the places for 74 days. For me this day has special significance as it was 25th February that I was sworn in as Chief Justice of India. Therefore, it is quite evident that Baba’s grace and kindness is upon me. I have not been able to see him so far; but I have read quite lot about Him. I have learnt from it and profited by His teachings. Meher Baba is Allah-Aulia, whose name is known all over world. All religions have Aulias, who try in their own way to bring the adherents of all religions on the right path. To them all religions are equal. It is my good fortune that I happened to know Tajuddin Baba also. The Quran says, “Revere Aulia-Allah and live near him”. He who Meher Baba is amongst us now and the whole world is taking advantage of His holy presence. I have not been able to touch His feet, to sit near Him. But I feel that He, on whom His nazar falls, get the benefit of His Grace, His Karam. It is hoped that Baba may break His silence and say words about the end of this year. The whole world is anxious to listen His words. We wish to live up to that time when He speaks. We may listen to Him. We should read His messages and try to follow His teachings. If you follow His oath, not only you, but the entire world will benefit. Baba is as much in your hearts as He is in mine. So what can I tell you?" He alone will guide you.



On 14th November 1944, in the afternoon from three to five, Baba gave interviews at Thakur's home. A program was held in the convocation hall of Nagpur University. The hall was full and some had to stand outside. On Baba's arrival, Justice Niyogi garlanded Him. A few female students sang a song of welcome. Justice Niyogi spoke on Baba's spiritual status and work, and then read out Baba's message, "The Unity of All Life" to the crowd. Part of it was:

In the One undivided and indivisible Ocean of life, you have, through ignorance, created the pernicious divisions based upon sex, race, nationality, religion and community. And you allow these self-created divisions to poison your heart and prevent (obstruct) your relationships. Slowly but surely you must imbibe this truth at the feet of the Master of Wisdom.



(Justice Calcutta High Court)

On 8 July, Judge Mukharji delivered a speech in Calcutta in celebration of Silence Day, which he titled, "The Eloquence of Silence." The speech was sent to Baba in advance, and on the occasion Baba sent this telegram to him and also to others:

I bind myself with silence that, when I break it, mankind will realize what real freedom is.



In the afternoon from three to five, Baba gave interviews at Thakur's home. At 7:30, a program was held in the convocation hall of Nagpur University. The hall was full and some had to stand outside. On Baba's arrival, Justice Puranik and Justice Niyogi garlanded Him. A few female students sang a song of welcome. Justice Puranik, a vice-chancellor of the university, had great reverence for Baba and declared, "It is the good fortune of Nagpur University that Meher Baba, whose work is to give God-realization to mankind, has come here today."

Justice Niyogi spoke on Baba's spiritual status and work, and then read out Baba's message, "The Unity of All Life" to the crowd. Part of it was:

In the One undivided and indivisible Ocean of life, you have, through ignorance, created the pernicious divisions based upon sex, race, nationality, religion and community. And you allow these self-created divisions to poison your heart and prevent (obstruct) your relationships. Slowly but surely you must imbibe this truth at the feet of the Master of Wisdom.


(Judge Supreme Court of India)

Meher Baba’s birthday (25-2-1984) was celebrated at Sapru House, New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Justice Shri V. Ramaswamy, Judge of Supreme Court of India on 25 th Feb, 1967 at 5.45 p.m. Justice V Ramaswamy delivered the presidential address where he eulogized the divine played by Baba in the present era. Begam Akhtar sang melodious songs and ghazals in the program.



Topic of literature arose when Dastur asked Baba who his favorite authors were, especially poets. Baba related that his favorite writers were:

Hafiz in Persian, and (William) Shakespeare, (John) Milton and (Percy Bysshe) Shelley in English. Shakespeare is presently reincarnated in India; he is now a Brahmin taking a leading part in politics, but one of the most sincere, selfless workers for the country. His thought force of the past has now been transformed into action. He was a genius and all the controversies over whether he was the original author of his works are meaningless. He wrote all the plays — no one else. It was entirely the result of his giant intellect. There is not a whiff of the spiritual in all his dramas and poetry, yet he was a genius.  The writer Kalidas would rightly be called India's Shakespeare.


Ex. Member of Parliament Govt. of India

Avatar Meher Baba’s 71 st Birthday was celebrated at community Hall, Panchkuian road, New Delhi from 5 p. m. To 8.30 p.m. on 25th February 1965. The program commenced with devotional music by Baba lovers and ladies mandali.  Shri H. V. Kamath, Member of Parliament, gave a speech showering great reverence to Baba.


Chief Minister

In year 1963, Sarosh informed Baba that the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, M. S. Kannamwar, was coming to Ahmednagar on 14 and 15 January, and if it pleased Baba, he could agree to give the Chief Minister darshan. Lokhande of Nagpur had also written to Baba of the Chief Minister's interest in meeting Him.

Baba replied, "Kannamwar's wife is a fast (good) friend of one of My close lovers, Indumati Deshmukh. She has attended some meetings of the Nagpur Center. Kannamwar himself once presided over My birthday function, and wants to meet Me. He could not come to the East-West Gathering in Poona, and now My seclusion has started. Still, I will see them on the morning of the 15th, between nine and ten o'clock for five minutes."

Adi K irani contacted the Collector, who informed him that M. S. Kannamwar would not be able to go to Meherazad, as he was scheduled to leave Ahmednagar at 8:00 A.M. on 15 January. Adi informed Baba, who agreed, as a special case, to meet the couple at eight o'clock. Everything was arranged and the route was lined with police officers. Two officers were posted at the gates of Meherazad. But when Adi went to Kannamwar's bungalow that morning, the Chief Minister was preoccupied and running late, and expressed his inability to come. Instead, the two police officers entreated Baba to permit them to have his darshan. Baba agreed and remarked to them, "How fortunate you are that, being on duty here, you have gotten the advantage of darshan and not your chief minister." (Three years later, Kannamwar saw Baba in Guruprasad in 1966 and expressed his regrets for not keeping his appointment at Meherazad.)


Authority on Ramayana

In year 1968, birthday celebration a special meeting at Tikona Park near Keshmiri Gate was arranged by Krishna Prasad Sinha which was inaugurated by Sh. P. Govind Menon, Minister of Law. Among speakers was Sh. Kapindra ji who was an authority on Ramayana


(Ex. Director Central bank of India Bombay)

In year 1968, starting with birthday celebrations at the President’s Estate, in went around Delhi at Sarojini Nagar, Kailash, Baljit Nagar, Moti Nagar spreading out to Tikona Park near Keshmiri Gate where Krishna Prasad Sinha had arranged a special meeting which was inaugurated by Sh. P. Govind Menon, Minister of Law. Among speakers was Sh. N. K. Karanjia Director Central Bank of India Bombay


(King of England)

During 1936, the King of England, Edward VIII, had abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson, an American suing her husband for divorce.  His younger brother, George VI, was being crowned king in Westminster Abbey on Wednesday, May 12th, 1937, and the Westerners listened to the coronation ceremony on B.B.C. radio. Baba also listened for some time and remarked, "It's all illusion – bound by time and space." However, at the same time he expressed that he appreciated the king giving up his crown for the sake of love.

They asked if Edward was listening to the broadcast of the coronation and Baba said, "Yes, but he does not feel regret about it."

During the Archbishop of Canterbury's address, Baba commented, "Those in the church all speak of Christ our Lord, but do not follow Him."

After the ceremony he explained to the group, "Edward is free now to follow love and to draw toward Me. To follow divine love, impersonal or personal, is to come to Me."

Remarking on the new King George and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, Baba stated, "At least it is some solace to the people that they both have good hearts." (Lord Meher-Volume 6, page-2180)


(A Philosopher & Thinker)

On 6th November, 1931, at New York Meher Baba said about J. Krishnamurthy: “He does good and will to come to Me one day. I will help him to advance on the path. Krishnamurthy possesses great possibilities within himself. He is on the right path but he will not fulfil himself or become truly great so long as he does not visit me.

On 8th March, 1932, Shri J Krishnamurthy wrote to Malcolm, London, in reply to his letter: it is very good of you to have sent newspaper article regarding Meher Baba. I do not see how I can write to Him as I have nothing to say Him, but I hope I shall meet Him sometime either in India or Europe. I hope you understand that it is not the rudeness on my part to correspond with Him but I really love have nothing to day. After meeting in person perhaps we can correspond”.


(Ex. Vice President of NDMC Delhi)

On 5th May, 1968, a special function was arranged in spacious lawns (Now holding underground municipal Market) of Connaught Place which was inaugurated by the Chief Justice of India M. Hidayatulla.

Function was also attended by Shri Surinder Saini Vice president N.D.N.C. and she paid tributes to avatar Meher Baba.

On  Thursday 25 th February 1971, all roads led to town hall of New Delhi, the city of fountains, where 77 th birthday of Avatar Meher Baba was celebrated with  great pomp and show befitting to the Divine Status if Highest of High. In the same Town Hall Baba’s two emissaries Bros. Pendu and Eruch –first gave public talk in Delhi. It was there again that Beloved Baba during His darshan program of 1952-53 gave the message on 2nd December 1952.

On this occasion Shri W.D. Kain.  B. D. Dixit, C. D. Deshmukh and Dr. G.S.N. Moorty spoke on Baba messages & teachings.

Kumari Surinder Saini, Senior Vice President of the New Delhi Municipal Committee in her presidential address stated that. “It has not been my fortune to have Baba’s Darshan, but I had occasions of attending Baba’s Jayanti celebrations. I have kept Baba’s photo in my family temple at my house. She went on to say “If you wish to see God, try to look inwards. Love all beings of God in order that you may be able to love God” She questioned “Why are you not happy or have no peace of mind? Why is there no synthesis between prosperity and peace? She went to explain “If you go deep into problem you will realise the truth of Baba’s teaching and know that mental peace can only be attained by love of God. We lack contentment. Little do we realise that if “ill-got money comes it will be taken away one way or another. Some sort of introspection is needed. What are the causes of corruption in the world? How far are we responsible for it? Baba has stressed the need of self-abnegation, which ultimately leads to self-realisation. The drop feels the impulse of the Ocean when Baba’s grace comes. So let Baba bless us with His Grace in order that we can make our lives worth living. Let Baba place His parental hands on our heads. I pray. As she concluded with an offering of flowers at Baba’s feet, the auditorium echoed and re-echoed with joyous cries of Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai! Thereafter she released the Meher Year 1971 Calendar, issued by the Avatar Meher Baba Centre Delhi through courtesy of Dr. C. D. Deshmukh.


Ex. Member of Parliament Govt of India

In order to remember that eventful day of 2nd December 1952, when Meher Baba gave Public darshan at Delhi. In 1967, three days programme was announced. The first day meeting was held at Lajpat Bhawan Hall New Delhi which was inaugurated by Mr. Triguna Sen, Minister of Education.  Shri Kushak Bakula, Member of Parliament from Ladakh who told the audience, “Let us put in practice the teachings of Avatar Meher Baba.”


(Ex. Prime Minister of India)

The war between India and Pakistan had finally ceased in October 1965, due to firm action taken by the Security Council of the United Nations. A cease-fire had been ordered to which both nations complied. The war had reached a stalemate, yet neither country was willing to withdraw from the military positions they had gained. In January 1966, the Soviet Union persuaded President Ayub Khan of Pakistan and Prime Minster Lal Bahadur Shastri to come to the Russian city of Tashkent and sign an agreement for complete withdrawal behind their own borders in accordance with the 1949 cease-fire line. Both leaders were scheduled to meet for summit talks on January 3rd, 1966. When Prime Minister Shastri was on his way to Tashkent, one night Baba asked Bhau, "Will Shastri returns to India from Russia?"

“Why not?” Bhau  said.

"Winter is severe in Russia and Shastri is a heart patient. I feel he will not come back”

Bhau said to Baba, "Shastri is a very good man, gentle and self-effacing. Why don't you do away with Ayub Khan; he is the one responsible for all this carnage?”

Baba, however replied, "Ayub Khan is very strong, hale and hearty. The cold will not affect him.”

Bhau asked, "In the case of Shastri's demise, who is fit to become Prime Minister?”

Baba replied, "A good and strong Prime Minister will come."
After a few moments he asked about Nehru's daughter, Indira. "What do you think of Indira?”

Bhau asked, "What experience does she have, Baba? She is quite new to politics.”

Baba remarked, "You have no idea about her. Jawaharlal has taught her everything. She is very clever." Bhau later related the conversation to Nariman, and both of them were surprised when Shastri suddenly died in Tashkent on January 10th, and Indira Gandhi took over as Prime Minister of India.
Just before Shastri had left for Russia, C. D. Deshmukh met him, told him of Baba and presented him with a copy of The Everything and the Nothing, along with the Parvardigar Prayer. Shastri expressed his assurance that he would read them, and allowed himself to be photographed with Deshmukh, as he held the literature in his hands

When news of Shastri's passing was heard on the morning of Tuesday, January 11th, Baba commented:

Lal Bahadur was a fine man and a very good soul. He was blessed to have heard My name and talked about Me with Deshmukh before leaving his physical body

Long fellow said: "Come ye slow or come ye fast, it is but death who comes at last." And the poet Amir said: "Man is born for his last day."

Whereas I say: "None dies, and none knows to die. The rare one who knows to die is never born again.

In 1965, during Third World Religions Conference, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri said that there was no immediate prospect of the formation of one world religion. He, however, agreed that basic ideals and goals of all religions were the same.


(Viceroy of India)

In 1930, Baba disclosed “the Viceroy Lord Irwin and Mahatma Gandhi have spiritual connection with Me for both lived at the same time of Shivaji.”

Viceroy, Lord Irwin, is very, very good, as is Mahatma Gandhi. Both are doing great service to India, though they are apparently on opposite sides. Both men have previous spiritual connections with Me, for both lived in the time of Shivaji, though one is a European and the other is now an Indian. But that is insignificant.

From ancient times, India has been a land of spirituality. So being born in India is a matter of spiritual pride, inasmuch as a person is (seemingly) so near the spiritual goal. The best of people born in America, Europe, Africa and other countries, with their good karma from this life, are born in India in their next life; and the worst of those born in India with false pride, egotism, and undesirable karmas are born in Europe and America, or in places which are so spiritually backward.

Great upheavals are coming soon throughout the world, particularly in India. There will be great tension in India between the British and the Indians on one hand, and between the Hindus and the Muslims on the other, resulting in terrible bloodshed and massacres. Hindus will kill Muslims, the Muslims will kill Hindus, and the British will kill both! Rivers of blood will flow in India and there will be corpses everywhere! Civil war will break out in India and all the parties will clash against one another. Nothing but chaos and confusion will reign everywhere. Out of this cry and clamor for independence, quite a new situation will arise with others intervening and abruptly appearing.