(A great Saint and Philosopher)

About Aurobindo, Meher Baba said:

Shri Aurobindo.  Previously, he was a political leader like Gandhi.  When he got the breeze of spirituality, he left everything.  He did not care for politics.  He did not care for independence of India, and he did not care for the world.  He cared only for God.  And because he got the longing for God, he went on progressing and progressing on the spiritual path.  He progressed up to sixth plane.  But further progress is not possible without the grace of the Perfect Master or the Avatar.  Aurobindo was experiencing the effulgence of God everywhere, and this state was just like that of a 'fish out of water'- a state of great longing, rather, infinite longing for the union with God.  Ultimately, My grace fell on him, and he became One with God.  So longing is not like when you love a girl and long for her.  That is material love.  In material love, when longing is there, it is for the sake of desire.  When longing for God is created, you became free from desires.  Ultimately, you become One with God.

Aurobindo (Ghose) writes in his book, "I am trying to attain to that state through meditation." If Illumination is attained through meditation, it is no small thing. The meaning of meditation is to go deep within one's self. It is self-hypnotism in the divine way — to lose yourself in forgetting the self by not thinking of anything but the Self.

Aurobindo was on the sixth plane, not by the state of a wali-mast, but by meditation. Chatti Baba never meditated, yet he saw God all day and night. And, though both are were on the sixth plane, there was a great difference between them. Love gives permanence, meditation gives samadhi. After union with God, complete permanency exists, whether you come down [to gross consciousness] or not. If you come down, you bring God with you!

Aurobindo writes beautifully about the "deep valley" between seeing God and God Himself. He says, "We cry out on this side: O God, we see You but cannot come to you! So, at least you come to us! And God replies, "I always come as Ram, Krishna, Buddha, and others."

On 5th December, 1950, at Bombay, Baba heard from Adi that Aurobindo Gosh had expired the previous night. Baba had previously stated some year back that Aurobindo was a yogi who had advanced by his own efforts to the 6 h plane and became a Saint. He called for his photo to be placed before Him as He listened to the account of his life on the Radio. Later He told Adi Sr. “I was pushing him from 6th to 7th plane.”