(A Saint from Pandharpur)

On 12th September, 1954 a mass darshan program was held at Wadia Park in Ahmednagar, Godavari Mai had come from Sakori to attend with Kanyas

Baba said "There are many good saints in India. There are some on the Path. Some are advanced souls. There is one, Gadge Maharaj, in the Deccan. He is a great one.

"Gadge Maharaj has a very large following. He is about 90 years of age and walks about all the time, telling others ed Winterfeldt, Darwin Shaw, John Bass, Dana Field, Joseph Harb and others put up their hands. Ben Hayman said he arrived in India too late.

"Gadge Maharaj came to Me, he bowed down to Me. I made him sit near Me. He was sitting for a long time near me. He is very well known in different parts of India, although he works in the Deccan. Wherever he goes, a huge crowd gathers around him to hear him speak. And he loves me; he knows my greatness."

Adi K. Irani related, "Once Gadge Maharaj told me: 'Tell Baba to bless me. He is the World Teacher and I am just an ordinary saint. He is the Big Sun and I am just a flame. Tell him to bless me!' "

Baba continued: "In India, there are many saints, but seven of them are my beloved children. I am thinking of having a big meeting after the 15th of February. I want to invite these seven (saints). This meeting will be a very great affair, and I do not want you to miss the opportunity. If I invite you, try to come. Elizabeth, you must not try, but must come. After that meeting, the breaking of my silence, my glorification, my manifestation, all will happen in quick succession, as I have declared.