On October 31st, 1929, Gustadji noticed a saintly-looking man near their house and told Baba about him. Happy to know of this, Baba immediately left to see him. No sooner did the man see Baba coming than he ran toward him and kissed Baba's hands. After Baba embraced him, the man walked off down the street. Later, Baba had him brought to his room where he sat alone with him. Baba gave him his mattress and the man departed. Baba revealed that the man was a wali – a master of the fifth plane.

Meanwhile that day, for the first time since he was a boy, Buasaheb shaved off his mustache, which dramatically changed his appearance. Baba commented, "The evil is removed!"

Baba then mentioned the programs at Yezd and the love of the people there. Baba praised Arbab Khushrav, the merchant who had arranged the four large events held in Yezd. The whole town was excited to meet Baba and it was the only place in Persia where the Master would give mass darshan, coming out of seclusion to make public appearances.

The conversation turned to the head of the Bahai (1) faith who had come especially to Yezd from Shiraz by airplane to challenge Meher Baba with questions. He came with the express purpose of exposing that Baba was not the Rasool – the Savior. But no sooner had his gaze fallen on Baba than he forgot everything he planned to ask and with tears in his eyes, declared, "You are God Himself!" He bowed down and stretched himself on the floor at Baba's feet and wept. After coming out of Baba's room, he exclaimed to people, "Today, I have met God!"

BABA and the mandali left Baam on November 1st at four in the afternoon. (1)  Bahai is a mystical religion founded in Persia during 1863, by Bahaullah (Hussein Ali, 1817-1892), who emphasized the spiritual unity of all mankind. Bahaullah translated is the Glory of God. Bahaullah was a follower of Baba, the title of Ali Mohammed of Shiraz (1819-1850), who was a Qutub.