(Saint from Bombay)

In Bombay, there lived a Sindhi self-styled saint Mirchandani. On 25 th February when Meher Baba’s birthday falls, some under Mirchandani’s sway suggested to chose  him as Chief Guest. Mehta wanted to meet Mirchandani in this regard but Panchal ji disagreed. Mehta presumed Mirchandani was an advance soul and introduced Ratilal & Gulab Panchal to the saint. Ratilal (related to Panchal) came into influence of Mirchandani. Mirchandani claimed he has direct link with God. If you live with me then I can take you God.” Ratilal kept nodding in agreement. When saint turned to Gulab to acknowledge but Gulab said, “He had Meher Baba and that was sufficient.”

The Saint asked Gulabdas, “What do get from Baba?”

Gulab: Inner Pleasure

Mirchandani: What your Master does in Meherabad?

Gulab: Teach us discourses, pray and we do aartis

Mirchandani:  If your Master takes you to the doctor of Khuda (God) what will you do?

Gulab: I will stick to my Baba only.

Gulab repeatedly took Baba’s name in his mind while this verbal duel continued with the saint. Gulab and Mirchandani were actually having a slowdown in front of everyone. The verbal duel turned into a silent staring match between them. It continued for 15 minutes. Both of them did not blink and everyone else was waiting to eat which was served. Gulabdas had Meher Baba’s power and after an agonizing 15 minutes, Mirchandani lowered his guard and blinked. The saint put his head down to eat. Gulab told Ratilal and Mehta to eat. Although Gulab did not wish to eat, he took a little morsel in his mouth. He did not wish to insult the food in front of him. Then they all left the place.

Gulabdas went home and wrote a letter to Baba describing the incident. He wanted to know what was the meaning of all this. In response to the letter, Baba sent Eruch to Singanporia’s house in Bombay. A date of meeting with saint Mirchandani was fixed. A meeting of Baba lovers also held   at Singanporia’s center (present Navyug Niwas centre was nonexistent). Eruch said, “Now that you all have the Avatar amidst you there should not be any need to visit local saint. In this Avataric Cycle, He is the God in human form.

Eruch also went to meet Mirchandani. When the two of them met Eruch told him, “If you are the Avatar then make this declaration, “I am the Lord of the universe. I will leave Meher Baba and hold your feet.” Further he told Mirchandani to say, “I am also God. I, Mirchandani am the lord of universe.” The saint agreed and started to repeat what Eruch had just said, “I, I…I…Mirchandani…says Meher Baba is the Lord of universe.” The saint had suddenly taken the name of Meher Baba instead of his own. The saint was just not able to declare that he was the Lord of the Universe. The saint hung his head and Eruch went away. All Babalovers who liked to dabble with other saints. Yogis and wali    also got a strong message with this incident.