(Saint  from Bombay)

In 1956, Eruch was sent to Ganeshpuri in Gujarat to convey Baba's message to Saint Nityanand that he is one of Baba's beloved, precious children."

In year 1957, Krishna had been sent home from Satara, and he missed Baba terribly. According to Baba's orders, he had taken a job in Bombay, but, despondent and depressed; he felt he could not live without staying with Baba. He traveled to Swami Nityanand's ashram north of Bombay, where he met the great saint. When Krishna stood before him, without asking anything, Nityanand began laughing. Krishna, too, did not say .

He quietly left and climbed up the mountain near the saint's ashram, reaching the top at 4:00 P.M. He had resolved to leap off the mountain cliff into the huge canyon below. No one would find his body hidden in the crevices. But, to be sure, he decided to jump after dark. He lay down and fell asleep. When he awoke, it was dark. He took three steps toward the edge of the cliff and suddenly heard Baba's clap. He turned and saw Baba standing before him. Baba was in his early thirties. He wore a sadra, and his long hair was open. Krishna told Bhau, "Baba's eyes were burning like fire! Red in colour and flashing!" Krishna fell down unconscious. When he woke up, he abandoned his thoughts of suicide. When Krishna had changed his mind and returned home.

When Krishna met Baba, Baba asked about what had happened that day. Baba commented, "You think I am here only, but I am everywhere — all over the world, and in your heart also." Krishna said, "At that time I thought it would be simple to follow your wishes, but it is very, very difficult." Baba said, "Never mind. Return to your job. This is my order. You are free to come and see me whenever you like."