Once, in the evening, Baba said, to Adele Wolkin, “I want a joke or a religious story."
He didn't know of any joke, so he said, "Well, why did Peter betray Jesus three times? And it was predicted. Jesus said, "Before the cock crows three times, you will have denied me three times.” That was what happened.

Baba said, "Peter loved Me the most." Baba makes everything into something wonderfully positive. He always says that I want you to be happy. And He makes anything that has the slightest negativity converted. Baba said, "Peter loved Me the most. And what he did, he had to do."

And then Delia [DeLeon] said, "But Baba, what about Judas?" Baba had already, in India, given them a lot of information about the story of the Christ, but she did bring that up. She may not have been clear about it.

Baba said, "Judas served me the best. What he did no one else could do, so he served Me the best. He was one of the God-realised disciples.”

At that point, everyone started wondering about this and that, and about the suicide of Judas. Baba said Judas did what he did under a veil - he couldn't have done it otherwise -whereas Peter did it consciously.

Krishna narrated his meeting with Nityanand. Baba asked, "Did you take the saint's darshan?" Krishna replied, "No, he was laughing." Baba replied, "He was not laughing. I was laughing. I, myself, was laughing. You wanted to die? Never think of suicide again!"