(Successor & of Sufi order in America founded by Inayat Khan &

Head of Sufi Group in America and Australia)

Hazarat Inayat Khan established a Sufi order in western world in 1910. It had branches in Europe America and Australia. Inayat Khan died in 1927 and succeeded in America by Murshida Rabia Martin. She died in 1947, and named Ivy Duce about Meher Baba as being God-realized.

Rabia Martin directed Sufi groups in the United States, South America and Australia. During 1946, at the age of seventy-five, Rabia Martin made plans to travel to India to meet Meher Baba and work out the details of setting up a new organization for Sufism in America and Australia. An Australian Sufi and writer, Francis Brabazon, was sent by the leader of the Sufis in Australia, Baron Von Frankenburg, to California to accompany her to India. Soon, however, it became clear that she was too ill to travel, and she was forced to give up her plan to meet Baba in India. The doctors had diagnosed that she was dying of cancer.

In 1947, a few days before July 23rd, Rabia Martin's birthday, Meher Baba sent a message of blessing to her. Her daughter, Etta, was with her then and recalled: "I do remember one night when she lay very ill in my home, that a cablegram came from Baba in which he blessed her. I also think it was around her birthday time too. This message was wonderful for Murshida. The light that came into her eyes and her happiness was beyond word.

Meher Baba's message was a great consolation to Rabia Martin before her death. She passed away peacefully on August 31st, a little more than a month after her 76th birthday. Rabia Martin was not destined to meet Meher Baba in person this life. But she achieved her deepest wish by bringing Sufism in America and the Western world under the guidance of the Avatar. She entrusted her work to the successor she named a month before her death, Ivy Oneita Duce Hollywood, California

August 24th, 1945

Divine and Beloved Master,

At your request, I briefly state the journey of the past five months has opened – and opened my consciousness of greater vistas of Love, Light and Truth – than I experienced when I came first to New York and said in simple words to you, "I come to learn and serve." What you have awakened in my heart, my intuition, is without discrimination, analysis, and you cleared the deck of my mind through your Divine Light so fast, I could honestly, earnestly say, "I know:" until my heart panted by the water brooks of your God-Realized experience – and never was there room for doubt, never.

You have often said to us – "You know not love," and yet the love in my heart increased for Baba, and I would cry out in my soul to Love more (which) must be to cry out for you to come and teach, and most of all awaken the great potentials hidden in the love in my heart for you, the Avatar, and be! my experience. Did not Hafiz say: "Me this heritage reached, from the dawn of the creation" – and so my Divine Master, I understand in some degree "Love" as the rightful owner of our soul which you exemplify as far as I understand and am concerned: Your utterances and activities are all Love, Light, Truth.

Feeling is living – I feel what you awaken and teach – so I must cry out and ask you to come and fill my heart and our hearts so full of love, that only Love can remain.

Great exaltations cannot be written – there is nothing to this task I brought but an emptying, and a stirring to experience some of the spiritual grandeur and the simplicity bound up in One Divine Man called Baba – beyond Name and form – in Reality – but who must, to our limited state of consciousness, come down – personify and help me – help us all to realize who we are – and what we may become! You have then – in Holiness – in the Beauty of Holiness – blessed this striver with both knowledge and service. O, come and lead us consciously through the mazes of our limited existence – to the Limitless Love, Light, Truth, and God!

With whatever love and light thou hast granted me – Rabia – she rededicates it to the service of her Beloved, Divine Master, for humankind.

Lovingly, faithfully,