Well-known Indian yogi named Swami Satchitananda, 54, a disciple of Ramana Maharshi and the saint Shivananda in Rishikesh, had moved to America where he established a yoga center in New York. Harry Kenmore telephoned Eruch at this time that Satchitananda wished to meet Meher Baba, as he would be traveling through Maharashtra with a group of his followers. But when Satchitananda secretary telephoned Adi from Bombay on 13 September, Adi informed him that Baba was in strict seclusion and not meeting anyone at this time. Instead, with Baba's permission, Adi offered to drive to Manmad railway junction (about 100 miles from Ahmednagar), where their train would be halting for a few hours, to speak to Satchitananda and his group about Baba. The offer was accepted.

On 16 September 1968, Don drove Adi in his car to Manmad, where they met Swami Satchitananda and about 23 of his followers (some of whom were Westerners). Adi gave them literature about Baba and answered questions. One of the group had heard that Meher Baba did not approve of yoga. Adi replied, "Baba is in everything, including yoga. Baba does not displace anything, but lays great stress on love. And the real purpose of every yoga is to evoke love of God and see that 'you go' and 'Baba comes.' "

Satchitananda asked when Baba would see them, and Adi replied, "Not now, maybe later."

After their meeting, Adi reported to Baba that Satchitananda seemed genuine and sincere. Baba was happy to hear the report, but did not call Satchitananda for darshan.