(Professor turned Swami)

A professor in a Delhi college, He touched My heart. When he saw Me, he said He would do what I told him. Then he met with Baba lovers and told them that I had made him My Chargeman! In My name, he collected Rs.500 from one lover and Rs.2, 000 from another. These two men had not yet had my darshan. One of them even wrote to Adi, requesting darshan and explained to him what had happened to show his love for Me!

The main thing is to gain love and give love. Everything gets merged in love. As the members of one family are close to each other in love, you, too, come close to one another like one family. Love one another and then tell others to love one another. Even if the whole world goes against you, do not become distressed. The world does not know what you do. Don't be exasperated with it. Never become dismayed. It appears there are only a few [lovers] here, but if you follow me properly you will change the whole world.

I will be going out for a year. Do not correspond with me or Eruch. No one from Andhra should correspond directly with Adi, but should do so through the Andhra Center.

If anyone slaps you, take his hand lovingly and tell him, "Love Baba!" But no one loves Baba like this, not even me!