(Saint from Rishikesh)

In order to contact Swami Ram Krishna. Baba reached the area near the flow of the Sheshdhara River, called Sheshdhara. Baba was anxious to contact him. The road to the Swami Ram Krishna's ashram was very rough and steep, and they reached the remote place with much difficulty. But the gate, which was closed, had a sign hanging on it which read: "The Swami will not give darshan to anyone until March 10th." Usually there was a daily religious discourse when the Swami would give darshan, but for some reason it had been suspended until the 10th.

An ashram inmate was working on one side of the ashram and Eruch beckoned to him and requested that he ask Ram Krishna for darshan. He flatly refused to grant the request. Despite Eruch's persuasive attempts, he was not even willing to inform the Swami that people were standing outside his gate for his darshan. Finally, Eruch beseeched him to at least send one of the Swami's close disciples. He reluctantly shuffled off and sent one man, who also uncivilly dismissed their request. Eruch pleaded with him, "Please inform Ram Krishna that we have come for his darshan from a great distance. If he refuses, then we will go away."

"We are not permitted to carry any message to him," said the spokesman.

"All right," said Eruch, "don't convey the news to him. But allow one of us to take his darshan from a distance if he appears at the window."

"I have been telling you that we are not permitted anything of the sort," the man said tersely. "Still you keep harping on the same thing!"

"Please show us a way and help us," Eruch pleaded.

"There is no recourse. If you want darshan, come back on the 10th."

"We have other important work and are unable to return. Be kind to us," Eruch pleaded.

"He who is eager for darshan has no other important work. It is all a pretext!" replied the man.

Eruch did his utmost to prevail upon him, but did not succeed. Baba was smiling as he surveyed the exchange, and indicated to Kishan Singh, "This is called obedience! You people any day, any time, come for my darshan against my wish! This is a good lesson for you to take to heart."

God Himself had gone to the Swami for darshan, but was turned away. Enduring hardships, stress and strain, Meher Baba had gone out of his way to cover the distance on the narrow rocky road for the darshan of one who was in seclusion remembering God day and night. But his gate remained closed and no amount of entreaties or prayers could open it. What could the God-Man do? He had to leave without contact, but there was a secret exchange.

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, pp. 4080 - 4081.