(S/o Kalemama)

Murli was Kalemama’s son also Baba’s close Mandali and a New Life Companion. He was with Meher Baba since the Prem Ashram boy’s days of 1927. He later became Baba’s Mandali and New Life Companion. Murli endeared Meher Baba with his consistently exemplary behavior in conforming to the conditions of the New Life.

Murli and his elder brother Sridhar were amongst the first 10 students of the Hazrat Babajan School at Meherabad in 1927. Murli later became a qualified Homeopath, and attended the Homeopathic dispensary at Meherabad Ashram, as a Doctor. He gave medicines to the mandali and the poor villagers. Later Murli accepted the conditions of New Life and joined New Life. Baba highly appreciated Murli for his implicit obedience and jolly mood in adverse conditions as a Mandali and as a New Life Companion.

Murli conveyed to Baba that he was interested in practicing homeopathy and wished to study further, on 1st July 1951; Baba willingly freed him from being a servant companion and sent him back to his Old Life.

Murli also wanted to go to England for higher studies in Homeopathy and Baba had his passport made, which he but could not use. Later in 1951, Baba permitted Murli to settle at Jabalpur and practice homeopathy, and Murli came to Jabalpur in 1952. At Jabalpur he started a Meher Charitable Dispensary, and a number of new Baba lovers came to know of Baba through him, and he was always a source of joy and inspiration for the Baba lovers.

He often visited Baba during the darshan programs. He married Sulbha and a son Niket was born to them. When the child was born, Murli sent a letter to Baba from the child himself, with the thumb impression of the child. Baba in His reply acknowledged that it was perhaps for the first time, He was writing a letter to a child who was not even a month old, because it if for the first time He received a letter from a child not even a month old

Some of his life time incidents and dialogues with Meher Baba are elaborated as under:

In the course of conversation with Murli Kale, who had recently gotten married, Baba observed, "Now that you are married, you will have a family and will have to look after all the resultant difficulties and maintain them."

Baba's seclusion begun on the 15th of July 1935 was a disturbed day and night by strong winds and thunderstorms. So Baba decided to change the place of His work and left for Panchgani on 15th October 1935 to stay in the cave at Tiger Valley. Accompanied by Jalbhai, Kalemama and his son Murli went in advance.

In 1938, Murli was staying in Bombay at this time studying homeopathy, and Baba sent Adi Sr. there on the 19th to persuade him to return to Meherabad. Adi returned on the 22nd, but without Murli which greatly displeased Baba.

During Blue bus tour in 1939, decision to stay in Bangalore was definite, the mandali from Meherabad were called. Accordingly, Murli Kale arrived on the afternoon of the 15th. More from Meherabad and Bangalore were called for stay.

In 1940, before leaving Bangalore, Baba met the inmates of the mast ashram and gave duties to each of the mandali in Bangalore. Murli remained in Byramangala seeing to the work there.

Before Baba had left for Aurangabad, He sent some of the mandali, including Murli Kale with instructions to deliver His orders to the 99 individuals in different cities throughout India on 1st February, according to the plan announced at the December meeting.  Baba's instructions given to one of the men in the Group A is as follows:

Reference your signature to obey Me implicitly in My work of spiritualizing the world; the following are My definite instructions to be carried out by you at any risk, even at the cost of life: Join Me physically for an indefinite period to take active part with Me in My work of spiritualizing the world, from February 28, 1943, onwards. Be prepared to sever all worldly ties accordingly.

With their luggage already loaded on buses, all were prepared to leave, when a heavy rain began falling. Baba was seen walking back down the hill drenched, and Murli ran to Him with an umbrella. Baba signaled to him to keep at a distance and stood there getting soaked in the downpour. The rain stopped completely after some time, and all left for the railway station and bus stand with acclamations of Meher Baba's Jai! on their lips.

In 1945, according to instructions, those invited arrived in Meherabad on the 23rd, and Baba gave them individual interviews. Called to the meeting were the following 40 men.  Murli Kale was one among them.

Baba said: Murli Kale although has been getting worldly thoughts, he has been staying and doing all work for Me. His services are of a high order.

On 9th December 1947, the youngest boy, Raja, fell ill with malarial fever, and Pendu duly informed Baba that Murli was treating Raja homeopathically. But on receiving the news, Baba dispatched Adi Sr. to Meherabad with orders to see the child personally and report his condition back to Pimpalgaon.

Pendu informed Adi that Murli was treating Raja, and the fever had come down. Adi reported this to Baba, who sent this warning back to Pendu the next day: "If anything happens to Raja, I will take your life and you will be doomed forever!”.

Baba stopped at the homeopathic dispensary and asked Padri and Murli, which of them, including Adi Jr., knew the most about homeopathy. Padri replied that Murli alone was fit to treat patients independently. Baba remarked, "Personally, I have little faith in homeopathy, but if the occasion arose, I would wish to be treated only by you, Padri."

For Murli Baba said: "Whatever is said and happening around Me, My inner voice compels Me to believe in you, Baba, to the end."

Murli Kale was conducting the homeopathic dispensary in Meherabad, and Rashid was his assistant.

In 1949, Baba decided that four women and sixteen men would be going with Baba in the New Life. Murli Kale was former Meher Ashram students. After the ashram had closed, Murli had become a member of the mandali. In New life, Baba assigned duties to the companions: Murli was to wash the utensils.

The group arrived in Babatpur (near Banaras) at midday, and camped under a grove of trees. Kaka cooked lunch. Assisting Kaka, Murli was so tired that he was peeling and cutting onions while reclining. Kaka was exasperated by this (probably because he thought Murli could do a better job while seated), but he could not say anything in criticism under the conditions of the New Life.

In 1950, following the third plan, Murli, Kale with other mandali men four women, were to remain with Baba in Manjri Mafi, living according to the original conditions of the New Life.

Baba was becoming anxious about the completion of the work on the Manjri Mafi property before the end of the month, and he visited the property three times. Some of the villagers had approached Baba for medical help, and Baba instructed Murli to treat them with homeopathic medicines.

Baba wanted to take the oath of the New Life. He came in clad in a white kafni, the ocher-colored satchel for begging hanging from his shoulder. Baba declared that he had now stepped back into the New Life, and He exhorted all Yeswalas to either enter the New Life and follow His behests 100 percent, or to lead the Old Life, or to take up an independent life altogether. One of these they had to decide. The decisions taken were for Murli Kale — Servant

On 14th April 1950, entering the companion’s hut, Baba warned, "Everyone should remain cheerful under all conditions and circumstances, and should never lose their temper or get annoyed."

Baba asked Murli, "If your father passes away, how you would feel?"

Smiling, Murli replied, "I would not feel anything — let him go!"

On 26th April 1950, the companions gathered for a meeting with Baba in which the possibility of starting a business in Delhi was discussed. In the end, Baba came to the following decisions which comprised the New Plan:

The Eleven members of New Plan group consisted of Murli and others.

From 9th July 1950, Baba began working with the mast alone each day for three hours. Other masts and mad were also gathered and brought to Satara. Murli with 3 others cared for them.

From 13th to 28th February 1951, Baba spent the days in the cabin, the hut and the compound, staying inside the hut from 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. The space was enclosed on all sides so that he was not visible. Murli with four others were on watch. From 13th February, for seven days Baba fasted on only water; after which, he partially fasted by eating only once a day.

Murli Kale had stayed with Baba since his father Kalemama had sent him to study in the Meher Ashram in 1927, when he was 13. At the Hyderabad meeting, Murli conveyed to Baba that he was interested in practicing homeopathy and wished to study further. Therefore, on 1st July 1951, Baba willingly freed him from being a servant-companion, and sent him back to his Old Life. As a companion in the New Life, Murli had faithfully carried out all the conditions, and Baba was fully satisfied with him.

In 1952, as decided by Baba, eleven men from the group were to repeat God's name on Baba's behalf, continuously from the 2nd of November to the morning of the 14th, in His Jhopdi. The repetition was to be non-stop the full 24 hours throughout the next twelve days. The following was the schedule for Murli Kale,

1:00 to 3:00 P.M. — Murli, as a Christian, to repeat God Almighty

Baba also directed four men to read sacred writings out loud alone in the hall, for four days from 1st to 4th November, at four fixed times:

7:30 to 8:00 A.M. — Murli from the Bible

On 4th November 1952, Baba inquired about the health of everyone present. He was in a happy mood. He summoned the five "priests" — Kaikobad, Kalemama, Ramjoo, Murli and Daulat Singh. Murli had not yet come, so someone went to bring him. Baba cracked, "He is so lazy that even if I were to promise him God-realization, he would not come on time!" When Murli came Baba asked each of the five to repeat seven times a short prayer he dictated glorifying God.

Ramjoo then read from the Koran until 10:00 A.M. At the completion of the Mohammedan portion, Baba walked to His Gaadi and hung a cross around His neck. Murli stood before Him wearing a long gown. Baba remarked, "You look exactly like a Christian priest." The Lord's Prayer was recited and then the Sermon on the Mount. When Murli finished, Baba took off the cross and gave it to him to keep.

In 1960, after meeting, Baba turned to Murli Kale and, before everyone, praised him for his consistently exemplary behavior in conforming to the conditions of the New Life. From among all the companions, Baba stated that Murli alone had managed to remain cheerful throughout all the ups and downs faced so far. Baba folded His hands to Murli in recognition of his merits.

Once, when they had been traveling by bus, Baba told the companions to get down and come by the next bus, which they did. At the bus stand Murli saw his sister. In obedience to the conditions, he turned his face and walked away without speaking to her. The next day, he received a telegram that his sister had died; even then he kept up a cheerful appearance.