Nariman Dadachanji was son of Framroz Hormusji Dadachanji and married to Aranvaz. He was a chemical Engineer and despite being in busy and successful industrialist, served Baba with total devotion.

Many of his life time events and conversation with Meher Baba are produced below:

In 1931, while Baba was in Karachi, Nariman Dadachanji came to see Baba again. Nariman was studying in college in Karachi at the time and had met Baba previously in Bombay. From the beginning, Nariman was silent in his love for Baba and never verbalized his deep feelings.

In 1939, one day, Arnavaz was reading a letter from her cousin Nariman, who was studying in England. Baba passed by at that time and asked her what Nariman had written. Arnavaz replied that Nariman was going to Germany from England for a two-year course of study. Baba directed her, "Write to him to return to India immediately!" Arnavaz wrote as instructed and her letter set Nariman's mind awhirl. He had received a scholarship to study chemistry in Germany for two years, and initially could not understand why Baba wanted him to come back to India so soon. But when the drums of war began sounding, he understood and returned as directed.

In 1942, the formal engagement ceremony between Nariman and Arnavaz Dadachanji was held before Baba in Prospect Lodge on 21st December 1942. Both families were present, and Baba Himself put a gold ring on Nariman's finger and one on Arnavaz', uniting them in His love. They garlanded Baba together.

In 1944, calling Nariman and Arnavaz Dadachanji from Bombay, Baba discussed their upcoming wedding plans, advising them to get married in December. When both agreed, He remarked, "The month is mine, the date is yours. Fix any date that is suitable." Arnavaz chose the 21st of December, to which Baba consented.

On 21st December 1944, Nariman, 31, and Arnavaz, 26, were married with grandeur at the Ahmednagar agyari (fire temple). That evening, Baba called the newly-married couple to Pimpalgaon. Arnavaz's sister Nargis and their mother Bachamai accompanied them. He lovingly congratulated the couple, and then took Bachamai by the hand and showed her around the Pimpalgaon estate.

Baba asked, "How do you like it here?"

Bachamai replied, "Very much."

"After some time, I will keep you here forever," Baba remarked. This surprised Arnavaz, as her mother had not been well, and had a family to look after besides. But two years later, when Bachamai breathed her last, Arnavaz understood Baba's promise.

Keeping Arnavaz and Nargis in Pimpalgaon, Baba sent Nariman back with Bachamai. On the 22nd December 1944. Baba left with the women to stay at Meherabad, where a unique event took place the next day.

Baba called all His lovers from Ahmednagar to Meherabad on 23rd December 1944 and also all the guests who had attended Nariman and Arnavaz's wedding.

After their marriage, Nariman and Arnavaz were instructed by Baba to remain in Ahmednagar for a few days more. Baba would occasionally send for Arnavaz to come to Pimpalgaon. She was not well, however, and was having trouble sleeping. One day Baba called her to Pimpalgaon and told her to go and sleep. Every five minutes, he would go see if she was asleep yet. Baba's constant visits kept Arnavaz awake in His remembrance, but finally she did sleep.

In 1945, Nariman and Arnavaz then left to take up life together in Bombay. At that time, it was next to impossible to find living quarters in Bombay due to the war. But shortly after they arrived, by Baba's nazar, they managed to rent a spacious apartment in a building called Ashiana in the affluent Breach Candy locality. Baba had indicated in Lonavla, in 1942 that He would visit Bombay again only after Nariman and Arnavaz secured a home of their own, and His words seemed to be some form of invisible aid!

About Mandali Baba said: Nariman's faith and love for Me are such that I can depend on him to do anything in the world for Me.

Baba and the mandali left Mahabaleshwar by car in the morning on 1st April 1947. Fifteen men including Nariman Dadachanji boarded the train at Sholapur.

A strong wind was blowing, which also disturbed Him. Nariman kept watch that night of 3rd July, from 9:00 P.M. to midnight, but the next night their fixed times changed. Nariman and Meherjee were to be on watch alternating from midnight to 4:00 A.M.

On 11th July 1949, Jal, Meherjee and Nariman began reading certain selected passages from spiritual books to Baba. They too were on silence, and were only to speak while reading to Baba for an hour every day.

In the afternoon, in a Christian vein, Nariman read about Friar Juniper, a follower of Saint Francis of Assisi, and also read other selections from different Christian mystical books.

Nariman and Meherjee expressed their desire to take over Meherabad and Meherazad, the lands, buildings, et cetera, of each ashram, because of the sanctity of, and their sentiments for, these two sacred places. When Baba agreed and explained to them not to hesitate to resell the properties if and when they received good offers, Nariman replied, "If it were the question of selling them, we would not have involved ourselves."

Baba stated, "Now these properties are yours, not Mine; I have no objection to your keeping or selling them."

The Meherabad estate had first belonged to Adi Sr. and his father, who had laid it at Baba's feet. Meherjee became the owner of lower Meherabad, Sarosh of Meherabad Hill and Nariman of Meherazad. But these three men maintained the properties for Baba's future work and never considered them as their own.

Leaving Poona, Baba arrived in Bombay and stayed at Nariman and Arnavaz's apartment, Ashiana, where He handed over the key of Meherazad to them. The property was now legally in their possession, but neither Nariman nor Arnavaz ever considered it as such. Taking it to be Baba's home, they accepted full responsibility for looking after it.

Nariman had hired Madho Gauhane as caretaker at Meherazad. As a boy Madho had served in Baba's Poona toddy shop during the Kasba Peth days, and had also been in Manzil-e-Meem.

Meherjee and Nariman offered accommodations for Baba in the Mahim area of Bombay, and Baba and the men and women companions moved there on 28th August 1950.

One day, with Baidul, Nariman and Meherjee, Baba was on His way by car for a mast contact. Homa was driving, but was told not to look at Baba. Suddenly, Homa got a terrible migraine, and after Baba was informed, it was decided to change drivers. Nariman suggested his brother-in-law, Jimmy Mistry, and Baba agreed.

While in Bombay, Baba discussed plans for holding a meeting at Mahabaleshwar. All the details were hammered out with the companions Adi Sr., Eruch, Baidul and Pendu, and the Arrangementwalas Meherjee and Nariman. Accordingly, a circular was printed on 11th September 1950 and sent to all concerned, both Old and New Life devotees. )

During Kashmir tour in 1951, Baba asked Habibullah about his employment. He said that he was still working in the Kashmir Store. Baba turned to Nariman and asked if he would hire Habibullah. Nariman replied that he could work in his factory at Rs.150 per month. So Baba advised Habibullah to work for Nariman for a while.

Baba called Nariman Dadachanji and Meherjee Karkaria to Satara on 5th November 1954. Baba left with them and Sarosh in two cars (Nariman and Sarosh's) for Pandharpur on 6th November 1954.

On 18th June 1955, the group arrived in Satara for the cricket match: Nariman with other mandali men arrived in Satara for the cricket match. Early the next morning, Eruch drove Baba in Meherjee's car to Udtara, a distance of twelve miles. Nariman and Sarosh were the captains. As they were leaving Udtara, Baba had remarked, "Remember this place." The men did not understand why Baba had said this. But they learned the significance of Baba's words a year and a half later, when Meher Baba's second automobile accident occurred near this spot.

Baba left Satara for Bombay, early in the morning on 13th August 1955, the group continued to Bombay. Reaching there in the afternoon, Baba stayed at Ashiana. Nariman and Arnavaz had made the best arrangements for Baba and His men.

The next day, Baba sent a telegram to Nariman in Bombay to meet Dupuis at his hotel and remind him, on behalf of Baba, to stick to the instructions given by Baba in Meherabad. The day after,

Nariman was again sent a message to contact Dupuis and tell him to return to Europe before it was too late. However, Nariman was unable to meet Dupuis as he had already taken a train for Ajmer with Vilayat Khan. Thereupon, Nariman was told to contact Dupuis upon his return to Bombay and remind him of Baba's instructions. But this, too, he was not able to do, since Dupuis stayed in Bombay for only a day and left with no forwarding address. A telegram was sent to him, via his address in France, but it was returned with a note that the recipient had moved. Baba spent much time and energy concerning Dupuis, because he was trying to protect him and keep him in His fold.

March 15th 1959, was Arnavaz's birthday. Baba had planned to leave the day before, but because of her birthday, He postponed his departure until after lunch on the 15th.  Baba gestured again, "Arnavaz, I will not come back to Bombay again."

Baba had not mentioned this to Nariman and as Baba was leaving, Nariman embraced Him and said, "Baba, come back soon." Baba looked serious and paused. He quickly took a few steps backwards and again embraced Nariman. Arnavaz was watching and realized that Baba, by stepping back and again embracing her husband, was fulfilling his wish to have Baba "come back soon."

A few days before he left, Baba emphasized to the devoted couple, "Nothing is yours. Everything is mine. You yourselves are not yours, but mine.”

In 1963, the Bombay group was with Baba practically daily, the four Dadachanji brothers — Nariman, Rustom, Hoshang and Beheram — had been coming every weekend in turns; but in June, Nariman was instructed to remain in Guruprasad with the mandali until Baba left Poona at the end of the month.