Ranga Rao was one of the intellectual lovers from Andhra and devoted his life in service.

Some of his interactions with Meher Baba are written below:

In 1952, for proposed visit of Andhra, Baba continued, "Dhanapathy Rao and Ranga Rao will be in charge of the darshan programs in the West Godavari district. I will even visit the Godavari River if they take Me there."

In 1953, during His visit Baba was met by Ranga Rao, R. V. Ramarao Naidu, the Maharaja of Pangidigudem, Dr. Kanakadandi, Katta Subba Rao and K. Narayan Rao who garlanded Him. He was then led to the Raja's decorated car, and a long procession formed to parade the Lord of the Universe in His entire splendor through their city. The group stayed with Baba in Katta Subba Rao's large garden. A small room had been kept for Baba, and a tent had been erected for the others. Katta, a simple man by nature, had made fine arrangements.

At last Baba created a committee and vested in it overall responsibility for His work in Andhra. There were four members of the committee: Kutumba Sastri, Dhanapathy Rao, Ranga Rao and Mallikarjuna — so Baba named it the K.D.R.M. Samiti (functioning body).

After the interviews, Baba paid more house visits. Ranga Rao read out the names of those to be visited. As Baba stood up to go, He joked, "In the beginning, I was told that, at the most, there would be about 19 house visits in Eluru, but now it seems that the number will soon reach 90!"

While instructing them, Baba stated: "I want every worker of Andhra, whether small or big, to be present on March 2nd for a meeting. What I want to explain to all workers, I will explain then, because this is My last trip to Andhra, and after this program, another will be held at Ahmednagar on March 21st 1954. After that, there will be no more programs, except only the last program when I shall speak! I want to explain this to all the workers. So arrange that anyone whom K.D.R.M. (referring to the four men Kutumba Sastri, Dhanapathy, Ranga Rao, and Mallikarjuna Rao) think would work for Me should be present."

Having returned to the dak bungalow in Tadepalligudem, Baba discussed the meeting of the Andhra workers and informed Ranga Rao, "Include Katta Subba Rao in the meeting on the 2nd [of March]. It is important. The time is fast approaching. It is coming near 100 percent, and you all must work 100 percent."

After discourse when news was brought that the jeep in which Sastri, Dhanapathy, Ranga Rao and Mallik were returning, after dispatching the telegrams, had been involved in an accident on the road between Razole and Kottapeta. However, the recipients of the news were not kept in suspense for long; soon the jeep arrived. The accident had occurred when the jeep was heading toward Kottapeta. They had encountered a man riding a bicycle coming toward them on the wrong side of the road. In an attempt to avoid hitting him, the driver of the jeep turned sharply to one side. In doing so, he lost control of the steering wheel, resulting in the jeep going down into a nearby ditch. All of the occupants were thrown out of the jeep as it turned on its side.

Baba said: Last time I visited Andhra I appointed K.D.R.M. as the four pillars of my work in Andhra. K is Kutumba Sastri; D is Dhanapathy Rao; R is Ranga Rao; and M is Mallikarjuna Rao. I know each of you love Me wholeheartedly and work for Me wholeheartedly, no doubt. But now I find it must be My own mistake in forgetting that north, south, east and west cannot meet at any point — the four are in different directions. So first let us find out if these four can work together or not as I want. Therefore, pour out your hearts honestly to Me without any curtain. This will make Me say something very original and lasting for all. Do not look at each other or fear each other."

Baba chose Koduri Krishna Rao, Y. Ranga Rao, Dr. Kanakadandi, Kutumba Sastri and T. Meher Prasad, saying He would give them further instructions later. He informed those who were not selected:

This committee had been formed to do Baba work in Andhra but, as usual, there were personal differences among some of them. Baba addressed them as follows:

On this occasion, I want you all to forget everything of the past. Open up your hearts fully today. Do not hide anything, and do not be afraid of anyone. Think of my greatness. Baba descends on an equal level. I have explained about my work in Rajahmundry, abrogated K.D.R.M. (the four stalwarts of Andhra: Kutumba Sastri, Dhanapathy, Ranga Rao, Mallikarjuna Rao) and advised against establishing centers. Every heart is a Baba center. Thereafter, you must have decided to open a central office for Baba work. It is natural for misunderstandings to have cropped up. At the time, I was in seclusion. Someone came to know of the misunderstandings, and when I came out of seclusion, I was told about it. Now, first I wish you all to forget your past differences. Do what I say.

I want you first to create love among yourselves. Apart from others, could you love one another? If you cannot love one another, you cannot create love for me among others. )

Over issue of non cooperation among Andhra lovers, Baba asked Ranga Rao, "What do you have to say to this?" Ranga Rao refuted the charges, adding that there was something he wished to speak about with Baba afterwards in private. A heated exchange of words between the members of the committee and Subba Rao ensued, whereupon Baba intervened: "I have been telling everyone that the heart of every lover of mine is my shrine and that he himself is the priest of the temple. What Katta says is true. He says he loves Me but does not understand spirituality. He wants that he, his family and others should worship Me. That is the way to love me. Others from Eluru and those connected with Me are indifferent to his love for Me. I will tell you one thing. It will solve all your difficulties. It applies to all — those from different places and to the committee members, too.

"Regarding the committee formed in Andhra for My work: first and foremost, let there be love for one another among the members. Only then should they speak to others about love, and at different places where there are Baba's lovers."

The Andhra lovers concerned sought Baba's forgiveness, if they had erred in mentioning this topic.

Baba said: "I forgive all; in fact, there is nothing to forgive. There are gems outside, too. In America, there are lovers of Mine who have dedicated their all to Me. There are gems among you, too. Dr. Dhanapathy Rao does My work, going from one place to another undergoing hardship in traveling, et cetera. The same is with Kutumba Sastri and Ranga Rao.

In 1958, addressing the four chief workers of Andhra Pradesh — Dhanapathy Rao, Kutumba Sastri, Ranga Rao and Mallikarjuna Rao, Baba stated, "Kutumba Sastri is most reliable. Before meeting other workers, I want to meet with all four of you together. I am glad to see you four together." Baba embraced them again and informed the sahavas group, "These four are the big workers of Andhra Pradesh."

Calling Dhanapathy Rao, Kutumba Sastri, Ranga Rao and Mallikarjuna Rao to the dais, Baba asked each man his age and then remarked: "My connection with Andhra is very old. During this time, my Avatar hood, Andhra has become an independent state. Besides Andhra, my connection is with the whole of South India. I don't mention this to please or humor you, but I am telling you the truth. This is the reason why you people love me."