Piloo N. Satha was the brother of Naoroji Nusserwan Satha.

Sometimes Baba would go to the Satha home to eat lunch and relax, sitting under a shady tree in the compound, discussing matters with his mandali and Nusserwan. Nusserwan had one step-brother Ardeshir, four brothers — Meherjee, Jemi, Homi, and Piloo;  and four sisters — Banumasi Kerawala, Gaimai Jessawala, Gula Satha, and Shirin Damania. Gradually, by his frequent visits, all the members of this Parsi family were deeply drawn to him and accepted Meher Baba as their Spiritual Master. In the years that followed, his spiritual connection with the Satha and Jessawala families became very significant.

Piloo Satha and Kaka Chinchorkar came to see Baba. Adi Sr. drove Baba in his Pontiac to a spot in Ahmednagar where an air show was being held. Baba didn't stay long, however. He became upset about something and told Adi to drive him back to Meherabad.

Piloo Satha, whose brother Nusserwan was associated with Mahatma Gandhi and had likewise been incarcerated for civil disobedience, came from Ahmednagar to see Baba on the morning of 16th May 1934, with his niece Khorshed. Baba commented to him, "Nusserwan was released from prison (on 8th May), but he has not yet come to see Me. He has forgotten us poor people."

Piloo replied, "But you are rich, Baba!"

"Yes, Emperor and fakir both," Baba agreed. "But you do not know anything about it."

Baba inquired about Piloo's sister, Shirin Damania. "She works very hard," Piloo said. "Since our mother died years ago, and we were all so young, Shirin has looked after all of us brothers and sisters, brought us up and managed everything in the house."

On 17th September 1961, eighteen lovers of Ahmednagar came to Meherazad in the morning and for one hour Rustom Kaka, his wife Silla Kaku, a 24-year-old woman named Usha Kulkarni and Kokila Tiwari sang bhajans.  Others from Ahmednagar were also present, among them Nusserwan Satha and his brother Piloo Mama and others.

The 7th of September 1962, was Eruch's uncle Piloo Mama Satha's birthday, and Baba agreed to visit Akbar Press that morning for ten minutes with Eruch, Bhau and Francis. He stopped first at Khushru Quarters, where he met the Khilnanis and others. At Akbar Press, Baba gave a birthday embrace to Piloo Mama and met all from the Satha and Damania families. No outsiders were called.

Baba asked Rangole, Rustom Kaka and Piloo Mama Satha about the managing of the Ahmednagar Center, and afterwards instructed that each in the group should salute Him from a distance and depart. They did accordingly and returned to Ahmednagar happy in Baba's love.

Those who could come rushed to Meherabad as soon as they heard the news. Many came without official leave from their jobs, many without a change of clothes and little or no money. Special buses were arranged to carry the lovers to Meherabad. On the morning of  1st February 1969, Dr. Ginde and Francis were adamant that Baba's body be interred, but Sarosh, Nusserwan Satha and Piloo Mama Satha (Eruch's maternal uncles) were equally insistent that it not be, demanding the lovers must have darshan! Their argument had the desired effect.