Sarosh Irani was with Baba for 45 years and was highly respected citizen of Ahmednagar. He was elected mayor and was successful businessman.

His lifetime episodes and conversations with Meher Baba are produced below:

In year 1922, Sarosh was his way back to Ahmednagar from Penchant after his matriculation examination in 1922. On way from Poona he was to travel with his aunt Gulmai. The train was at night. He and Gulmai travelled in Tonga reached to Baba singing and playing dholak with His group of 12 persons. Gulmai first went to the group and then asked Sarosh to meet the person (Baba). He went with Gulmai and folded his hands to Baba. Baba asked his name. He did not ask Gulmai Baba’s name. Much later when he joined Baba, she told him that Baba called him saying that “I want to meet him. I have a lot of work for him later on in this world.”

After few days, Sarosh came to know that Baba had come to Nagar; he went to Gulmai’s house and found that Baba was seated with Gulmai and her husband and two sons Adi and Rustom. Baba asked his plans after matriculation, over his reply that he will go to college and do some business like others, Baba said “Give up everything and come to Me, I will make you king.” It was wonder for Him. He said, “Baba, I will come.” Baba called him by telegram to Poona and after three days he joined Baba.

Baba advised him to take up automobile Engineering. He was to see Him every day in the afternoon. One time Baba told him you have a lot of pimples on your face it would be good if you give up eating meat. After few days, he said it would be good to also give up eggs, which all he did and gradually he was guided on spiritual path.

Baba announced to go to Bombay and asked for an agreement from those who wanted to accompany Him. Sarosh agreed and signed the agreement. He stayed in Manzil-e-Meem. He was given special orders and ordinary one of three pages and to obey them all. As the months went by, life for him with Baba became more and more difficult. Baba would say, “So you don’t like here, then go away.” Sarosh replied honestly! ‘Baba, I don’t like it yes, but I have given you a contract so I will fulfill the contract for one year. Then Baba embraced him. Baba made him to lie down in His lap every day for few days and all the pimples of his face disappeared which was miracle for him.

After Manzil-e-Meem, and then a journey to Karachi, and Quetta with Baba, He settled back in Ahmednagar. One day he received a telegram from Baba, “Start automobile business in Ahmednagar,” He did it with just five hundred rupees from his father and uncle Adi Sr’s father, and by grace he could say that Baba did as He said to make him king. He made him successful in his business, social and political life.

Baba gave him two orders; first to love Baba as God, love and obey Him and second nothing to do with woman other than his wife, although he was not married at that time. Baba asked him to name the girl if he wants to marry. On telling her name by Sarosh, Baba said, “You will not marry her, but try your utmost to do so. I will get you a good wife. Sarosh tried his best but was unable to marry. He married to Viloo and she was certainly a good wife. They had three children.

Viloo Irani was married to Sarosh Irani and she came to know after marriage that her husband had a spiritual master. At that time she said,’ I believe that there is God butt not that anyone is God.” And afterwards seeing Meher Baba she said, I accept He is your God and I respect Him for your sake, but I do not believe Him. Whenever Baba came to her house she would say to Him,” Baba I don’t love you as God.” And Baba answered, “Never mind one day you will love Me.” After few months she felt love and respect for Him, even as god but she would change and say to Sarosh. No, no, He is not God. He is just an extra-ordinary human being. Sarosh never forced her in her belief.

About a year after this, Sarosh became seriously ill.  And while the doctors emphasized concern the seriousness Baba assured her, “Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen to him.  In the midnight Sarosh said to her,” I am dying, so I want to make a will.” Having faith in Baba’s words she said, “You are not going to die, but if you want to, make your will”.  On Baba advised to take Sarosh to Bombay Hospital for third operation, a difficult one. She was nervous, but Baba gave her courage. The operation was successful and slowly Sarosh recovered amazingly back to such condition that doctors regarded it as miracle.

Shortly thereafter, Gulmai's nephew, Sarosh Kaikhushru Irani, arrived from Panchgani, where he (like Gulmai's son Adi) was in boarding school. However, he did not approach the hut, but stood at a distance by his tonga and spoke with Aunt Gulmai there. Sarosh had heard of Meher Baba but had no faith in him, and he had no desire to meet him, either. (In Ahmednagar, Sarosh's father was the person most staunchly opposed to Baba.)

Sarosh informed Gulmai that he had left school, because he was not given permission by his teacher to appear for the matriculation exam. Gulmai was upset and said, "You did not behave well in Ahmednagar. You troubled your mother and teachers, so you were sent to Panchgani. You must have misbehaved there also, and that must be why your teacher refused permission."

Sarosh insisted this was not the case. "I did not misbehave!" he said. "I brought something to the notice of the principal, who reproached my teacher. In retaliation, the teacher did not give me the examination form — so I left."

Sarosh said: he was staying the night in Poona and would go to Ahmednagar the next day. Gulmai told him to come and see her before leaving. After he had gone, Baba asked who the young man was. Gulmai explained that he was her nephew Sarosh. Baba expressed his wish to meet him, saying, "I have a lot of work in the world for him later on."

The next day when Sarosh arrived, Baba called him. Although he was reluctant, he came near the hut. On seeing Baba, a wondrous change swept over Sarosh and he bowed at the Master's feet, repenting for his antagonistic thoughts.

Baba rubbed his head and patted his back, while Sarosh told him about his recent troubles and his doubts about him as a guru. Baba then remarked, "If you do as I say, I will make you a king!" Sarosh was taken aback.

Baba instructed Sarosh to study in Poona to be an electrician. Baba himself later arranged his admission to the school, and even his boarding and lodging at Khodu's home with Sarosh's cousin Adi, who was also studying in Poona. Sarosh informed his parents, but left out Meher Baba's part in it. Although his father was pleased with this news, he would have protested if he had known of his son's involvement with Baba. After returning to Poona, Sarosh would visit Baba at the hut or Sadashiv Patil's home and was profoundly affected by the Master's loving kindness and concern. From that time on, Sarosh became one of Baba's close circle members.

In 1922, one evening while Sarosh was traveling back to the Manzil from the garage where he was employed learning automobile mechanics, he happened to see an old acquaintance on the train. The young man had gone to school with Sarosh, and he greeted him with a happy smile. Sarosh, obeying Baba's order, did not reply. He ignored the person and even turned his face away and stared out the window. The youngster thought he had been mistaken, but after closer observation he was certain that it was his old friend. "Sarosh, what's the matter with you?" he inquired. "Don't you recognize me?" Sarosh felt extremely embarrassed, but kept quiet, hoping the situation would soon pass.

The boy again called out, "Sarosh, are you mad? Look at me, for God's sake!" Still not receiving a reply, the boy was saddened and started telling the other passengers that his old friend had gone insane! At the Manzil, Sarosh narrated the whole incident to Baba, who then ordered him to write his friend inviting him to the Manzil. Sometime later the youngster visited and was quite relieved and happy to know that Sarosh was his normal self. He was permitted to visit on different occasions. Thus, as a result of his friendship with Sarosh, he had the Master's darshan occasionally.

Adi was sharing a room with Sarosh. Every evening when Sarosh returned from his training to the Manzil, first he would meet Baba, who would embrace him lovingly and comment, "Here is My king!" But one night, Sarosh too began having many undesirable thoughts — even thoughts about Baba's character. He tossed and turned and could not fall asleep. Sometime after midnight, Faredoon came with a message that Baba was calling Sarosh. Sarosh went upstairs to Baba's bedroom and sat beside him. Baba asked him, "Why weren't you sleeping?" Sarosh muttered a reply and Baba said, "Don't worry. You are only human. You will get all sorts of thoughts — good thoughts, bad thoughts. You will even get thoughts about Me. But keep in your heart — write it down! -I am the purest soul, and in the future, you will come to know who I am and what I am." Sarosh was flabbergasted. He bowed down to Baba and begged his forgiveness

Once, Baba instructed Sarosh to bring four buckets of water with ice and to pour three bottles of rose syrup into them to prepare sherbet. Sarosh did so. Everything was ready; the mandali waited anxiously to have a nice cool drink after a long day of fasting. Just then, Masaji made some inappropriate comment, and Baba became very irritated. "Sarosh, throw those buckets of rose sherbet in the gutter!" He said. All four buckets were thrown out, while the mandali silently cursed Masaji for provoking Baba. Sarosh approached Baba, "Please pardon us, and we are feeling very thirsty." After sometime, Baba calmed down. A new batch of sherbet was prepared and distributed, and the mandali broke their fast, eating the food that was left over.

In 1924, after consultation Sarosh made preliminary arrangements to drive to Quetta by car (with the rest of the mandali following by train), Baba decided definitely to leave for Quetta.

When Sarosh showed up that afternoon the plan was changed, because Sarosh's father was upset with him for previously going to Aurangabad without his permission. He forbade him to drive hundreds of miles to Quetta; therefore, the trip to Quetta by car was canceled. Baba discussed with the mandali the attitude of Sarosh's father, saying, "Is it good to remain in Meherabad when Sarosh's father behaves like this?" All indicated that it was not worthwhile to stay there any longer. (Although Meherabad was owned by Adi's father, he and Sarosh's father (his brother-in-law were business partners.) Sarosh's father's outright antagonism toward Meher Baba convinced the mandali that it was right to depart.

In 1926, at Poona, Baba had told Sarosh that He would make him a king. After leaving Manzil-e-Meem, Baba advised him to open an automobile shop in Ahmednagar. Sarosh's business prospered. He became quite influential, and was elected mayor of Ahmednagar more than once. But no matter how influential he became, Sarosh remained faithful to Baba his whole life and held nothing back in serving Him.

On 26th January 1931, Sarosh hired a small, private airplane and brought it to Deolali. Baba, his brother Beheram, and six others took a ride in it. This was the first time Meher Baba rode in an airplane.

Meanwhile Feram Workingboxwala had come to stay in Nasik, as Baba had ordered, and began working at the Sarosh Motor Works office with Ramjoo and Edke.

In 1933, during Baba's stay in Nasik, Sarosh did not go even once to see Him because of his preoccupation with his own private business affairs, which were flourishing. Later, when Baba returned to Meherabad, Sarosh was given a strict instruction to visit from 3:00 to 6:00 P.M. daily. However, every day Sarosh met with a strange reception. Baba would talk with everyone except him. Baba would not inquire anything of him or even look at him. Hurt, Sarosh felt very bad, but did not say anything.

After a number of days, Baba asked him, "Is something wrong with you? You look very upset."

Sarosh replied, "You call me here every afternoon — you make me sit with the mandali for hours — but you don't even look at me! You completely ignore me!"

"And you are feeling this neglect very much?"

"Yes, Baba, I am," Sarosh said with feeling.

Baba countered, "Now you will understand how I felt all those years in Nasik when you never came to see Me! Did you ever think about how bad I felt then about your not coming to see Me? You are pained because I am not paying attention to you. How do you like the taste of your own medicine?"

Sarosh burst into tears and fell at Baba's feet begging forgiveness. Baba warned him, "Pay attention, Sarosh. However much you may want to get rid of Me or get away from Me, you cannot do so — nor can I get rid of you! I am in you and you are in Me. If you don't believe Me, open up your shirt and see!"

As Sarosh described, "This I did, and there on my naked chest was Baba's image. At this, overcome, I dashed my head on the floor before Him, blood came out and I fainted. Then He took my head in His lap, revived and consoled me."

Sarosh was his old self again from that day on and went to Baba as often as he could. Sarosh's wife, Viloo, however, would not accompany him to Meherabad, as she was not devoted to Meher Baba at the time. But years later, Viloo came to love her husband's Master.

In 1936, once, Sarosh and his wife Viloo came to Meherabad to see Baba. Sarosh had married Viloo with Baba's permission, but she had no faith in Baba's divinity. Nonetheless, Baba liked her and privately assured Sarosh that she would eventually come to love him.

The couple had been married for almost ten years but still had no children. When they visited Meherabad at this time, Baba was sitting with the mandali and was in such an exceptionally good mood that he remarked that He would give a present to each man. To one He gave a simple handkerchief, to Padri a motorcycle, to Rustom a horse. Baba then turned to Sarosh and gestured, "I have given you a gift already."

At the time, Viloo did not know she was pregnant, but she soon found out and later bore a son. Thereafter, they had two daughters. Nonetheless, Viloo still lacked faith in Baba. She would occasionally accompany Sarosh to see Baba and respected him as a Master but, in her naÏveté, she thought that Meher Baba did not have anything to do with things "that happen naturally," though Sarosh continually stressed that they were in fact Baba's blessings.

In 1937, to bring a God-intoxicated mast on an international journey from India to France was no small undertaking. But it was Baba's wish and He once again made the seemingly impossible possible.

In the first place, to get a person like Mohammed a passport was in itself a minor miracle, since it could not be procured without his signature. How would the authorities issue a passport to a man whom ordinary people would consider mad? The Ahmednagar city magistrate insisted Mohammed be brought to his office, so that he could see him in person. Before their appointment, Sarosh took a tailor to Meherabad and had a suit made for the mast. On 14th September, dressed in his new suit and wearing a pair of shoes and socks, Sarosh, Adi Sr., Pendu and Baidul presented the mast to the magistrate at the Collector's office. The magistrate was unimpressed. "You've brought me a mad person," he said. Sarosh tried to explain that Mohammed was not mad, but God-intoxicated. The magistrate asked Mohammed a series of questions, such as "What is your name? ... Where do you want to go?" Mohammed answered for a while, but then said, "Why have I come here?"

The magistrate refused to sign the forms without a guarantee that Mohammed would not endanger anyone. Sarosh gave the guarantee and the necessary documents for Mohammed's passport were completed and a passport issued.

Preparations for the bus journey were going on throughout the month of November 1938. Sarosh had had the body of the bus built in Bombay, according to Baba's precise specifications. Because it was painted blue, it became known as the Blue Bus.

When Japan had entered the war a year before, in 1941, Baba, during one of His discussions with the mandali, asked their opinions of what would happen if Ahmednagar were overrun by the Japanese. There was a heated argument and Sarosh emphatically maintained, "Baba, why should you worry about Ahmednagar. Japan is not going to invade or bomb us."

Baba looked at him sharply, warning, "A bomb will be thrown in Ahmednagar and it will land in your compound!"

Sarosh and every other man took the remark lightly and quickly forgot about it. But on 27th December 1942, when the Sarosh Cinema was full of British soldiers, during the intermission someone from the "Quit India" independence movement threw a grenade inside the theater compound. Sarosh was closest to the blast, but miraculously escaped injury. One boy working at the cinema was killed and several others injured. Sarosh then remembered what Baba had predicted.

In 1943, Sarosh recalled driving alone with Baba once from Meherabad to Poona for some work. On the way back in the evening, Baba spotted a half-naked, unwashed mast and told Sarosh to offer the mast tea. Baba was seated in the front seat of the car and the mast agreed to sit in the back seat and be driven to a tea stall across Bund Garden Bridge. When Sarosh brought the tea, he watched in horror as the mast sloshed half his tea on the back seat upholstery. Baba said to ask the mast if he would come with them to Meherabad, to which the mast agreed. He was kept for a few days at Meherabad and then sent back to Poona.

Baba asked Sarosh to bring two English calves to Meherabad within 24 hours. Sarosh sped off to the military dairy in Kirkee, Poona. The manager agreed, as they gave away male calves, and he told Sarosh to send a truck to transport them. Sarosh said he would take the calves in his car! The man was taken aback and pointed out that the car would get spoiled, but Sarosh said it didn't matter. With much difficulty, he managed to bring a white calf and a black one in his car to Meherabad within the stipulated time period. He presented the calves to Baba, who gave them to Mehera to look after. She fed them milk from a bottle, and Baba, too, would sometimes feed them. Baba named the black calf Rajah (King) and the white calf Pradhan (Prime Minister).

In 1948, all the men and women mandali shifted from Pimpalgaon to Ahmednagar on Sunday, 15 February. The temporary structures Kalemama had built were to be torn down, and in their place Sarosh was to construct a large two-story house for Baba and the women. In the beginning, the Pimpalgaon property was held in Sarosh's name, but later he transferred it to Baba.

In 1949, before going to Mount Abu, Baba had instructed Sarosh to send the body of the Blue Bus to Meherazad. Baba had traveled the length and breadth of India in this bus in 1939–40. During the war years, because of the shortage of gasoline and rationing, the bus had been given to Sarosh, who overhauled it, and for a number of years plied it in Ahmednagar as a public bus. The body of the bus was then kept in the yard of the Sarosh Motor Works garage in Ahmednagar (next to Khushru Quarters) and was lying unused.

In the afternoon of Monday, 26th September 1949, Baba executed a document giving general power of attorney to Sarosh. This was done in front of a magistrate at Meherabad. On the same day. Baba also executed several deeds of sale of the land, three of which granted Meherabad Hill to Sarosh, lower Meherabad to Meherjee and the Pimpalgaon property to Nariman.

The district magistrate also assisted by signing a "letter of identity" stating that Baba and his group were undertaking a New Life tour and that they were personally known to him. Separate "identity cards" were issued by the Postmaster.

When Adi Sr. and Gulmai saw Baba at Meherazad on 14th March 1926, Baba instructed Adi to have Sarosh continue to pay for the safety-deposit box at the Central Bank of India in Bombay, where among other things, Baba had kept the handwritten manuscript of the book he had written at Meherabad in 1925–26.

In 1952, Baba repeatedly warned Sarosh to follow Elizabeth's car closely, and that if he failed to do so he would never be forgiven. While Sarosh was with Baba in America, he received a telegram saying that he had been elected mayor of Ahmednagar. Soon this position would become useful to him.

Passing through the town of Cleveland and the city of Chattanooga, Sarosh lost sight of Baba's car again, and when they finally caught up, Baba was very upset and warned that He would never forgive Sarosh if it happened again. They spent the night in Waynesboro, Tennessee, at the Sims Motel which was located by a running brook at 1015 Savannah Highway. Baba had soup and veal, and slept for two hours.

Sarosh sent this telegram to those in India on 24th May 1952: "Baba and ladies' party, Elizabeth driving, injured in motor accident. Now at Prague Hospital, Prague, Oklahoma. Details follow." The next day this telegram was sent: "Baba and ladies progressing well. All have fractured limbs and plaster casts. Will be here about two weeks."

On 28th February 1955, Baba called, Sarosh, and others to Satara. Baba then took everyone, visitors as well as the mandali, severely to task for not following his orders 100 percent. In truth, only Sarosh was to blame, as he had failed to carry out Baba's instruction concerning Savak Damania. Savak, a scrupulously honest individual, was working as a cashier at Sarosh Motor Works, and there were some financial accounts between him and Sarosh, which Baba had told Sarosh to clear up. Although Baba was lambasting all, his arrow hit the right target, and Sarosh burst out weeping. He stretched himself full length on the floor before Baba, praying to him for forgiveness. Baba embraced him and then bowed His forehead on the feet of every man present 100 times each.

In 1957, Roda narrated to Baba this incident about Sarosh. One day she told him that he was big enough now to go to the toilet without her help. Sarosh entered the bathroom, and sat on the commode. After passing a stool, the boy picked up a mug of water and loudly shouted, "Avatar Meher Baba ki jai!" Then he washed himself, much to the amusement of his mother. On hearing this, Baba, too, had a hearty laugh and remarked to Roda, "I have given you three select gems."

The inception of the Ahmednagar Center in Khushru Quarters had occurred in 1959. With the growing number of devotees in Ahmednagar, the need developed for a larger facility, as the old building could only seat about 50 people. Sarosh headed the renovation committee, and two rooms at Khushru Quarters were joined to form a single large hall. 21st October 1962, was fixed as the opening day and, despite not feeling well, Baba accepted Sarosh's invitation to attend the function and declare the Center open. Baba arrived at Khushru Quarters at 9:00 A.M. About 500 people were present.

When he arrived, Baba walked up the three steps to the Center's front verandah, cut the seven-colored ribbon and opened the doors. He then walked around to the two other side doors, cut red ribbons on each of them and entered the hall. It had been beautifully decorated and Baba took his seat on the dais. Sarosh garlanded him first, followed by his son Merwan's fiancée, a Swiss girl named Anita. Baba assured her not to worry and to remain happy.

Sarosh and Viloo's son, Merwan, returned from England and was to be married to Anita, his Swiss fiancée. One day he and Sarosh came to Guruprasad, and Merwan said, "Baba, I want your blessings on my wedding day." Baba gestured, "Granted," and instructed that after the wedding in Ahmednagar, the bride and groom, and Sarosh and Viloo should come to Guruprasad to see Him.

The wedding was held on Thursday, 27th June 1963. That day, Baba asked Eruch to phone Sarosh and find out how the preparations were going. Irritated, Sarosh shouted over the telephone, "Tell Baba it is raining cats and dogs here! We've had to change the wedding arrangements to inside." When Eruch related this, Baba just listened and did not comment.

The next morning, the wedding party came to Guruprasad. Among those seated before Baba were Adi and Rhoda Dubash. After the usual greetings, Baba asked Viloo and Sarosh about the wedding. Viloo complained, "Baba, it rained so much!"

Baba replied, "Well, your son asked for My blessing and I gave it to him." Turning to Rhoda Dubash, He gestured towards her and said, "Ask her what happened on her wedding day."

In 1963, Baba instructed Sarosh and Viloo about their upcoming visit to Nauranga. Baba warned Viloo not to pay attention to the poverty, uncleanliness, illiteracy and manners of the poor villagers of Hamirpur, but to see only the richness of their love for Baba. He embraced them and stated, "This embrace of mine will reach thousands through you!" Little did Sarosh and Viloo realize the depth of His words.

They left for Nauranga early the following morning by car, with Dhake and Sushila, as the mela was to commence on the 25th. On the way, Viloo was thinking apprehensively about what their accommodations would be like in Nauranga. But when they arrived, they were afforded a grand reception and showered with cordial hospitality. The unique atmosphere of love for Baba was so exhilarating that both Viloo and Sarosh were overcome by it. They totally forgot themselves.

On the last day of their stay, every one of the villagers wanted to embrace them, and two long queues formed. Sarosh began embracing the men, while Viloo embraced the women. Once, the very thought of embracing thousands of none-too-clean farmers and villagers would have been repugnant to them, but now both were weeping! They continued to weep for four hours. Baba's words to Viloo (that His embrace would be carried to thousands) rang in her ears. They had never in their lives witnessed such love, and both were profoundly affected and deeply moved.

When they returned to Ahmednagar and reported to Baba she said, “Baba you are really ‘something’ you must forgive me for all these 27 years until now believing in you and then not believing. Now my love is firm in You.” Baba replied,” “Yes, I think this time you will not go back on your word,” She said again, “Yes, Baba, this time I won’t  go back.”

At the beginning of February 1964, Baba called them to Meherazad and asked them to go to Dehra Dun as His representatives for the opening of a new center there, also named Meher Dham, on 23 March.

Sarosh and Viloo agreed and left by car, arriving in Dehra Dun on the 21st. The inauguration ceremony coincided with the date of Baba's first public darshan in Dehra Dun in 1953, and each year a mela is held in memory of that occasion. The Master's Prayer was recited in Hindi by Prakashwati over the radio, and Baba listened to it at Meherazad. Baba's statue was also unveiled.

Many lovers and devotees came to Dehra Dun for the opening ceremony, and Sarosh conveyed this message from Baba:

Give My love to all those moths who have gathered to burn in the flame of Meher Glory and, having burned themselves completely, are anxious to reach My Dham ([Abode).

Sarosh and Viloo also visited Meher Mafi in Dehra Dun, where Baba had stayed during the New Life. This telegram was sent there by Baba:

Give My love to My prem bhikhus (devotees) at Meher Mafi, and ask them to fill the purse of their hearts with the treasures of My love.

In 1965, after everything had been arranged and settled, Baba canceled the sahavas. Those in the West were of course extremely disappointed, but perhaps the person most disappointed of all was Sarosh, who was still in a Bombay hospital recovering from an operation when Baba made the announcement. It was against great odds that he (even as mayor of the town), Viloo and Adi had received permission to use the new hospital building in Ahmednagar, and he had become quite anxious that the sahavas be held.

Adi, Sarosh and Viloo were sent as Baba's representatives in support of the booth devoted to him. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi officially inaugurated the fair and then rode around it in an open jeep. When she neared the booth, Gajwani went up and drew her attention to the large sign above it which read: "AVATAR MEHER BABA THE AWAKENER." Amar Singh Saigal invited her to get down and have a closer look, but there was no time. Indira Gandhi folded her hands and bowed to Baba's portrait, as she rode by standing in the jeep.

On 10th December 1967 morning, a meeting was held at Meherazad. Sarosh and few other close disciples were called to discuss Sarosh's idea to celebrate Baba's birthday on a grand scale with a Meher Mela in Ahmednagar.  An eight-day fair was proposed to start on 21st February, with stalls, a merry-go-round and a celebratory parade. (Later, however, the fair was canceled, and only a parade was held.)

Sarosh died in early 1970’s

Baba said, “Sarosh has also been in contact with Me for 25 years. He has dedicated everything to Me. He gives all his income to Me.