Son of Ramchandra Bapu Kale,

Baburao Kale, who was practicing a particular sadhana (spiritual practice), came that day for Baba's darshan. He told Baba about his dream wherein he found himself flying in the air and asked Baba, "Does this have any special meaning spiritually?"

Baba replied, "What meaning? Only that of a dream! We see the birds flying. What does that mean spiritually? In ancient times, some yogis were so powerful that they too could fly like birds. For a lover of God, such things are neither important nor essential."

Baba asked those sitting before him whether they had such dreams. Some hands were raised. "Then such dreams are not uncommon," Baba commented. Pointing to Pukar, he joked, "Even such a plump person can fly in a dream! What a wonder!"

Baba continued, "Whether you walk on water or fly in the air, maybe in a dream as you had, or maybe in the normal awake state as the ancient yogis did, it has no meaning spiritually or very little meaning — worth ignoring.

"Try honestly to love God, and you will realize that except love, all other things are meaningless."

"Do you meditate?" Baba asked Him. "If so, on whom?"

Baburao Kale replied, "On God."

"Where is God?"

Kale replied, "God is everywhere and in everything, in every particle of dust, and beyond it also."

Baba asked, "Is not this mere book knowledge? Is this your experience? Even a child can make such statements.

So unless you have experience, it is useless to make such statements.

"If you are really keen about the Truth, try to meditate with love on the Divine Form of your choice, or remember the name of God wholeheartedly. Then with divine grace, a fortunate one sees God face-to-face, everywhere and in everything far more clearly and intimately than you see the things in this room now with your physical eyes.

Babu Kale came with Jalbhai in Meherabad from Nasik on the 17th October 1933. A cricket match was played that day by Baba and the mandali with a tennis ball behind the bungalow at lower Meherabad.