Bhaskara Raju, father was father T. Kutumb Sastri who came from Andhra to Ahmednagar when his was appointed by Meher Baba as the first Chairman of the Trust in year 1959.

He was married to Usha who is a good singer. His marriage to Usha was arranged with Baba’s blessing with the initial motive that the Ahmednagar Centre bhajan party did not want Usha to move away from Ahmednagar with her own family – they would lose one of their best singers!  Both Baskera Raju and Usha had many opportunities to have Baba’s darshan, including just after their marriage.

Baskera was given a beautiful photo of Baba wearing a crown which was given by Him as their wedding gift.

Baskera lived at Khushru Quarters for a short time. He once, was asked by Baba to drive the ladies Mandali back to Meherazad at around midnight, after their evening visit to Sarosh Cinema!  Baba and the men mandali had seen the earlier show.