Reproduced in words of Dr. Swami:

I graduated in B. Sc. (Agriculture) from Madras University in 1944. (Later obtaining Ph.D.) , and between then and 1953, I held various agricultural positions, mostly in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Towards the end of February 1953, I became very sick with Amebiasis due to contaminated water drunk during my frequent travels on official duties in county areas. Despite the best treatment available at that time, I continued to lose weight and became anemic. My wife and I both were brought up to be devoted to Go, and to observance of spiritual practices and rituals. Now my deteriorating physical condition and mental agony made me turn more earnestly to God, entrusting Him wholeheartedly with my recovery. My father in law encouraged me to read lives and teaching of Masters such as Ram and Krishna and Vivekananda.

In the midst of this intense illness, I read in the news paper that Avatar Meher Baba was visiting Andhra Pradesh, and this first sight of His Beloved Name produced unexpectedly profound inner thoughts and feelings. Around same time my wife returned in great excitement from a visit to my uncle Suryanarayana Swamy. She told me, “It is a good fortune to have darshan of Meher Baba in the company of you uncle who is a Meher Baba lover. He is also close friend of Dr. Dhanapathy Rao, The grand old man of Andhra Pradesh; as described By Baba, because of his work in bringing so many souls to Him. There were thousand for his darshan and he gave Prasad with such love. I was so fortunate. While I rejoiced in her good fortune, it also intensified my anxiety to see Him A little later I visited my uncle’s house. I found a book “the Perfect Master” an early biography of Beloved Baba. Reading it over and over, made more to long to see him.

Once I overheard from two boys that Meher Baba is giving darshan in our area at Glamour at a distance of 20 kilometers in Shanti theatre hall. I reached on my bicycle and was forced to stand in back of crowd.   One of my old friends Kutumb Shastri a Baba lover met me and he introduced me to Baba. I tried to kneel down and touch His feet, but Baba quickly held my cheeks with both hands and the put flowers into my hands. As he withdrew His hands from my cheeks, I felt, as it were, a shock of electrical power through my body. The whole time, I was also mesmerized by beautiful glow of His face and indeed it seemed His whole body.

My return Journey was in a state of suspended trance and tranquility, with the bicycle, as it were, floating along the air, and reaching home I lay for several hours again in dream-like state. Within a week I had recovered from my long illness, and within three weeks I was promoted to senior agricultural post. Thus was I blessed by My Beloved Meher Baba, and from then an on, my life has been a story of delights, successes and trails with His loving guidance and compassion.