In 1947 at Madras ,a tall, stoutly built man was among the crowd attended darshan at Meher Bhavan. He approached Baba for darshan, and Baba smiled exceptionally lovingly at him. The man neither asked for anything nor did Baba tell him anything. But Baba's smile bound him for life, and revealed to him the way to freedom. This was none other than Dr. Thota Dhanapathy Rao Naidu, the man who would eventually spread Baba's name across the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. Dr. Naidu had first heard of Baba in December 1941, when he read Purdom's book The Perfect Master, and had been waiting to meet Baba for six long years. After the darshan, Dr. Naidu began disseminating Baba's messages in Andhra, with the result that many workers came forward to share in the Master's cause.

On 25th Feb. 1954, Baba’s 60 th Birth Day was celebrated at Tadepalligudam, AP at Dhanapathy Rao’s place and Baba’s feet were washed with Panchamithram.

On May 24 there was large darshan gathering when Andhra, Bombay and other groups came. Baba expressed his surprise and concern at those from Andhra travelling such a long distance for just one hour. There were many new persons, but Dhanapathy said, “Although they have not seen you before, Baba, their love for you is not new.  I did not bring them, they insisted on coming.”

Baba smiled, pleased at his answer, and assured him, I am happy that you came, it was I who drew you to Me.”

To Dhanapathy, he remarked, “I like old man and children!” As Dhanapathy lowered his head and closed his eyes, Baba joked,

“But you are neither an old man nor a child. Your clean shave make you look young.”

At his request, Dr. Dhanapathy Rao felt Baba's pulse and said Baba had fever.

Baba observed, "Despite fever, I want to meet each one of you. Who knows, tomorrow my temperature may reach 105° and then you may not have the chance of meeting me. So make the most of this opportunity."

Referring to Dhanapathy Rao, Baba observed, "He travels to faraway places in Andhra and spreads my message of Love and Truth in every house. He is doing wonderful work."

Introducing Dr. Dhanapathy Rao, Baba remarked, "He is our grand old man. The people of Andhra complain about his fitness. I have asked him to remind me about it tomorrow, when I shall instruct him."

Calling the Andhra leaders, known as K. D. R. M., to the hall, Baba asked them point-blank, "Is there cooperation and love among you?"

Dhanapathy, Ranga Rao and Mallikarjuna replied affirmatively, whereas Kutumba Sastri could not make up his mind because Baba had asked them to be honest and sincere in their response. In the end, Kutumba Sastri said there was no problem.

Baba then told them, "Remember one thing: The time has come. After one year, this body will definitely drop. During this period, show your mettle. This is the time. Millions in the world will do My work when I am no longer here. There is no doubt about my being God Personified. Have love between yourselves and then spread that love to others. I know about your family, financial and other troubles. There is nothing more to tell you. The cloud is near to bursting. As soon as I return from America,

you will find what I say has come to pass. Do not tell this to others in the sahavas."

Baba concluded, "This body of yours is a temporary phenomenon. You cannot come to terms with it. But on this physical plane, if you are near Me, it is a great thing."

When the four "pillars" of Andhra had left the room,