In 1958, Koduri Krishna Rao of Andhra commissioned a bronze statue of Baba by the Bombay sculptor B. Talim. This was meant for a temple dedicated to Baba, which he was constructing in Kovvur. Adi was involved with the Kovvur temple project and would periodically go to Bombay to examine the progress of the statue. He also corresponded with Talim and, in one letter; the sculptor suggested that a cast be made of Baba's feet. Adi thought this was an excellent idea and forwarded the letter to Mahabaleshwar, where it was read to Baba. A cast of Baba's right hand had been made in England in 1932, so Baba agreed to this also.

Sri Koduri Krishna Rao of Kovvur built Mehersthan with the permission of Beloved Meher Baba. Meher Baba while giving permission instructed Sri. Krishna Rao to build Mehersthan with his own funds without collecting any donations from others. While Krishna Rao was searching for a suitable site for construction, Meher Baba Himself indicated the site in front of his home. Meher Baba also permitted Bro. Krishna Rao to install full size bronze statue of Baba, for which Baba himself gave posture and measurements. The construction of Mehersthan was completed and inaugurated on 28-2-1963. Meher Baba sent Bro. Adi K. Irani, Baba’s Secretary and Smt. Shantadevi, Maharani of Baroda to inaugurate Mehersthan and unveil Baba’s statue. It was a memorable event in the history of Kovvur town. Many thousands of Baba lovers and others participated in the inaugural function. Beloved Baba who was then in Meherazad also called Mandali and instructed them to repeat “Parvardigar” exactly at the same time of inauguration of Mehersthan i.e. 7.31 AM and also indicated that He was entering Mehersthan. N one occasion Baba stated that He was always present in Mehersthan.

In 1963, Koduri Krishna Rao established Mehersthan (House of Meher) on the Western banks of the Godavri River in Kovvur, Andhra, where Baba had given darshan in 1954. Baba sent the following eight messages to Koduri to be displayed in Mehersthan:

* Tear away the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals and you will find that I am the Worshiped, the Worship and the Worshiper.

* To clothe simple worship with garments of ceremony and rituals is to expose me to the cold winds of ignorance.

* To love faithfully the God-Man is to worship God truly.

* To find me here in Mehersthan, search the depth of your heart.

* Mehersthan is built for me with love, but I may only be found here by my lover who brings me here in his heart.

* As the heart is, so is the house; as the eye is, so is the Image within the house.

* The heart of man has always been the ancient temple for the worship of the Ancient One.

* Nothing can house the Ancient One that does not house love.

Koduri Krishna Rao, after embracing Baba, seemed dazed . Only "Baba ... Baba ... Baba ..." was he uttering. "His love for me is unique," Baba stated.

On his Demise on 11-11-1965, Baba said, Krishna Rao now lives eternally in Me and is blissfully happy. He is one of My dearest lovers and has come to rest eternally in Me.”