On 20th February 1954 Baba arrived at Vijayawada by train. The platform was packed with Baba's lovers and devotees. Cries of Baba's Jai filled the air. Majety Ramamohan Rao rushed to Baba's compartment and garlanded Him.

On alighting, Baba was profusely garlanded by others. Baba was driven to Majety Ramamohan Rao's family residence, where He was to stay. After Baba settled in, Majety’s families met Baba, as did the family of Manikyala Rao, and the chief Andhra workers.

In 1954, at Majety Ramamohan Rao's home, Baba remarked to the mandali: "I liked today's program; I liked it very much. First of all, I sat down on the ground in their midst on their level. I sat there not for mere show, but wholeheartedly. I stood up three or four times, but as Kumar says, had I really wished, there would not have been this confusion, because it was I who repeatedly asked for women to be stopped and for the men to be called for receiving prasad. I liked the program today."

Baba expressed His happiness to Majety Ramamohan Rao at the expression of his love, met his families and had a group photograph taken with him. Outside the house, many Baba lovers had collected and were shouting his Jai!

In 1958, regarding Chinta Sarvarao and Majety Ramamohan Rao of Vijayawada, Baba remarked, "This pair is inseparable. Wherever I give darshan, they are there. In Bombay and Poona they both came for my darshan and they are present now."

In 1960, The Andhra group arrived at Khushru Quarters led by Majety Ramamohan and others. Coming out of the meeting hall, Baba was led to a large room where the Ahmednagar lovers and Andhra lovers were awaiting his arrival. The moment he stepped into the room, the song Pyare, chalo, Meher darbar! (Dear ones, let's go to the court of Meher!) greeted Him. After He had taken his seat, the Andhra lovers approached Him first with burning camphor, garlands of flowers, baskets of fruit and sweets. Manikyala Rao introduced everyone, one by one, and Baba embraced and kissed them on both cheeks.

After hearing the report of the celebrations in Vijayawada, which included a grand parade of Baba's picture through the streets, music programs, feeding the poor, et cetera, Baba looked at Majety Ramamohan Rao and asked, "Have you gone crazy in My love? Don't you have to attend to your jobs and businesses?"

In 1962, Majety Ramamohan Rao with two others came to see Baba. Baba introduced them to the Westerners, explaining that they had brought all the Andhra lovers in a special train. Although these three men had been in Poona for the past three days, they had no opportunity of meeting Baba until then. Baba observed that some 20 years ago he had remarked to the mandali, "A day will come when you will want to approach me from far away, but won't be able to see me." This referred to the great crowds that would come in the future.

In 1962, Baba met His Western lovers in the hall. Majety Ramamohan Rao entered the hall. Baba introduced him to the Westerners, explaining that he had brought all the Andhra lovers in a special train. Although these three men had been in Poona for the past three days, they had not had an opportunity to meet with Baba until then.

On 1st January 1965, Majety Ramamohan Rao from Andhra also came to meet Baba for an hour. Several lovers had been invited to come to Guruprasad in the afternoon.   Majety Ramamohan of Andhra presented Baba an album containing pictures of the recent birthday exhibition in His honor, Baba stated, "I have heard all about the exhibition and I am very happy with the labor of love of the workers in Vijayawada."

On 1st January 1969, Majety Ramamohan Rao and two others from Andhra arrived in Meherazad. Baba expressed His appreciation for the work the three men were doing in his name in Vijayawada and remarked to them, "The time is near. How lucky you are that I am meeting you three."

In year 1969, there was no electricity in Meherabad then, but sufficient illumination was provided. The ancient lamp of God was lighting the way for His pilgrims, as a full moon shone in the winter night sky the entire week. When Majety Ramamohan Rao of Vijayawada arrived on the 1st, He arranged for a generator, and a ring of fluorescent lights encircled the Tomb.  A makeshift white cloth awning stretched over bamboo poles was erected in front of the Tomb to give a little shade from the scorching sun to those waiting to take darshan during the day. On the cement platform outside the samadhi different bhajan parties sang from the depths of their hearts.