Mandrajula Venkataratnam, was a washer man by caste. When Baba was in Tadepalligudam, he came to along with Bhaskara and his brother Ramabhadra raju,  Baba said, "Both of us are the same in a sense — but while you wash the dirt of a few, I wash the whole world from sin!"

Baba asked Bhaskara Raju, "What can you do for Me?"

"I live and die for Baba's cause," he declared.

"I will turn you into nothing!" Baba responded.

The interviews lasted until 4:00 P.M., and then Bhaskara and his brother Ramabhadra Raju enacted their Burra Katha. The song-and-dance-narrative depicted Baba's life, and the voice of the lead actor, Parepalli Satyam, was deep and resonant, which pleased Baba.

While the performers were narrating the incident of Hazrat Babajan's kiss, Baba signaled to them to stop and explained, "When you were portraying the incident of Babajan, I again experienced the same as if it occurred at that moment. You reminded me of the early days of my life as Merwan. Now, at this moment, the five Perfect Masters of the age being rested (residing) in me are witnessing your Burra Katha. Carry on with your story.