Ramabhadra Raju Brother of Bhaskara raju was very devout, and when he along with his brother arrived, Baba commented, "They have deep love for Me; it is deep down in their hearts. You can have no idea of their love for me. They have prepared a chart of God Speaks and laid it at my feet. I like the chart very much." Instructing the chart be hung in the Meherabad Hall, Baba added, "These brothers have been doing My work steadfastly for several years. In the towns and villages of Andhra, their group has staged their play, Burra Katha, 99 times and has asked my permission to perform it for the 100th time here on February 25. I am pleased to permit it."
Baba asked Bhaskara Raju, "What can you do for Me?"
"I live and die for Baba's cause," he declared.
"I will turn you into nothing!" Baba responded.
The interviews lasted until 4:00 P.M., and then Bhaskara and his brother Ramabhadra Raju enacted their Burra Katha. The song-and-dance-narrative depicted Baba's life, and the voice of the lead actor, Parepalli Satyam, was deep and resonant, which pleased Baba.
While the performers were narrating the incident of Hazrat Babajan's kiss, Baba signaled to them to stop and explained, "When you were portraying the incident of Babajan, I again experienced the same as if it occurred at that moment. You reminded me of the early days of my life as Merwan. Now, at this moment, the five Perfect Masters of the age being rested [residing] in me are witnessing your Burra Katha. Carry on with your story."
The inception of this play is interesting. One night Baba appeared in Ramabhadra Raju's dream and said: "There is still something more for you to do for me." Ramabhadra could not grasp what it was, but later when visiting Masulipatnam, M. S. R. Sastri suggested that he prepare a Burra Katha on Baba's life and teachings. Taking this to be what Baba had hinted in his dream, Ramabhadra set about composing the play and also training a company.
On the way, Baba visited the home of Bhaskara's elder brother, Ramabhadra Raju, in Ramachandrapuram, where many had collected for darshan. After his arti was sung, Baba departed, having captured the hearts of those who met him.