On 19th January 1953, after mass darshan program held opposite Dhanapathy's residence previous day. Next day Baba paid visits to the homes of his lovers in Tadepalligudam.  At every home, Gadekar performed the arti in Marathi. At Suryachandra's house, the couple had arranged chanting of the ancient Vedas to welcome the Avatar of the Age.



At Subramanyam Shastri's residence, Baba’s meetings were regularly held, Baba was requested to sit in a chair which previously had only held his framed photograph. He complied, but asked Shastri to do his arti before a large portrait of him painted by Ranga Rao which hung in their house. Baba himself joined the arti by standing with folded hands before the picture.

One incident occurred there that amused Baba. Baba asked Subramanyam Shastri, "How many children do you have?"

"Seven!" he replied. The children were brought to Baba and introduced turn by turn; but Shastri was so deeply enamored of Baba that when Baba asked their names, he could not remember, and each time had to turn and ask his wife. This made Baba laugh.3264-1953