Coming from Delhi, Kusum Singh’s husband, Mohkam, was a cynical sort of fellow and was skeptical about Baba’s claim to godhood. He was reading the popular science-fiction novel Chariots of the Gods, in which it claimed that God was an astronaut from another planet. As they sat before Baba, he nagged his wife and told her to ask Baba which planet he was from. Kusum held up her hand and said, “Baba, my husband wants to know which planet you are from, or which you belong to?

Baba laughed and remarked, “I do not come from any planet-all planets come from me!”

Mohkam was having trouble with his back and Kusum asked if they should have Dr. Kenmore adjust it. Baba remarked, “No, I am the biggest doctor. My nazar is on him!”

In mid-November 1961, Manohar Sakhare and his wife Mona, Kusum Mohkam Singh and other staunch lovers of Delhi wrote to Adi about their idea to set up an information booth with Baba literature at the Indian Industries Fair, soon to be inaugurated in Delhi. Adi consulted Baba about it, who gave his approval, and a parcel of pamphlets and books was sent. Many came to know of Baba through their efforts, which also proved a catalyst for their counterparts in America during the World's Fair in New York in 1964.





Prof. Niranjan Singh, principal of Camp College then near Birla Mandir in Delhi was a distinguished scholar in Chemistry. He was an educationist and had held many important posts in erstwhile Punjab of undivided India.

Prof. Niranjan Singh came to know about Meher baba and His philosophy from Was Deo Kain. It was probably in the year 1952, that Prof. Niranjan Singh wrote his first letter to Meher Baba though W. D. Kain. Prof. Niranjan Singh had doubts and would cross examine with Mr. Kain on various points. One day while discussing with W. D. Kain he was told that most of the troubles worrying him were due to his past impressions (sanskaras). At the he asked asked Mr. Kain to write to baba “ What is the glory of the guru (Master) if he cannot cancel the past actions (Karmas) and what is use of going under the protection of lion if a jackal was going to frighten him.” Baba was amused to read that letter and promptly came a reply through Eruch. Baba says, “But first surrender to the lion.”

In 1952, Mrs. Niranjan Singh was apprehensive of meeting Meher Baba. She deeply felt repeating the name of ‘Guru Nanak’ was better than meeting sadhus and saints. But it so happened that on 30th November 1952, W.D. Kain went to their house and informed them of Meher baba’s darshan programme and took then in a taxi to Prakash Chand house at 10, Tagore Road where baba was to give darshan. Mrs. Niranjan Singh recollects, “I cannot describe how elegantly Meher baba was got down from the taxi and swiftly moved and entered the house and sat on the sofa meant for Him. He was wearing white sadra. He was charming and lovely. His beauty was ethereal. I was stupefied by His presence. God knows what fear I had. I was unable to enter the house. I sat in the last row. I remember Baba asked the name of my husband. Baba said by His gestures, “Niranjan sigh is a pure gem.” all this was happening as if in a dream but I was still frightened. Just then Baba spoke through Eruch, “Are you frightened?” I quickly nodded my head and said ‘No’. Baba knew my inner state. He took my head in His hands and looked at me with so much of compassion that my heart melted and I wept continuously. The scientist and his wife came back home. The scientist had witnessed an unusual phenomenon. At times he saw Baba as Nanak and at times Baba Himself.  This confirmed his faith in the Master. On the morning of 30th November 1952, Baba dictated at the residence of W.D. Kain to be read over to Principal Niranjan Singh.

Next day again the couple went to Kain’s house and had Baba’s darshan. The couple accepted Meher Baba as their Master. They knew for sure that Beloved Meher Baba’s spiritual status was very high.  Mrs. Niranjan recollects that Prof. Niranjan Singh was so impressed that he spoke to his collogues in the college and decided to invite Meher Baba to their college.  Invited by Niranjan Singh, in His College, Baba gave darshan to the students on 2nd December 1952. Meher Baba was received by Principal Niranjan Singh and senior professors were welcomed with garlands. There were more than 2000 students. First Niranjan Singh spoke on brief introduction of Meher baba then his own feeling. Mrs. Niranjan Singh also garlanded Meher Baba amidst loud clapping and cheering from the audience who were already mesmerized by His presence. On behalf of Meher Baba read two messages on “Soldiers of God” and “spiritual freedom” (these messages can be read from book Panj Pyare published & circulated by Waryam Singh)`

He corresponded with baba for a long time. Niranjan Singh and his wife attended a Sahwas programme for the first time in Meherabad in 1954. Niranjan Singh later narrated. In his words, Baba said to him. “In eternity nothing has happened and nothing will ever happen and all that happens happens now at this time it is nothing:’ Amidst the gathering Baba pointed to me and said, “You must grasp it. If God has no beginning then what was before Him? The answer is God.ans what was before God? The answer again is God. The answer will always be God. Illusion has a meaning for time, cause and effect while in eternity everything happens “now”. Remember, when zero is added to one (i.e. added to the right of 1) this zero gets a value. Add as many zeros and the value increases accordingly, but if you put millions of zero before one, it has no value. Can you grasp?”  

Meher Baba had explained Vedanta in a nut shell to Niranjan Singh. Scientist in him always conflicted with the spiritualist. But in His presence all his doubts would vanish as darkness vanishes by the first streak of Sun light. On next day on 30th September 1954, Baba called Niranjan Singh for an interview. Baba said to him, “I will definitely make you feel so conscious that you know Me as God definitely. Definitely in an instant, all unaware!”  Niranjan Singh eyes were filled with tears.

The Lord promised him, Himself! Baba then asked him “Do you remember the promise I gave you?”   Niranjan Singh said, “Yes Baba, You promised me that you will visit my house.”

Baba said, “It will be fulfilled, even if I were to drop My body.”

 Baba explained various kinds of experiences of Kaikobad who used to repeat Baba’s name one lakh times every day. Adding that Baba said all those experiences are in illusion. At this time Niranjan Singh said to Baba, “Baba, please take charge of my mind completely.” Baba replied, “Leave it to Me.”

Meher Baba then told him, “I give the gift of suffering to my lovers with home I am happy.” great suffering awakens great understanding.” Meher Baba then embraced Niranjan Singh. Niranjan Singh asked Baba, “Can I give this embrace to my wife? Baba embraced again Niranjan Singh and said, “This is for your wife.”

Once Niranjan Singh had a doubt. Baba says, “He is infinite but His physical body is finite. How can the infinite be bottled up in a small physical frame. Promptly reply came from Baba through Eruch. It was said that baba was amused to hear his question. Baba reminded him to read and digest the pages of the book “God Speaks”. (Full text of reply from baba is not reproduced here). Niranjan Singh was not convinced with this reply. Much later when he again visited Meherabad Baba answered his question. Meher baba answered the questions of intellectuals time to time and the answers were later published in the book entitled “The Everything and the Nothing”. One day after the book was published Niranjan Singh visited Baba and sat with the disciples before Him. Baba said asked Francis and said,” Go and get that book Niranjan Singh is responsible for.” Then Baba quarried, “Are you not happy with the book?” Mr. Singh replied, “When I left my last visit last, I was so pleased and happy. My mind was always at rest since I had asked all the questions which bothered me and You had answered then to my satisfaction. I was really in a happy state I left here of Ahmednagar railway station “  

Baba persisted, “Are you not happy then that all your question were answered. Niranjan Singh replied, “Yes, Baba. You answered all my questions but when I sat in the train, this galloping mind of mine once again started asking intriguing questions.” Baba asked, “What is intriguing you now?”  Niranjan Singh said, “A thought came to my mind like this: Baba says; He is infinite consciousness in form, but how can the infinity be bottled up in a limitation? This intrigues me Baba. How is such a thing possible?”

Baba said. “Is that the only thing that intrigues you? Look, I am the Creator and yet there are so many things intrigue Me that perhaps you being a scientist, can explain them to Me. tell Me, do you see anything outside that open door?”

“Yes, Baba I see sandals.”

What else can you see?”

“Yes, I can see cattle grazing.”

What else do you see?”

“People moving around.”

“What else do you see?”’

“A range of hills, baba.”

What else?”

“Another range of hills behind that.”

What else do you see?’

“I see the clouds.”

It intrigues Me,” Baba said, “That these tiny eyes of yours can encompass such vastness. How is that possible? It intrigues Me how this little iris of yours can capture such vastness.”

Niranjan Singh understood and sat silent.

Niranjan Singh had corresponded with Baba many times. There are all three letters dated 26th November 1956, written By Eruch as directed by Meher Baba. (The text of letter is not produced here to make it brief)

 Undoubtedly, Niranjan Singh was an intellectual giant whose heart Baba himself awakened.


Waryam Singh Sahni is the son of Pritam Singh Meher (one of Punj Piare of Meher Baba and settled in Shalimar Bag in Delhi. he had first darshan of Baba in 1956 at Poona. He described his experience with baba in his own words in his book titled “God’s Grace.”

On 14 Jan 1956 at Poona, Baba's green colour car reached the darshan place. Baba was sitting in the front seat wearing pink coat. Baba was so beautiful and radiant. I felt that I had not seen any man or woman so beautiful and was crying inside me 'Baba, Baba...’ I felt Baba was responding to everyone. He was like a Bright Sun with His rays of Light and Love all around. I was just melting in His presence and wanted to keep looking at Him only.

Baba alighted the car and went inside the building and after some time darshan started. I was in queue for darshan. While in queue I do not remember what I was thinking. But it was a special feeling to be in the orbit of the Avatar. After some time my turn came. I do not remember whether I bowed at Baba's feet or He embraced me but I remember Baba gave me Prasad and with one hand gestured (closing his fingers below His chin) sign of beard; my father had long beard. Brother Eruch translated His gesture, Baba says, "Go and give Prasad to Pritam Ji." I felt, Baba gave me the experience that He was all Knowing.

I came back home and gave the Prasad of Baba to my father. For several days together I was feeling Baba's presence and now I too longed like my father to have His darshan as soon as possible. I waited for another two years before I had His darshan for the second time....

It is so difficult to reconstruct that atmosphere but surely I shall bring out what I remember. On the first day Baba came in a regal manner and He occupied His seat. One Mr. Panday was taking Baba's photo. Baba remarked to him regarding some photo which he might have clicked earlier. He said, "What a wonderful photo you have taken! It showed as if Baba is giving birth to Baba." He was so encouraging to the minutest and meanest efforts of ours.

Baba then gave a discourse. "In my previous incarnations, God had the chance of playing the part as God the father, but in this incarnation, God has the chance of playing both the part as God the Father and God the Mother."

We were then standing in queue for His darshan. I was in the line with album of photos (which I had taken during my first darshan at Poona on 14 Jan 56) behind my father. My father's turn came and Baba said to him, "Pritam ji PREETAM se miliye". Preetam means beloved. So Baba in His humorous style meant, 'Beloved please meet the BELOVED'. I must have embraced and bowed to Him. But I do not remember; I was blank then.

Each day would end with His arti and everyone felt like being in His presence all the time. It is the rarest privilege which few of this mankind got to be in the presence of the Avatar who being the personification of Love had come only for giving and receiving love.

One day during the Parvardigar prayer we all were facing Baba who was also standing with folded hands and someone was reciting the prayer. My mind was running towards the door of the Pandal. But when it reached the door, some hidden hand brought it back till the prayer was finished. Baba showed me His authority. In His presence our body, mind and soul were all His.

One of the stories of my father which proved Baba's protection for those who call out to Him sincerely has been related before as well. But I feel I also must describe it as the story is not only wonderful but also powerful.

My father would describe, "Earlier, I was doing some contract work in a forest area. Those days, Indian forests were full of tigers. One day some of them were confronted by a tiger. They ran for their lives, but no one was hurt. They were all very scared. Few hundred workmen were working for me in the forest then.

The next day again some people saw the beast and this happened continuously for a few days. By now the workers were too scared to work and they protested. They said that they would work no longer and had almost begun to leave the work. I tried my best explaining all the Jim Corbett theories but nothing convinced them. I was now in a tight spot.

"In a spur of a moment I hit upon a new idea. I took a piece of cloth and made a flag of Meher Baba and hoisted it at the location site of ours where everyone was living. I gathered some courage and then collected all people and told them I had prayed to Meher Baba to see that tigers do not come to that area henceforth. 'If you see any tiger in spite of the flag being hoisted, then I will stop all work at whatever cost it might be to me.' The workmen agreed to my proposal.

"To everyone's surprise from that day no tiger ever came to that area. After a few weeks, one day suddenly one worker came running to the camp and he was petrified and panicking to everyone's horror. It appeared that he had seen the tiger. A doctor was called and he recovered after several days from his state of anxiety and delirium.

"All of us were very anxious to know what had transpired that fateful day. The worker then revealed the story that when he had reached the spot where the flag had been hoisted, he saw the giant form of Meher Baba near the flag. Meher Baba's hands and legs were very huge and He had taken gigantic proportions! Seeing this form of Baba the worker almost fainted. This explained his fear and anxiety. We were directly subjected to an experience of His protection."

Such stories of our lives not only assure us of His protection but also inspire many to place their faith on Him without a second thought on Baba. My father had by now won the trust of all his workers. Isn't this a bountiful blessing on all those who seek Him?



Tekchand was one of Meher Baba’s ardent Sikh followers from Delhi,. Baba asked Eruch to narrate his story:

Tekchand, who is with the Indian Army’s frontier road building team, was deep in the Subansiri division on November 9th, 1962, together with seven hundred non-combatants without arms when the Chinese troops began encircling them. They received orders to withdraw immediately, leaving everything behind. Panic seized them as they had no food and no arms! Somehow the Chinese had cut across, severing all communication between them and their base. But Tekchand instilled hope and courage into his men by assuring them they had nothing to fear because the living God, Avatar Meher Baba, was with them! And so no harm would come to them and they would get back safely. The men were visibly cheered, as Tekchand had told them much about Baba.

Taking the help of some hill tribesmen, Tekchand with the seven hundred men trekked back through the forests. They trekked for seven days and nights, through unfamiliar terrain, without food and without protective clothing in the biting cold, rain and slush. The whole way, Tekchand was singing bhajans in Meher Baba’s praise, with the men joining in and taking Baba’s name. They encountered breathtaking hardships on the way. At one point they had to swim across turbulent waters when a bridge gave way under their weight, but they managed to get across safely. Others, overcome with hunger, accidently ate DDT that they found at an abandoned post, mistaking it for flour! They were violently sick and vomited up the poison, and others helped them to carry on. Added to all this was their constant fear of being spied by the Chinese.

At last the incredible journey was over, and the men returned to their base in Assam, famished and terribly emaciated in their tattered clothes, but without a single casualty. In fact, not one of them even suffered from frostbite or any chest complications in spite of the cruel cold. Thus did Tekchand return from the frontier, instrumental in bringing back his seven hundred men to safety through Baba’s love.

When Eruch finished, Baba remarked: “They say it is My miracle, but it is no miracle of mine. It is the miracle of my Name!

“After I drop My body, the world will experience many so-called miracles. And there will be a rush to Meherabad, Meherazad, Guruprasad, and all places where I have been.


(Father of Waryam Singh)

Pritam Singh Sahni was staunch follower of Avatar Meher Baba (Baba said He was like one of His Panj Piyre).  He was a successful businessman running a thriving trade in Thailand. Once on Buddha's birthday, the local Buddhist people paid Him much respect and greatly honoured him. Pritam Singh questioned them, "Why are you felicitating me on this day?" And they replied, "You come from the land where our Lord Buddha was born."

This answer moved him deeply and lifted a veil from his mind. He thought: "What a pity that I know nothing about Buddha, although I come from India, and here these people are worshiping him so devoutly. My whole mind is obsessed with making money, and yet these people revere me as someone spiritual."

Leaving his business, Pritam Singh returned to India and began longing for the darshan of the "Living Buddha." He visited several sadhus and saints, but was never satisfied. He heard of Meher Baba in 1936, and read a few of his books, but darshan being unavailable; he was made to wait six years before he could meet the one his heart had recognized. That day, December 26th 1942, his wishes were fulfilled.

Pritam vividly remembered that first meeting:

On arrival on 26th December, 1942 Soon after, Adi K Irani (secretary of Meher Baba) called Came running there saying that meher Baba called Me.

I followed Adi Sr. in a state of immense joy, my heart full of his [Baba's] love, my eyes full of joyous tears, running toward the Lord of my heart, who had made me his, long before.

One step in the hut, I was face to face with my Beloved Baba, who was reclining. I saw his brilliant face shining as a full moon, more beautiful than any face I had ever seen before. His two beautiful eyes, as wide and deep as an ocean, pierced my heart and kissed my soul. His graceful smile confirmed forever that I belonged to him and him alone.

I was lost in him for a while; then Adi took my hand and bade me sit beside him. Baba looked at me and the happiness of my millions of lives cannot equal the bliss of that one moment with Baba. Baba held my hand, drew me to his heart, gave me a warm embrace and made me aware that I was in the lap of the God-Mother, drinking deep from the well of his love.

Baba asked, "What do you wish for?" Before Pritam Singh could speak in reply, Baba dictated on the board, "I know what you want. For you, words are unnecessary." And he took him in his embrace again.

Pritam Singh would not involve himself in any other pursuits except some activities related to Baba, Once at khamaria at Jabalpur, there was Baba’ programme in year 1953. Bhau Kalchuri, Nana kher and few others had come came for that programme. There was no electricity due to failure of and finally programme was held with the help of lanterns. Pritam singh was always eager to participate in such activities, would immerse in telling Baba stories. Many would come to meet him and he would tell Baba tales in most touching manner.

Professor Amiya Kumar Hazara, another staunch Baba lover and resident of Jabalpur had very profound memories of Pritam Singh which he described in his book “Memoirs of Zetetic”. He recorded in his book, ‘a peculiar phenomenon too place when Pritam Singh was pouring out his heart’s love for Meher baba in most touching words. A strong exudation of fragrance, like hundred roses fill the room as old eyes sparkled with tears punctuating his stories about his Master. Meher Baba must have made an invisible member of the audience at such time and sudden manifestation of fragrance was the testament of His presence.

Prof. Hazra further wrote further about Sardar Pritam Singh, an elderly gentleman deeply impressed with his age, sagacity, intelligence and other devotion to Meher Baba. In his first meeting with Meher Baba, someone asked him , what his impression about Meher Baba was, Pritam Singh’s  reply was “Can a new born baby describe his father?”  This was an apt manner in which to describe the indescribable. He was the role model for his son, Waryam Singh.



This is the famous story of a young man called Gypsy Sharma who died of Cancer in Delhi , India at the age of 21 on 28th February 1983. As Gypsy suffered in his last days and as the time of his death drew nearer, amidst deep agony of the family who helplessly watched Gypsy slipping away , a miraculous event happened.

Dr.G.S.N.Moorty, a renowned Baba lover, narrates this incident detailing Gypsy's last moments , as told by Gypsy's parents :

"On the 16th Feb. `83, while the boy was sound asleep, his mother tried to wake him up. With eyes half opened the boy moved a little and said, `What are you doing mother? Do not disturb me please. Look, Meher Baba is here in this room.' Then he closed his eyes and turned aside. People in the house were surprised on hearing Gypsy's words and wondered who Meher Baba was; for they heard this name for the first time in their life. Neither the boy, nor any member of the family, far and near, had ever known or heard anything about Avatar Meher Baba.

On Sunday, the 27 February `83 late at night, the boy was persuaded by his mother again to get up for a cup of tea. He opened his eyes slightly and said, `Mother, look; I am talking to Meher Baba. Promise me on oath that you will not disturb me any more. I am in great peace mother, please do not disturb me.'

All those gathered around drew a blank and asked each other who Meher Baba was, and why Gypsy was repeating his name. However, the utterance was again dismissed as an unfounded imagination in semi-delirium. But that was not to be. Around 12 in the noon on Monday, 28 Feb. `83, Gypsy's condition became serious. His sister, with tears in her eyes, asked him to get-up, eat something and talk. At last, he opened his eyes, muttering incoherently to himself, taking Baba's Name again. Desperately she asked, `What are you talking about Gypsy? Who is Meher Baba?' He responded clearly and said, ` Don't you see, Meher Baba is standing here in the room in his white clothes.'

His mother anticipated that the inevitable was near and that Gypsy would soon leave them. With tears in her eyes She said,` Gypsy, my son, you are not well. Now you should remember Lord's name.' Gypsy replied, ` Why should I remember Lord's name mother? Look; Meher Baba has himself come to take me along. I am going with him.' Then he raised his hand high, snapped his fingers and closed his eyes forever, leaving behind Meher Baba's mystery."

`On the first anniversary of Gypsy's death, M.G.Sharma, Gypsy's father saw a dream,

the significance of which was revealed later when the couple visited Meherabad and Meherazad. In the dream, Gypsy’s father saw himself and his wife being taken to a place similar to a temple. There was a person, like a priest, who led them into this temple down some stairs, which opened into a sort of a cellar. In the cellar, Sharma saw the bust of a person with a large moustache. The Sharma couple's search for Meher Baba, eventually through enquiry about Meher Baba, brought them to Meherabad on 27 February 1985, two year's after Gypsy's death.

On 28 February, they visited Meherazad where Eruch, one of Meher Baba's closest mandali, showed them around Mandali Hall. Eruch also took them inside the Blue Bus where Sharma saw the bust of the person with a large moustache - Meher Baba! Describing his experience in Mandali Hall, Sharma, looking at Eruch, said, "You might have casually shown me the bust, but in a profound way it has confirmed my belief that Gypsy had an intimate connection with Meher Baba. And what a coincidence, today is the second anniversary of Gypsy's demise."

Next day at Meherabad, Nana Kher, one of Baba's mandali, took the Sharma couple to the museum near Baba's Samadhi. Nana led them down the two stairs and the first thing that arrested their attention on the left side, was a replica of the bust they had seen in the Blue Bus and the dream . This experience revealed the full significance of the dream filling Mr. and Mrs. Sharma with love for Meher Baba and His "temple like" Samadhi.

Gypsy's family is now completely devoted to Meher Baba.



From Delhi had come Harjiwan Lal's son-in-law, Bishambar Das Gupta. There was an interesting episode about his marriage to Anguri. On the day of the wedding, Gupta's mother died. So, through a long-distance telephone call from Delhi, Anguri informed Baba, who instructed her to go ahead with the ceremony. After the mother's body was cremated, the marriage was performed with much pomp and pageantry.

Baba remarked to Gupta, "Anguri is very dear to me, very, very dear."



(Father of B. Kumar)

Mahabir Prasad belonged to native place Chunar in Mirzapur district (near Mogalsarai) U.P and came to Delhi when he got an alternative appointment in Delhi Air head quarters after retrenchment from Central Ordinance Depot in Allahabad in year 1957.  He came to know about Meher Baba 1957 through Sri Kishanlal Bhasin also an employed in Delhi air head quarter who  got an opportunity to drive Baba’s car during Baba’s visit in Delhi.

He used to attend regular satsang of Avatar Meher baba’s programs held every Sunday at 16, President Estate, official residence of Sh. W. D. Kain. He was   fully convinced of baba divinity after He got opportunity to see Meher baba in person at Poona some time in year 1964.

He retired in year 1977 and stayed in with family (two sons and two daughters) and last in year 1985 he shifted to residence of his eldest son in Benaras where he died of heart attack in Hospital.




Sri Amrit Rai Kapil had Baba’s Darshan in 1965 Sahwas in Poona.  He is resident of Delhi. He retired from Beauro of Indian standard (BIS) as section officer in 2002.  He is a sincere Baba lover and his experience meeting Meher Baba is given below in his words

“I was standing in the queue and I reached before Meher Baba. I placed my appointment letter (which I carried with me) at Baba’s feet and bowed down. Baba glanced at me and I felt quite senseless for few second, I was convinced that that I have found God in form of Meher Baba.”

Mrs. Vijay Kapil Amrit Rai Kapil) was lucky to have Baba’s darshan during East-West gathering in 1962 at Poona. She has professional qualification in nursing after matriculation. She is also retired from Ram Manohar Lohia hospital from the post of Assistant Nursing Superintendent in 2001. She is one of sister in law of late Sri. Hakumat Rai Kapil an ardent lover from Delhi. She is sincere Baba lover and her experience of meeting Meher Baba in her words is as under:

“I was devotee of Shiv ji, when I went to see Baba in 1962 along with my relatives. I was mesmerized with beautiful and charming personality and His twinkling eyes of Meher Baba. I became sure in mind that no one can be equated with Meher Baba. Coming back after darshan, I made correspondence with Baba and He supported decision me to join nurses training after my matriculation. I have always felt that Baba had been helping in fulfillment of my worldly responsibilities. Baba had made me to believe that my bond with Him is unbreakable and shall remain so in all my future incarnations.”

She is leading bhajan singer of Avatar Meher Baba Center Delhi.