Sri Amrit Rai Kapil had Baba’s Darshan in 1965 Sahwas in Poona.  He is resident of Delhi. He retired from Beauro of Indian standard (BIS) as section officer in 2002.  He is a sincere Baba lover and his experience meeting Meher Baba is given below in his words

“I was standing in the queue and I reached before Meher Baba. I placed my appointment letter (which I carried with me) at Baba’s feet and bowed down. Baba glanced at me and I felt quite senseless for few second, I was convinced that that I have found God in form of Meher Baba.”

Mrs. Vijay Kapil Amrit Rai Kapil) was lucky to have Baba’s darshan during East-West gathering in 1962 at Poona. She has professional qualification in nursing after matriculation. She is also retired from Ram Manohar Lohia hospital from the post of Assistant Nursing Superintendent in 2001. She is one of sister in law of late Sri. Hakumat Rai Kapil an ardent lover from Delhi. She is sincere Baba lover and her experience of meeting Meher Baba in her words is as under:

“I was devotee of Shiv ji, when I went to see Baba in 1962 along with my relatives. I was mesmerized with beautiful and charming personality and His twinkling eyes of Meher Baba. I became sure in mind that no one can be equated with Meher Baba. Coming back after darshan, I made correspondence with Baba and He supported decision me to join nurses training after my matriculation. I have always felt that Baba had been helping in fulfillment of my worldly responsibilities. Baba had made me to believe that my bond with Him is unbreakable and shall remain so in all my future incarnations.”

She is leading bhajan singer of Avatar Meher Baba Center Delhi.