Hakumat Rai Kapil was a Govt. officer in Delhi originally belonged to Hoshiarpur (Punjab). Having read Baba’s literature, He left his family and decided to go Haridwar to find a guru and do austerities for attaining the goal of Realisation. Before going to Haridwar, He went to meet Meher Baba.  Baba discouraged him in following words on renunciation and made him to go back to family.

“In your efforts to be one with God, by trying to understand yoga you will be lowering your objective. How to inhale, how to meditate, what posture to assume these are all exercises. Only heroes can realize God, the path leading to Him is quite different. God wishes that we attain Him most naturally in our day-to-day life. It does not need meditation. Numerous yogis and swamis in the world are still unaware of God. They follow the path of meditation, yoga, pranayama and guide others in how to do other spiritual practices. Instead of emancipating, these bind the seekers more. You want freedom, but all these things create more bondage. If you truly and sincerely wish to realize God, you should be ready to sacrifice your life for Him.”

Baba emphasized hundred percent honesty counts. The slightest hypocrisy is fatal. Honesty should be of such a degree as to make even God feel we are as honest as He is in His infinite state. In this Path, the least hypocrisy is dreadful. If you desire to lead a yogic disciplined life, go in for drills at some ashram. Go to saints and seek their guidance. But if you want to attain divinity, be ready to die for it and follow My orders hundred percent.

Baba stated, "All past Sadgurus never advised seekers to assume a certain posture and sit in meditation. They taught them to love God and obey the Perfect Master, but this is extremely difficult. Compared to it, a yogic life of discipline is easy. Meditation is good, as it silences the mind. Saints are, after all, advanced souls trying to guide others. The lives of genuine saints are for others. They lead others toward purity, towards God; but to attain God, one must die for Him. Now of these two, choose one: either a disciplined life, or God-realization. For the latter you will have to follow Me hundred percent. If you do that, I will bow to you!"

He also accepted and undertook 21 days complete silence under strict conditions as per Baba’s instructions.

His wife Mrs. Krishna Kapil a household as well a working woman was also devoted to Baba. She was a good orator and used to tell Baba messages. Regular Baba’s Satsang was held at their Govt. residence in Sarojini Nagar for many years till they were shifted to Faridabad after retirement. She died on 28 th March 2001.