Harjiwan Lal, a lawyer from Delhi, came for Baba's darshan in December 1948. This was his second meeting, and this time he brought his wife and children. He had first learned of Baba in Benares, and Babadas had contacted him subsequently in Delhi. Harjiwan Lal's entire family became devoted to Baba and the lawyer himself proved to be a great help in Baba's future work.2688-1948

The seven poor persons were brought. They were not the sort that Baba preferred, but he nevertheless washed their feet and gave each Rs.51.

Meanwhile, Pendu and all the group who were staying at Harjiwan's arrived at Kain's house late. Baba became upset again. Pendu explained, "What could I do, Baba? I insisted Harjiwan provide us with a bus soon, but he could not."

Baba asked Harjiwan Lal, "What do you take me for?"

"Paramatma," he replied.

"Even taking me as God you do not follow my behests, so what is the use of your mere understanding?"

"There will be no delay from tomorrow, Baba," Harjiwan promised. "I will make sure all the arrangements are carried out."

But the next day it happened again. Baba took Harjiwan Lal to task: "You promised me yesterday. Why couldn't you keep your promise? I thought I was the champion promise-breaker, but you excel me!"

Public darshan was held at six places in Delhi. Harjiwan Lal, who had been given charge of arranging the programs, fixed one at his house near Lahori Gate. His entire family was fully devoted to Baba. His wife and daughter Anguri had made the best possible cooking arrangements for the large group, and his sons Sugandh and Inder were helpful in other ways. But Baba would reprove Harjiwan often, which curiously added to the fire of his love.

Two darshan programs, which middle-class families of the city attended, were held at 10 Tagore Road in Delhi on 30 November and 1 December 1952. A function held in the Town Hall was attended mostly by educated, cultured persons. A large shamiana (decorative canopy) had been erected outside Harjiwan's residence, and Baba met with those who came in the mornings and evenings.

Baba expressed his pleasure to Harjiwan Lal for the work he was doing in his cause in Hamirpur, and also to Was Deo Kain of Delhi. Baba embraced both of them and also embraced Raja Muhammad and his wife.