Joginder Singh was a scholar in chemistry and had written 20 books on the subject.  Professor T. S. Wheeler, in Bombay once said, His text books in Chemistry can stand with any foreign text book. Professor Joginder Singh was born on 20th January 1984 and did his post graduation in Chemistry from Punjab University Lahore.  He worked as chemist in Burma shell Oil Company and later taught Chemistry at Akal College, Mastana at Allahabad. Later he became Head of the Chemistry Department at Mohinder College Patiala. Having known the teaching skills and the reputation of Joginder Singh, Professor Niranjan Singh wanted him to teach Chemistry to Honours student of Khalsa College Amritsar.  He therefore joined   Khalsa College n 1930. Later in 1948, Prof. Joginder Singh joined Sikh national College, Kadian. Finally he settled at Delhi. The two professors of the same subject were to become followers and favourites of the same Master.

Joginder Singh came to know of Meher Baba’s visit to Delhi from Principal Niranjan Singh. He was also present at Camp College, Delhi where Beloved Meher Baba gave darshan on 2nd December 1952.   He associate with W. D. Kain also and gad developed tremendous interest in the Awakener of hearts, Meher Baba.

Like Pritam Singh, Professor Joginder Singh also had to wait for a long time until he was caked at Meherabad in 1958.  Joginder Singh along with his wife and two sons and one daughter went to Meherabad for Meher Baba’s darshan on 13th November 1958, after six years since he met Him at Delhi. Later he said, “Early in the morning, I met my Beloved and kissed Him. I kissed His Lotus feet, hands and lips.” During this darshan, Joginder Singh’s son Niranjan Singh took few photos of Baba. Meher Baba blessed the whole family of Prof. Joginder Singh.

Joginder Singh loved Baba as Nanak. In fact after darshan at Meherabad, Joginder Singh would always say, “I feel as if I am in boson of my mother. I see no difference between Baba and Nanak.” The authority in chemistry met the “final authority” to become His forever. His heart sang the tune of Beloved Baba. He wrote a beautiful poem on Baba for His 68th birthday which was published in Divya Vani on 10th April 1962.

Poetry for a professor of Chemistry is something unheard of. But anything is possible in love. No wonder Baba called him one of His favourites. Joginder’s family much later again had Baba’s darshan at Pune in 1954. His son, Niranjan Singh Sekhon reminisces, his father having distributed a lot of copies of Baba’s last messages to many people on the occasion on His 75th birthday.

Prof. B .N. Bhasin met Prof. Joginder Singh in 1966 through his son Prof. C. Singh. Both C. Singh and Bhasin were lecturers then.

Prof. Joginder Singh Loved Beloved Baba till his last breath.