W.D. Kain & His wife Prabha stayed in Delhi and devoted to Meher Baba.

Meher Baba stayed in W.D. Kain’s house in President House in Delhi between 29th November to 1st December, 1952 and Baba gave public darshan in Delhi.

In Delhi, from 18th Nov to 21st 1953, Baba stayed at Kain’s house in President’s Estate. On 20th He watched a cricket Match, President’s 11 Vs Prime Minister’s 11 and later visited Shrine of Nizamuddin.

Although Meher Baba has dictated many discourses on meditation yet for His devotees, He just stressed the need of love for God. "Just love Me," Baba said.

Personally I never could meditate in the real sense of the word. After all the Gopis of Vrindavan never meditated. They just loved Krishna. The "Vanar Sena" and Hanuman just loved and obeyed Rama. Shabri just adored Rama. Saints Surdas and Tuka Ram sang the glory of the Lord. So did Peter and Paul.

One day a friend questioned me and pumped into my ears the meditation cult. I never paid any heed to it. Perhaps the Subconscious Mind did. On the night of 7/8th September, 1955, I had a dream where I was given a glimpse of one of my previous lives in India. I was like a devotee of God singing His Glory. I was so much entranced by the rapture of music that I got up very late. And when I woke up, the All India Radio was broadcasting the same song which I had composed and sung several hundred years back!

Baba thereby told us that we are here for Baba only — what matters for us is Love — unblemished love for Baba — He came to give us His love — He left us here to sow the seeds of the divine in suffering humanity and quit when the harvester comes!

Hearken my love Beloved. We long for thy love.

We often miss your caresses;

Baba dear send us lots of Love.

During the 1950 summer, I received a call from Hassan Building, Kashmiri Gate, Delhi, where Baba's very devoted followers reside, saying that Beloved Meher Baba had arrived there. On another occasion I had enquired from Keki Desai and his wife Dhun about Baba's liking in the matter of fruits and food and I was told that Baba liked Mangoes and Papaya.

The Papaya plant in our kitchen garden was bearing fruit this summer. Before leaving for Kashmiri Gate, I plucked a single fruit off that plant and took it to Baba. It was a good sized fruit, yellow both in and outside, and it being tree-ripe Baba relished it very much. Strangely enough a strong wind the following evening just sliced the plant in two. Apparently it got salvation from tree life in lieu of the "service rendered to the Avatar." Never a Papaya plant matured in our garden after that....

A few days later on 23rd May, dear Baba with two members of the Mandali including Brother Eruch drove right to our residence (President's Estate). In the evening Prabha prepared the usual meal of rice and dal for Baba and also had a "Malai" dish (milk cream delicacy) ready for Baba. Baba partook of some rice and dal, but did not touch the Malai. After finishing the meal, He gave a two anna Silver coin as the price of the meal, saying that in the New Life He did not accept any free food from any source. When requested to eat the Malai also, Baba regretted that although he liked Malai very much, He did not have the money to pay for it. Both my wife and I were touched by these remarks and were wondering how the King of Kings—our dear Baba—presented Himself to be so helpless and penniless.

Next morning Baba was taken for a round of the Talkatora Gardens opposite the President's Estate. It was almost mid-summer then. There were no flowers or greenery in the Gardens. But as soon as Baba entered the main gate, a big tree of Acacia type, which all those days was without any flowers or foliage, suddenly burst into a splash of colour showering scented blossoms on to the shoulders of Baba. This was a miracle for us to witness, because never had any of these trees blossomed in the summer months in the Talkatora Gardens, which happened to be my regular venue for morning walks.

Baba went right up to the garden end and on the uppermost terrace we climbed onto one of the towers from where Baba was shown the Qutub Minar. Baba remarked that He would like to visit that place as well.

The visit of Baba to Talkatora Gardens proved to be a boon for Delhiwalas. This place was just then known for its spacious grounds for Football and Cricket and a cluster of Mango trees. After Baba's visit, fountains started playing in the Gardens and it was given a facelift by adding lots of flower beds. And during the Asian Games an indoor stadium with latest facilities for competitive events was erected. Let Baba lovers know how the miracle happened.

In the afternoon of 24th May, Baba accompanied by Eruch, T. N. Dar, P. N. Ganjoo and W. D. Kain went to Okhala. Baba was strolling along the Canal Weir, when he felt like sitting and "talking." I took off my "bushirt" and spread it on the floor for Baba to sit, while all of us kept standing.

On the river barrage opposite us some anglers were catching fish. Pointing out to them Baba said, "Do you know who were the early disciples of Jesus Christ — Peter, Paul, etc." Answering it himself, Baba said they were all fishermen. Jesus Christ asked them to leave the fish and cast their spiritual nets over human beings in the future. Somehow or other Baba made us realise that He was the best fisherman, and has got all of us in his net-the lucky fish!

During the night of 28th/29th January, 1953, Shri Aurobindo Ghosh appeared to me in a dream. He said, "I kept this body/left this body in the hope that Shri Meher Baba will help me, but he does not seem to have done this...."

The dream was so clear that it made me realise that Shri Arvindo Ghosh was leaving the body/expiring. I left my bed immediately and after my bath and prayer, I contacted the Hindustan Times; they told me that Arvindo Ghosh expired last night.

I felt very restless and was not in a position to work with equanimity. So after luncheon I left for Dehradun, where Baba was then stationed during his Fiery Free life. Since I did not know the exact place where Baba or his Mandali were staying, I drove direct to the Post Office and reached there late in the night.

I contacted the Post Master at his nearby residence and when I divulged my identity, he readily agreed to find out the whereabouts of Baba's Mandali. After a while he gave me an address of the Mandali, who were staying at No. 101, Rajpura Road.

When I reached the place, I found the entire Bungalow in darkness; electric lights had apparently been switched off. Dr. Neelkanth, with a lantern placed near his chair, was sitting in the veranda. With a sign he told me that he was keeping silence and that I should go in and sleep.

I entered the main hall which was not occupied by anybody and spread my bath towel on the floor. Due to the presence of mosquitoes, it was impossible to sleep, so I used my dhoti (a long cloth used for bathing or dress for prayers) to cover my body....

At 6 o'clock Brother Eruch came into the room, when I had just uncovered my face, and he was relieved to find that the "dead body" had come to life. The silence was over at 6 a.m. and he said "Kain Sahib, you kept us on tender hooks throughout the night, for we could not identify who or what was lying in our room."

Formalities over, I told him what had brought me so suddenly to Dehradun. Here was a message from the departing soul of a Saint to the Perfect Master of the Age. The message was relayed to Baba immediately at his residence and I was taken there to explain the whole incident.

On listening to my account Baba said, "Kutta Jane Chamra Jane ... You don't worry. I'll deal with this." Baba then gave me a very loving embrace or maybe he kissed me which brought me to my normal self.

On the occasion of Guru Purnima (Full Moon Night) in the month of July, Perfect Masters are worshipped all over India by their devotees. Just a day or two before Guru Purnima in July, 1943, I happened to visit a temple to return a courtesy call by a local saint residing in Srinagar. I noticed a lot of activity in the premises. The place was being given a face lift. Flowery arches, festoons and foliage were being profusely used for decorating the place.

In response to my anxious enquiry I was told that next day being Guru Purnima, their perfect master (Guru Ji) living right in those very premises would be garlanded and offerings would be made to him by the devotees. He would give Prasad — sweets and fruits, along with his blessing to the devotees. I was invited to join those festivities. But all this jubilation rather upset me (like Manthra in the Ramayana, who was angered at the receipt of news about Rama's Coronation).

I returned to my house with a heavy heart and lay down in bed almost weeping. My regret was that while their Guru would bless his followers and give them fruits and sweets, my Perfect Master was not available even for Darshan, leave aside the dainties. I was all alone in the house: Nobody to console the weeping child of Baba! I had practically no sleep that night. About 3:30, it seemed, I dozed off. Around 4 a.m. I saw a light in the adjoining prayer room. I was startled out of my bed for I had switched off the lights at 10 p.m.

As I rushed into my prayer room, Lo! What do I see? Baba sitting on my prayer seat all smiles! Recollecting that it was Guru Purnima and Baba had graciously come to bless me, I prostrated at His feet, made verbal offering of Rs. 100 as Guru Dakshina. Baba touched my head and as I got up to have a look at Him, Baba had disappeared as mysteriously as He had appeared. He slipped past my hold, which made me repeat the words of Bhagat Surdas:

You have slipped past my hold considering me to be too weak.
But if ever you are able to escape the hold of my heart
then only I shall consider you too strong for my love grip. (My life with Meher Baba pp. 3-4 1993 © W. D. Kain)

Was Deo Kain also expressed his desire to surrender all to Baba. In reply, Baba instructed him, "Carry on as you have been doing until next June. On the 10th of June, resign from your job. Whatever belongings or property you have, give them to your wife. Leaving everything behind, on the 15th of July, start walking from Delhi to Meherazad. The Rs.101 which you have brought with you for me now, take back, and while coming on foot in July, do not keep a pie more than this sum [of Rs.101] with you. If you spend it all, beg for your food. Let me know in May about your decision."

But, as events unfolded, Was Deo Kain, too, could not join Baba, as he faced many pressing problems, and Baba directed him to stay in Delhi, working at his job.