(Father of Waryam Singh)

Pritam Singh Sahni was staunch follower of Avatar Meher Baba (Baba said He was like one of His Panj Piyre).  He was a successful businessman running a thriving trade in Thailand. Once on Buddha's birthday, the local Buddhist people paid Him much respect and greatly honoured him. Pritam Singh questioned them, "Why are you felicitating me on this day?" And they replied, "You come from the land where our Lord Buddha was born."

This answer moved him deeply and lifted a veil from his mind. He thought: "What a pity that I know nothing about Buddha, although I come from India, and here these people are worshiping him so devoutly. My whole mind is obsessed with making money, and yet these people revere me as someone spiritual."

Leaving his business, Pritam Singh returned to India and began longing for the darshan of the "Living Buddha." He visited several sadhus and saints, but was never satisfied. He heard of Meher Baba in 1936, and read a few of his books, but darshan being unavailable; he was made to wait six years before he could meet the one his heart had recognized. That day, December 26th 1942, his wishes were fulfilled.

Pritam vividly remembered that first meeting:

On arrival on 26th December, 1942 Soon after, Adi K Irani (secretary of Meher Baba) called Came running there saying that meher Baba called Me.

I followed Adi Sr. in a state of immense joy, my heart full of his [Baba's] love, my eyes full of joyous tears, running toward the Lord of my heart, who had made me his, long before.

One step in the hut, I was face to face with my Beloved Baba, who was reclining. I saw his brilliant face shining as a full moon, more beautiful than any face I had ever seen before. His two beautiful eyes, as wide and deep as an ocean, pierced my heart and kissed my soul. His graceful smile confirmed forever that I belonged to him and him alone.

I was lost in him for a while; then Adi took my hand and bade me sit beside him. Baba looked at me and the happiness of my millions of lives cannot equal the bliss of that one moment with Baba. Baba held my hand, drew me to his heart, gave me a warm embrace and made me aware that I was in the lap of the God-Mother, drinking deep from the well of his love.

Baba asked, "What do you wish for?" Before Pritam Singh could speak in reply, Baba dictated on the board, "I know what you want. For you, words are unnecessary." And he took him in his embrace again.

Pritam Singh would not involve himself in any other pursuits except some activities related to Baba, Once at khamaria at Jabalpur, there was Baba’ programme in year 1953. Bhau Kalchuri, Nana kher and few others had come came for that programme. There was no electricity due to failure of and finally programme was held with the help of lanterns. Pritam singh was always eager to participate in such activities, would immerse in telling Baba stories. Many would come to meet him and he would tell Baba tales in most touching manner.

Professor Amiya Kumar Hazara, another staunch Baba lover and resident of Jabalpur had very profound memories of Pritam Singh which he described in his book “Memoirs of Zetetic”. He recorded in his book, ‘a peculiar phenomenon too place when Pritam Singh was pouring out his heart’s love for Meher baba in most touching words. A strong exudation of fragrance, like hundred roses fill the room as old eyes sparkled with tears punctuating his stories about his Master. Meher Baba must have made an invisible member of the audience at such time and sudden manifestation of fragrance was the testament of His presence.

Prof. Hazra further wrote further about Sardar Pritam Singh, an elderly gentleman deeply impressed with his age, sagacity, intelligence and other devotion to Meher Baba. In his first meeting with Meher Baba, someone asked him , what his impression about Meher Baba was, Pritam Singh’s  reply was “Can a new born baby describe his father?”  This was an apt manner in which to describe the indescribable. He was the role model for his son, Waryam Singh.